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Got this done for Halloween just in time.
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close up on the mask

What do you guys think?
Dude, that's awesome!
I'm really glad to hear it! Thank you!

When I'm wandering around, someone better make some really bad jokes at me or this whole thing will just be a wash.

Florida. A state where you be guaranteed two cons every weekend and all of them be awful.

Seriously your ability to enjoy cons in this state is pretty much dependent on how much booze you can down before succumbing to alcohol poisoning.
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Yeah Florida sucks pretty hard. Too many conventions competing against each other with only one or two actually trying to offer anything unique. Plus all the tiny cons that pop up and try to establish themselves as a big convention before they've even started.
Are there any decent cons in south florida around Halloween time?
I had to miss UmiCon, was it really that bad?

I'm tall as hell and I need places to get underskirts besides fanplusfriend's chiffon lovers 'underwearings'. Their pink is too blue and I am kind of tired of how it looks. I have looked other places like etsy, ebay, etc. Any advice, seagulls?

Pic unrelated, but helps frame the futility I am feeling at this point.
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Have you tried Lady Sloth? I know her underskirts are made of chiffon and she has lots of options for her chiffon underskirts and chiffon and cotton under skirts with an additional option for custom colors.
No I haven't, thank you, I'll look into it! :D
Alright then, now that you're question has been answered and you killed a thread how about we make this into a general "where can I find x item" thread instead?

Has anyone bought something from half cup of milk shop / strange orange and can take a picture of the tags inside? Are there any tags inside? AP Tags? Wash Tags? Offbrand tags?
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link to store? google isn't helping me and i've never heard of it.
Yes. There are no tags inside whatsoever.
Good to know, thank you!

Mostly, best coords uses a JSK, since I'm preparing an OTT-ish coord with a sweet btssb skirt I'm looking for some inspiration.
> what's your opinions on skirts in lolita coords? Are skirts only for casual lolita?
> any suggestion?
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>>8694396 Old Thread

Time to get back to non-Halloween coords.
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Love this colorway
that looks great!

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Let's have a Halloween selfpost thread?
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Yeah alright I'll bite. Thanks to the anon who linked me to the hat tutorial, it really helped, I think I could have done a little better but I'm decently happy with the result.
Sure why not.
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I didn't get any good photos

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Last thread is autosaging >>8668328

Here's some of my share:
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Yumi king... it's like Venus had her dream accomplished by some kind of dark magic and born again as an asian
I'm envisioning Margaret doing the ritual
fuck i wanna punch Margaret in the face, what a bitch

Old one died.
Lets see what you're working on right now!
Cosplays & Coords welcome
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Just finished up my witch hat for a meetup this weekend!
It ended up sideways, what the hell
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I started Tyrande's bow today. Almost done laying down the 'feathers' then need to make the hawk heads and armored plating on the front!

Bad photo thread everyone? It doesnt necessarily mean a bad cosplay, just bad photography, bad editing etc. I will start with this one.
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Petition for photographers to get their shit together and tell people when their wigs are messy
Fucking this
There's so much stuff photographers need to let people know.

>wigs are mess
>wig cap showing
>parts on costumes are crooked
>petticoats or other parts are peaking out when they're not suppose to
>jewelry is backwards(like a pendant that's flipped over)

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Is it that time of year already?

Welcome visitors from other boards. Please direct all your costume and Halloween shenanigans questions here.
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Recommendations for maid dress? It's a pretty common outfit so maybe someone here has one they really liked they can link.
What are some good decoration items for a witch hat? I'm either going to make my own hat, or just buy a premade one, decorate the edges with black lace, and add some organza ribbon.

Some witch hat inspiration, please?

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Now, hear me out. This isn't a "baww bloobloo why are all Lolitas meanines??!!" thread, but something of a survey-discussion.

>Why do you think people get wound up over little things? eg. nitpick coords,

>Why do you think many people are jealous rather than supportive towards known Lolitas? (in the context of those with good coording skills, good blogging skills etc, excluding infamy)

>Do you think Lolita attracts people who are jealous, or do you think the community cultivates jealousy?

>Do you think that the price of the fashion affects this? Has the affordability of the fashion in recent times (taobao alternatives, etc) changed this at all?

>If you have been to different region/countries for Lolita events/meetups, which were the most welcoming and least "fake"? How so? And vice versa?

>Have you contributed to a discussion in which someone was being unfairly criticised for something insignificant, or for no reason at all?

>Are there any restrictions within your community about posting on /cgl/?
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Three words:

The only reasons why this hobby is so salty.
Fashion is such a vain and superficial hobby, it's only about who looks best and how much money you are willing to spend. How could it NOT be full of cattiness.

Wherever a bunch of girls/women flog together there is drama and chit-chat, this counts for every other hobby or job. I worked in many jobs and know other galpals that have worked in all-women jobs and it's always the same. I guess it's some social thing that we learned when growing up, girls are prone to drama-mongering.

The internet, especially anon-boards contribute to the catty behavior and lolita has a biiig online aspect. I'm guilty of this, I would never say rude things about someone in their face, but I can easily rip apart someone's coord or shitty behavior on 4chan where I'm safely lying on my bad and never have to face any consequences. I also think people who are self-conscious (like me) easily take apart others behind their screen. I noticed when I'm feeling good about myself I don't feel the need to hate on someone else (unless they did something enraging like Kate with her new cat).
>Three words:

Not true. I've been in other fashion communities where there is very little to none of what I've seen in Lolita. Not demonising the Lolita community or anything, but I've heard the same from others in goth and rockabilly communities.
My boyfriend's mum is in goth, steampunk and some other fashions and I'm into some high fashion brands and even though it's nowhere as bad there definitely is some catty behavior. Lolita has some strict rules, so it's not as easy to brush something off as "it's her style", but there definitely is a harsh tone in other fashions as well.

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Circle lenses and contact general!
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Does anyone know of any toric contact lenses that are colored? They don't have to be circle lenses. I need pretty high powered lenses though, high cyl., think -4.75
File: cosplay plan 3.png (508KB, 512x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cosplay plan 3.png
508KB, 512x720px
im currently looking for lenses for kotori. i have some in mind, but id love so see some of your guys suggestions before i buy.
these are the ones i had in mind.
i want makeup tutorials for makeup like this :3

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What are some conventions that are more tolerant of slutty costumes? Also would include events within conventions like AWA's cosplay after dark.
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Dragoncon is known as like the most tolerant of skimpy outfits since the crowd is typically a lot older/there are more adult themed events.
Same with Colossalcon because waterpark

AnimeCon.org is pretty lenient.

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My question drowned under lace drama, so I'm turning it into a photo thread.

Baggy OPs have been a thing in lolita for some time now in some Japanese brands (AP holy lantern, BtssB Maria,etc) and now indie brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Usually these OPs have no defined waist (hence bag). Sometimes a similar look is achieved with a simple waist seam (Ista Mori OP)

How does the baggy OP look on a plus size girl? I'm tall (almost 182cm) but busty at 115cm and am looking for inspiration. Can I pull this look off?

Post your pics of lolitas wearing baggy OPs.

Hard mode: plus size lolita.
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Ista Mori- looks like baggy OP but has a little bit of a waist.

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