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Last thread is autosaging >>8690043

I have a new cringe to share from our bestest aidoru evar~!
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>all that autotuning shit

The video is so badly made, too. The production budget must've been two bottles of ramune soda and a takeout dinner from a konbini
>"Her eyes are like a camels..."

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New thread, old one is RIP since days
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Dumping shit
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Didn't see one.

To start the thread what's the word on Arda's Silky fiber? I'm trying out my next purchase but I want a ponytail wig which Arda doesn't have in Silky and their regular fiber is a bitch to untangle.
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wtf happened to lockshops mermaid wigs?
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I'm quite the noob when it comes to wigs. Any gull happen to have a list of wig vendors? Any help is appreciated.
Im usually such a tight-ass when it comes to wigs and just cant bring myself to pay more than $20 for one..

Though I just bought this
(would love to know if anyone else has it/ reviews)

But also, what are DreamHolics wigs like.. they look stunning in the pics, but are they actually decent/ good quality??

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We have a regretsy thread, so how about an Etsy one?
Lolita/ jfash/ cosplay Etsy stores that got dat good shit.
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Will dump some things I'm following


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Why do people think this sort of thing looks good?
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Because insecure girls think it's sexy and confident to morph themselves into sex dolls for validation when actually what they really want is respect yet they won't get it going down that road. Vicious cycle. Look what happened to Charms, after all.
fucking lost it at "gerard way's realdoll"
also ahripop or whatever is just one trainwreck after another. she's 100% white but does her makeup and Photoshop herself to look "azn desu"
because it does? you know, different tastes and what not.

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I am going to second this actually. It is a turn off because for people complaining about not getting cool looking photos from photographers, they post stuff in groups saying 'ANY' photographer. They get settled with a guy with a shitty commercial Nikkon. Instead of, you know, looking up photographers or asking what photographers are going to be attending and then looking up their work to see if you are interested in shooting with them and their style.

Its lazy for cosplayers an this is coming from a cosplayer. I don't shoot with someone unless I know their style will suit my cosplay or what I have in mind for photos. I would prefer to work with someone who actually bothers processing photos properly than just some random guy from a Facebook page that messages me from a forum post who does early 2000s type MS Paint tier work.
>I am going to second this actually. It is a turn off because for people complaining about not getting cool looking photos from photographers, they post stuff in groups saying 'ANY' photographer.

From what I see, "Any" is just what people say because no one would normally ask to shoot said people. Big cosplayers don't need to do this, considering the fact that photographers are getting in line to get shoots with them.
replace "photographer" with "cosplayer". same deal. step off your high horse, Martin.

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this aired in Australia tonight. Opinions?
all that brolita is making me cringe... and the badly dressed...
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I watched it, it was so fucking cringeworthy. That brolita tho

>nobody knows that I'm male

I'm sure they do, judging by your ugly masculine face, and I'm pretty damn sure no one tried to have sex with you because you look like a little girl.
I'm surprised xylia-x is in this, I thought she'd be above cringey documentaries, but I guess I was wrong.
an article for it, so many inaccuracies holy shit
and i thought sbs would be different
This wasn't that bad compared to others that make us seem crazy, but it made lolita seem like a secret recluse club.

Bad cosplays, try to post OC and not pasta. Gonna start out with a "Mr Meseeks" cosplay from Rick and Morty
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But he is beautiful
what's so bad about this? i mean it's not great, but it's not terrible either

Let's discuss new and upcoming indie brand releases! What do you guys have on preorder?
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I have the Death Angel print reserved, but I can't unsee the penis thing now, fuck
They should call their company "CocksFeathers" because nice dick print.
It was the first thing I noticed when I clicked on the image above

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CPK general.

Does anyone have any ideal outfit photos that you feel just completely represent CPK?

Any good ebay/aliexpress/taobao shops?

How often do you dress in CPK?
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Not really an ideal outfit but I don't think any cpk coord is complete without a cross. I'm thinking of making my own like this one I like the plushy look to it.
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that red tho
I bet you dont think any cult party coord is complete without a peignoir either.

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New thread, old one died. Go on posting all the cute Sonicos.
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Cut these fucking bangs!
I'm a total newbie to cosplay and wigs and all that stuff and even I got to cut them the right way
Lenses are too dark on this one, she looks like a demon

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Halloween edition

Last thread >>8636287
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My wallet is out of control.
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That HL MTO, though...
Everything else is on it's way
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so, so happy to finally have melody poodle :D
To celebrate I'll probably be a poodle for halloween, lmao

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Tell us how your experiance meeting other seagulls has been, or make a seagull friend!

This thread is NOT for hooking up!!

>Something about you
>What you're looking for in a lolita/cosplaying friend
>What you're NOT looking for in a lolita/cosplaying friend
>Contact info

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>Something about you
hi!! im really chatty and i love love love making new pals.
>What you're looking for in a lolita/cosplaying friend
just someone to chat to and maintain a close friendship with, honestly.
>What you're NOT looking for in a lolita/cosplaying friend
no relationships please!
>Contact info
skype: narseii
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>tfw janitors delete these threads for free
19/Female/East coast gaynadia
>Something about you
I love sewing, although I'm a noob, I'm a video game addict!! We can talk about games,and cute mango!!
>What you're looking for in a lolita/cosplaying friend
Cosplay buddy! Let's meet and sew together! I'm good at props.
>What you're NOT looking for in a lolita/cosplaying friend
N-No bully pls
>Contact info
holyfuckinglantern is my skype.
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21/Female/Brisbane Australia.
>Something about you
I wear Otome, occasionally cosplay, sew for a living and play a lot of videogames. Not really a weeb.
>What you're looking for in a lolita/cosplaying friend
A buddy to do generic lady-friend things with?
>What you're NOT looking for in a lolita/cosplaying friend
Another 14-year-old boy who asks me if I'll make him a sissy oh lordy.
>Contact info
Skype is Hirsent. Steam is Rusty Shackleford.

pls play games

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How many other cosplayers here have the problem of barely having space to make a cosplay. I mean you live in an apartment where you don't have a balcony, backyard or can get on the roof.

How do you deal with it?

Do you often just commission instead of making stuff? Only work on things that don't require stuff that would leak fumes? Or just plain limit your cosplay choices?
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I usually make do by driving to a relative's house for the weekend, though I have been known to Bondo things in my apartment. I wouldn't recommend it.
I usually use every single surface I have, like the little floor space, my bed and desk. Which means that everything I have is covered in paint and stains.

I just suck it up when dealing with fumes, maybe going for a walk or turning the fan on.
I lived in a smaller apartment for about a year and a half. It did limit my choices for what I could make. While I did have a balcony, anytime I would go to spray paint something out there people would post to the tower Facebook page bitching about fumes (I don't really blame them though). There are places you can go to that you can rent a spot to paint stuff and use their equipment but that gets a little pricey after awhile. Sewing small things like uniforms, dresses, and tunics were no issue. I think you would be able to make simple things with a decent small setup. It was a pain trying to store wigs and stuff and keep the costumes some place out of the way. I may have to move back somewhere with limited space again so I hope some others have some insight on good storage and stuff like that.

Let's see some cute winter coords, all substyles. Please no arguing about larme/neo-gyaru, everything crosses over now, and it just derails the thread.
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Anyone know who/what comm this is about, by the way? Most interesting thing on the secrets for weeks.

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