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WTF sales general.

A thread to make you laugh and enlighten sellers. I'll start off with this, hot off the presses.

Don't bother discussing the normie garbage on LM unless it's something really special
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...that's a fair price for the particular print/cut, anon. If it's in like-new condition, then that price is definitely justified. It's a fairly popular print after all.
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Not so much of a WTF but more of a 'social etiquette for sales'. is it ever appropriate to comment on the amount someone has listed an item for, publicly at least?
tbh sometimes I wish this would happen, but not in cases like this where there's high demand for a piece. I just hate seeing newbies get scalped on something like a lucky pack item or similar things.

Let's play bingo, fatties.
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>not enough for bingo
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Bingo boiz
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It's next on my list but I can't cross it off yet

I've noticed a lot of newbies in my comm have an intense fascination with the old school days and massive tendancy to romantacize the shit out of it, or have lots of crazy misconceptions about it, like that everyone was completely ita and the major brands never put out anything that wasn't hideous. I'm wondering how common this is among people who didn't get into Lolita until 2010 or later? When did you get in the fashion and what's your take on old school? Any questions about that time for oldfags?
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I think people who have been in the fashion forever are giving themselves too much credit.

People were definitely itas in the west back then. Prints from brands were pretty ugly, or they were plain (black and white, pink and white). The style was much more of an experiment then so people tried all kinds shapes and color combos and whatever that looked pretty bad.

I think people talking about "old school" style these days are using their current lolita knowledge to make old school better than it was.
I was about 11years old when i discovered ""lolita"" off course i had nothing lolita in my closet until this year (am 20) when i left my parents house, they were against lolita (and homophobic at that, i have a girlfriend, we now live together). And i kinda discovered lolita when it was still way simpler than it is now where everything tends to be kiiinda...over the top? This is the lolita i fell in love with, so when i see old kera snaps and such (i had a few,and gothic lolita bibles, my parents didn't mind books and such, i would religiously read them, and try to wear clothes as near from lolita as i was allowed to) i just feel so happy and warm. I wasn't truly mature before 16 where i had a real take on lolita despite not being able to have any outfit or whatever (i managed to sneak a cutsew and bow, i was oh so happy)
Just plop some old Bibles in front of them, end of story. That's what was available, styled as well as it could be (models) and realistically (street snaps). But to be fair, I still think old school is pretty cool and wear everyday coords that are pretty close to it. My first bible was no7. I bought it when it came out so I've been around a while. I enjoy the ott coords of the current time too though.

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How to get good at it?
What's the highest you can comfortably walk in?

This is my achilles heel (no pun intended) and I was wondering how everyone else does.
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>How to get good at it?

Honestly, the best way is to keep at it. Try a thicker heel to begin with as they are more study so your ankles dont fall inward.
>What's the highest you can comfortably walk in?

I can walk in my 6 inches just fine - but in my secondary school, it was a uniform requirement to wear 1-4 inch heels for "ladyness" so I got used to it from the age of ~11
Don't put the weight on the heel or you'll end up kissing the pavement, kind of balance your weight in the middle of your foot,if that makes sense. Just keep practicing and you'll be find.

A lot of my heels look like the ones in the pic, stupidly enough I struggle with small heels versus the super high ones.
fuck me. fine*

Almost Halloween edition
What is shironuri?
>literally translates to painted in white/whitewashed
>has roots in traditional maiko and kabuki makeup
>many different themes exist
>there are no official names for these substyles but some common themes are gothic/guro, ethereal/ghostly, militaristic, nature, and cyber
>it can be combined with other fashions
Recommend makeup products
>kryolan clown white
>mitsuyoshi greasepaint and two-way cake
>mehron clown white
Popular shironuri artists
Videos to watch
>minori's shirouri tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWFD5RqC4RM
>bazookistan's shironuri tutorial https://youtu.be/llMe_8rseuw

Selfposts encouraged. We are running out of good western examples
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"白塗り -みのり" is a search term to use to find shironuri and exclude minori from the search (because while we love her, it's annoying having to wade through a thousand photos of her coords to find new content)
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wtf 4chan stop dropping my pics

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The time of year we can wear almost as many layers as we want. Post your favorite winter co-ords.
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I don't know if I should ask this here, but does anyone know how to keep warm in lolita without a coat?
I want to participate in my comm's ILD meet but it's a mostly outdoor event and I own 0 lolita coats as I'm just starting out.
layers are you friends
I've heard of people layering thermal tops under blouses. I think Fanny Rosie really recommends the Uniqlo HeatTech line.

I've also heard good things about fleece lined leggings.

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>what did you buy for the 11/11 sale?
>any new outfits you've seen that you liked?
>is fall giving you mori lifestyle feels?
Selfposts welcomed.
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I just found this fuckery in the mori tumblr tag.
who the fuck are you
Shit went down at moriconfessions. I hate the large amount of SJWs in mori.

Anyone know a way to make your eyes look "droopy" with makeup? Have looked for tutorials but have only found ways to fix droopy eyes or whatever. My eye shape is somewhere around almond/upturned. Pic related, cosplaying genderbent Gray in May. I'm relatively new to makeup so any general tips would be appreciated too. Thanks gulls!
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Look up some gyaru eye makeup tutorials or gyaru eyemakeup in general. Also tare eye might help you as well as ulzzang puppy eyes

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Cherish my juicy cherry edition.

Last general is in autosage.
What are your cosplay plans and halloween ideas?

Don't forget to login for the pic related Hanayo UR!
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OP that's the next event card on JP what are you talking about.
It's the login UR. Today is Eli's birthday too. So you get 5x from Eli and 1x from Hanayo. After 5 days you get this Promo UR.

I bet it's as worse as the other free URs we got so far. Like seriously the eli and umi are shit, my R cards are better than they're on lvl 100

Any VA gulls going to Nekocon? pic unrelated.
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I am, it will be pretty cool.
Yep, it's my favorite small con.
Here's the schedule if helps anyone.
Yup I am going as space dandy

So I'm going to a con in about a week that I was just informed of, a small one day con and the only thing I own j fash related is this bodyline yukata I bought when I was 16. Is there anything I can do to make it look good and not ita? Is it hopeless? I don't want to look like a fool. Pic related, I have it in pink
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No, don't wear it, throw it away and/or burn it.

Just go in normal clothes.
Is it one piece or is the skirt seperate? If seperate, wear the skirt with a Victorian style or Peter Pan collar white or beige/off white blouse, tights and girly shoes (if no Lolita socks and shoes) and a pink hair bow.
It's a full piece unfortunately :'c

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Hey /cgl/,

Would anyone be willing to participate in a /cgl/ secret santa this year, I know a few other boards are doing it? Maybe something with a fixed price point, including maybe a free/card bracket like /a/ does? That way people can still send others cute art or stationary without spending much money. Thoughts?
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It's hard enough getting people to mail their shit on Lace Market, what makes you think a flakey, scammy gull will send a Christmas gift?
>Would anyone be willing to participate in a /cgl/ secret santa this year, I know a few other boards are doing it? Maybe something with a fixed price point, including maybe a free/card bracket like /a/ does? That way people can still send others cute art or stationary without spending much money. Thoughts?

I think this would be super fun! If this does happen we should try to assign Secret Santas to the same country so insane shipping costs/customs fees aren't an issue.

I'd be okay with just a card bracket imho. I love getting cards from friends at xmas.
i would be interested, but after last year's fell apart i am cautious. i still have the items i got for gulls last year.

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Anyone in line?
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Same here
preview night gone
Got 4 days and saturday was sold out a 1 min after.....

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What advice would you give to a first-time con-goer?

>Don't buy con food
>Don't bring a Free Hugs sign
>Avoid getting humped at the rave
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don't clog walkways
if a cosplayer is eating or adjusting their outfit, don't bother them for a pic
don't touch people without asking
if you are uncomfortable, say something, nobody's going to rescue you
if someone goes quiet and still and avoids looking at you when you interact with them, leave them alone
don't touch women that you don't know

Ali is recommending weird stuff to me edition
Quick overview:
>What is Aliexpress?
A site similar to taobao or ebay, comprised of several different sellers. Most items have free shipping. Many items on there you can also find on Taobao, but often at inflated prices on AE
>When should I choose Taobao and when should I choose Aliexpress?
If you only want a few items that you could get for cheaper from Taobao, choose AE. If you plan on buying a lot, choose Taobao.
>What not to buy:
Anything that is normally regulated. This includes lead content in paint (be wary of jewelry), cosmetics, and electronics. Other things not to buy is contact lens cases, sex toys, and foodware that is not glass
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what the hell you gulls flocked to the last thread and this one is dead
self bump with a recent small haul i posted in the last thread
can link + review is anyone wants, already linked the panda towel in last thread
Also anon who was looking for lined fake thigh highs, someone posted this in the last thread

And anon who asked about fairy kei clothes, no shop in particular comes to mind but I've been compiling a wishlist of fairy kei appropriate things
>panda towel
i just bought a cute hairband for washing my face, not sure whtat they're called, i can't stop buying animal shit.
thanks based anon.
link to the headband please
also i love animal shit too. doesn't matter if it looks ridiculous
i have no roommate this year so I plan on filling my dorm with cutesy shit

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