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It's probably a little early for this, but have you started planning for ILD yet?

Is your comm doing anything fun?

Let's share!
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Shit when is ILD again?
International Lolita Day. Twice a year one in June one in December.
Oh sorry misread your comment thought you said "what". I want to say it's usually the first Saturday in December.

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Anyone have experience with Morphsuits?

Why do they all gotta have a huge logo on the ass? That's so stupid! Is there a way to deal with this? I guess, on a black suit, you could paint over it...

Also, can you cut up the stretchy material (like if you want the "gloves" separate) without fucking it all to hell?
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Morphsuits tend to be really poor quality. Try ordering from http://www.zentai-zentai.com/ instead. You can even get one custom made to have removable gloves, feet, eye/mouth holes etc.
I have two morphsuits. Although one of them seems to be meant for sexual use since it has a zipper on the crotch.
you know, maybe it's to help you pee without removing everything...?

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old thread a kill >>8695446
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Any tips on using Buyee for Y!A? Just had a seller cancel my bids and it was pretty crushing
There's really nothing you can do to prevent that. Using a lesser known SS might lower the chances but it's never 100%, and you forgo the convenience of Buyee. A lot of Japanese sellers don't like selling to shopping services.
LACE is kill

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Old comm thread is saging.
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Now taking bets on how long it'll take for girlypoot to return to her normal attention whore self and create LACE 2.0
so this is the new comm thread?

or is it an online comm thread?

or just a "talk shit about kate" thread?

come on anon, make a fucking effort.
Oh fuck I just noticed it didn't post the topic. It's an online comm thread.

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ITT: Outfit concepts that you'd like to see become a reality.

Also, which outfit in this image is the most desirable to you?
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Top left and bottom right I could see being made into those $1000 MTO dresses from baby. The rest range from meh to tacky.
Top left if I could have it in all white and top 2nd from left if it had an underskirt.
Oh man I love the idea of the bottom left. I'm a sucker for sea themed prints. I would want the skirt longer and the pink ditched for navy, or any less awful color.

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Best cosplay.
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NO because everyone and their mother has been in this suit and its been plastered all over reddit for a few days now. Kill yourself.
What is with all the thread killers on cgl lately? People post dumb shit like this and bump something off the bottom.

Can we get a cosplay card thread? I'm looking to get some more ordered in the next week and I want to redesign.
>Best supplier/printer
>Pros/cons of square/mini cards
>Design tips
>Post your card
>Dos and don'ts
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Moo. Order from moo.

>Best supplier/printer
I've tried Vistaprint a LONG while back and their basic cards are cheap in price and quality. I heard they have been better lately so if you want something quick to test out, you can go with them. I keep going back to Moo and so have many friends. Their cards are so nice and thick and they're pretty easy to set up.

>Pros/cons of square/mini cards
I have both.

Pros of regular size/square : better for more scenic photos
Cons : Usually gets lost in the stack of many other coscards/edges fold over in wallet pockets

Pros of mini cards : they're small and cute. Friends have kept mine along with their other friends in their wallets or bags cause they like having it around and so do i. It's simple for anyone who doesn't have many links
Cons: It can get lost. If you have a stack of reg size cards and have a few minis, the minis stray from the pack while collecting them

>Design tips
It really depends on what you like. If you know design or know a friend who can help you out, ask them for advice or try to get some feedback on your ideas. Don't clutter your card with graphics and pictures though

>Dos and don't
DO ask for feedback from friends
DO look at other cosplayer cards for inspiration but DONT blatantly copy the same format
DONT make the colors neon or really bright
DO step back and think if people would want to keep your card with the design or pictures you chose
DO leave some room on the back of the cards and ask if the photographer you're giving it to want you to write the name and series of the character you're cosplaying they took a pic of so they can remember you when going through the photos

I'm sure theres more but iunno
>Best supplier/printer

I've gotten sample packs from a bunch of places trying to see if there's a place that offers comparable options to Moo at cheaper prices, but without infinite designs.

pros: cheap! ... that's pretty much it.
cons: you get what you pay for. stock choices are so-so, finishes (matte/gloss) look kind of sub-par compared to other suppliers.

use them if: you want a ton of cards and don't care about paper/printing quality

>Morning Print
pros: Uses plates instead of digital printing, so images are nice and crisp with good color. Large variety of stocks with both matte and gloss finishes. Decent prices for the quality. Their matte coated cards have a similar texture to moo's soft matte, but dull the colors a little.
cons: Print runs start at 200 of a single design... yikes.

Use them if: you need a lot of cards of a single design, and are willing to pay more than vista's prices for a higher quality product.

Anyone want me to keep going on these? I'm bedridden with a vicious cold right now but I can try and dig up the rest of my samples tomorrow. I think I have packs from Catprint, Moo, Gotprint, and Overnight Prints...

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When a guy makes a bad cosplay he's either seen as an awesome/funny/chill person. At most he's completely ignored and forgotten.

When a girl makes a cosplay that's somewhat passable the internet just blasts them to hell and back.

What's the cause for this?
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Usually bad male cosplays are just meh while bad female cosplays are awful genderbent AUs with floppy tits hanging out (that loki with the pasties is burned into my memory). Obese men don't seem to cosplay very much while obese women cosplay a lot. Also cringey guys tend to stay in their basements while cringey yaoi fangirls make their shit public. Men are usually too homophobic to act like cringey gay assholes too.
Some bad male cosplays make it big and will never go away though, like boner robin.
Double standards. Welcome to the real world.

>Implying that shitty Kirito male cosplays and hardon Goku are not bad in itself
Men stay away from the center of attention. That and con goers ignore male cosplayers

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Only a month away so why not have a thread?

> Are you planning on attending the event?
> What are you going to wear?
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I see you there OP.
I'm going with friends and my really cute gf. <3

But mannn do i need to start planning my coords.
I heard Lor is going to be there, any proof?
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are you retarded? lor and kate are the only people they have listed on the guests page.

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Am I THE only one that thinks hot topic should stop trying with cosplay?
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nah, it's just you anon
2/10 bait
ngl, if i were a cosplay judge i would give everyone in a Hot Topic cosplay first place in whatever category they entered in

Anyone know anything about "hair chalk" and how well it works / if it looks any good. Trying to do an Ichigo cosplay possibly and I have pretty dark brown hair. Seems like the easiest way to get my hair a different color non-permanently.
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Just get a fucking wig
Hair chalk will look like shit
Dude. For that length of hair and color, you're better off buying a wig.
Don't waste your time. Just get a wig.

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I started working for a company a couple of months ago (I won't reveal the company due to privacy). Due to family commitments by my co-workers, I was asked to go on an important business trip for the company. I'll be in Japan from December 20th-January 5th with work from the 22nd-28th. I know the time I'm there, there will be huge sales. Has anyone experienced this before? I'll also be wearing lolita too and I hope to see some lolitas. Any places with a lolita atmosphere I should go to in Tokyo?
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I hope you have a decent place to stay during new year's.
You could visit cafes like Swallowtail or the Vampire Cafe. Also Tokyo is really into Christmas lights (though they call it "illumination") so if you have a decent camera you can take some great pics.
There's the big fukubukuro sales on New Year's, other than that you're missing the majority of sales (second week of january for general sales, and then Laforet Grand Bazaar end of Jan). Grand Bazaar is absolutely nuts, a lolita literally grabbed a blouse out of my hand while I was still looking at it at Baby! Everyone's shouting the whole day. Worth it though!

Last one is long into autosage >>8684367

>was going to halloween cosplay party today with classmates
>wake up with horror scenario in my underwear

Staying at home is fine too, I guess..
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You know they make products for this, right?
Quit smoking. It's only half a day, but let's see how getting the shakes goes.
uh wear a tampon or change outfits?

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What is the best type of convention?

Geek/fandom cons which is a conventions that tries to include every fandom

Single theme cons which have a certain theme, like anime, video games, comics, etc.

Single fandom cons which are conventions centered around a single fandom, such as Doctover Who, Furry, Pokemon, etc.

I think fandom cons are usually a mess, they have no clue what they going for. Single fandom cons are just boring, especially 3 day ones.
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Furrycons desu because they're the most comfy, as a cosplayer anime cons always have a sense of elitism and it's hard to talk to anyone longer than asking for a photo, at furrycons you just chill and chat

You're clearly doing cons wrong. Literally every con I've been to (all anime cons) are hanging with friends and meeting new friends and hanging with them. We all go out to eat and chill in the game room and shoot the shit.

But you're probably one of those awkward people who try to make friends with complete random strangers by making weird jokes and creeping into social circles after your friends left you behind... or you don't have friends.
Idk, depends how big the anime con is. I find it easier to socialize at smaller conventions than large ones.

tweek x craig
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