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Seagulls in Japan

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I didn't see anything in the catalog relating to events in Japan, any gulls out there actually living here? Discuss upcoming cosplay/jfashion events.

>>design festa - anyone else attend and spend as much money on cute stuff as I did?
>>harajuku fashion walk December 12
>>december comiket
>>tfw you live in Japan and have no cosplay/jfashion friendfs

Typing fail.
No but I did pay a shopping service to buy me stuff at Design Festa. I would love to know what you bought. I hope that someday I can go to Japan and shop at Design Festa myself, it's so not fair to see all of the cute pictures of designers' merchandise on their Twitters and then just cross my fingers that the shopping service will do the best they can. I'm sure if I went there in person I'd buy about 100 more things.

Design Festa is sensory overload. I definitely recommend going, but only if you can dedicate the whole weekend to it and you have a lot of spare cash.

I ended up buying a ton of postcards and prints this time around, but I did get some cute accessories and stuff. I usually hate perler bead things but these I thought were pretty cute for a pastel coord I've been putting together.

>>neko hat + pin 3200 yen
>>matching dolphin rings 3800 each (bf wanted one too)
>>perler floppy disk keychain 600
>>perler heart necklace 2800
>>penguin sticker 200

I also have about 30 business cards to go through, I could make a list of their Twitter/websites if anyone is interested.
Could you upload the info of designers/people who had interesting stuff for show from your business cards?? Or post pics?
Okay, here’s a list of what I gathered for business cards. It’s only a small selection of course, since it was such a huge event. I suggest searching the Twitter hashtag #デザフェス for more.

>>ame ame - candy themed accessories

>>Apolia - decora-rsh accessories

>>Apps and Beads - cute pixel bead accessories

>>Chisato - organ sculptures, some jewelry

>>Ifukoubou - gorgeous bags made from traditional Japanese fabrics

>>Kashimashi Omekashi - cute pastel accessories

>>Love Slave - kawaii magical girl collars

>>Nana & Mika - deer/forest themed accessories and prints

>>Omochi - cute polar bears

>>Rotta Rotta - space themed accessories

>>Tama-zo: Cat themed hats and plashes
Facebook: tamazo.rana

>>Tokimeki Teikoku no Momorio Gabriel - animal rings, pendants - arguably one of the most popular booths for lolita accessories
Facebook: tokimekiteikoku

>>Yachui - animal themed pins, charms

Bless you anon!!!
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It really is ironic that I do not have any cosplay friends in Japan... Are there even any seagulls in anywhere else than Honshu? If someone in Hokkaido would like to go to a cosplay event, I would so have some of my costumes back in my home country send to here and go with them! Or even make a new one to fit together if it's simple and something I like.

Pict partly related.
You're the real MVP!!
What SS did you use and how much did they charge? There's an artist selling there that I really want something of, but I have no idea who will do it.
Any of you gulls know the scene around Hiroshima? I'm transferring to their university in January and I don't want to stand out too much.
I used Chibitenshi and she charges 5% of the item or 500 yen, plus 400 yen travel fees and payment processing fees. Design Festa is only a 2-day event twice a year but a lot of the artists have webshops so you might be able to use a different SS to order stuff from their online store.
How did ChibiTenshi get to Design Festa? Was she visiting Tokyo at the time?
I'm in Saitama-ken myself, but I have a friend in Sapporo (unfortunately not a cosplayer). I've been meaning to visit Hokkaido mostly because it's supposed to be gorgeous. When do they tend to have cosplay events there? I would totally go with you!
Thanks! I actually contacted Tokyopirates and she said she'd do it, but her fees are a bit pricey so I'll have her try the online shop first. There's Artism Market in December, so I'll just pay up if she can't get it online.
The last time I asked TP to buy me stuff from one of these Japanese craft fairs she said she'd split the travel fees since me and another person had both contacted her to buy stuff at the same event. You just need to find a friend to buy stuff with you.
>tfw no lolita friends
m-maybe another seagull wants something from there? I didn't think of that, if she can't get it online I'll try to find another person or two to order with.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 3

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