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Project 33, Lolita Style

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project 33-1.jpg
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So you may have heard of the Project 333 thing. If you had to go three months with 33 items of lolita clothing, what would they be? The original project includes jewellery in your 33 items, but I think that's a bit impossible with lolita and same with petticoats.

But still, what would you pick? Post a theoretical collage or pics from your actual wardrobe and maybe explain your choices a little.

I made a chocolate themed sweet lolita collection in mostly mint and brown with pink and white accents. I only picked one bag, because it matched everything, and only have the makings of one "dressy" outfit, because I put this together with it being a Autumn-Winter (Australian winter, that is, so no need for giant coats) wardrobe for more everyday/casual wear but still wanted to have the makings of one nicer outfit for special occasions.
What a fun challenge!
I'm going to attempt this now with a mixed classic/sweet/old school wardrobe.
I only have 19 items currently, plan to add another 2 skirts, an op, another print jsk, 2 purses and many more accessories.
This is much harder than I expected it to be!
I'm a little bit too lazy to make a collage, so I'll just write it out. I'd pick 2 colors for the main pieces, an accent color, and a neutral color that goes with the palette (like black/brown, or white if it's super pastel).

* 5 main pieces
- 1 solid color JSK
- 1 patterned JSK (stripes/polkadots/tartan)
- 1 print JSK
- 1 patterned Skirt
- 1 printed skirt

* 5 tops
- 2 plain white blouses, one short and long sleeved
- 2 "fancier" white blouses, short and long sleeved
- 1 blouse in an accent color

* 5 Outerwear
- 3 boleros/cardigans, 1 neutral, 1 in each of the main colors, 1 accent color
- match-everything coat/Jacket

* 4 pairs of shoes
- 2 pairs of flat shoes, 1 neutral color, 1 accent color
- 1 pair of fancier heeled shoes
- 1 pair of boots

* 5 pieces of headwear
- 3 headbows, 1 neutral, 1 in each main color
- 2 Berets, 1 neutral, 1 accent color

*5 pieces of legwear
- white/neutral tights
- 3 pairs of patterned OTKs, 1 in each main color, 1 neutral, 1 accent color
- neutral ankle socks

* 3 Bags
- 1 neutral everyday bag
- 1 accent color
- "fancy" bag, can be cute but impractical

Total: 31
I'd probably add another blouse or cardigan as needed to get it up to 33. Basically, I don't think you can have too many tops and especially cardigans/boleros, since they can really change the look of the outfit.
File: 33lolita.jpg (2MB, 1866x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1866x2000px
I was working on this but lolibrary crashed before I could finish. I'm not very happy with it. As with my actual wardrobe, everything is all over the place.

I like the hair accessories and blouses/boleros I chose, all of the shoes excluding the white ones, I'd replace those with clunky old school platforms. I accidentally removed the anniversary rose otks, and I was going to add a pair of those rose lace ladder otks by Baby that people seem to hate.
Those items would bring me up to 33 pieces.
I am severely lacking accessories, I need 1-2 more hair ones and a few brooches. Two way clips would be the way to go. I'd also include a brown grosgrain ribbon as a waist sash to tie in more colors through the coord.
I love how varied this turned out! I think it all works together pretty nicely.

I like your blouse to main piece ratio and totally agree that you need lots of tops!

I also like that so far everyone has decided that you need at least 4 pairs of shoes.
Despite being a bit all over the place I think in the end there's some quite good complementary colours and themes in there
File: resized wardrobe.png (2MB, 598x1330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
resized wardrobe.png
2MB, 598x1330px
This took forever, but it was so fun. My actual wardrobe is made up of ivory/pink/mint, and doing this made me long for some jewel tones. I stuck to brown/red/blue/white.

Stuff by row:
IW Rose Stained Glass
VM Noble Cloche
VM Noble Ribbon Mantle
VM Rose Lace Ribbon Gloves
MM Elmelia OP
IW Rose Brooch Blouse
VM Chiffon Frill Parasol
IW Treya Knit Pullover
MM Rosette Headdress
MM Amandine Beret
MM Germaine Skirt
MM Petit Four Blouse
MM Puff Sleeve Yoke Blouse
MM Ekaterina
MM Mille Crepe Cutsew
MM Tulle Lace Frill Bolero
MM Bisque Doll Bonnet
IW Rasiel OP
MM Kristel Bolero
MM Jacquard Ribbon Corsage
JetJ Soir de Chateau Féérique JSK
MM Rose Lace Cutsew
JM Minton Collection Decoupage Cardigan
IW Tulle Lace Ankle Length Socks
JM Crown Logo OTKs (x2)
AATP Rose Lace OTKs
IW Sweet Rose Embossed OTKs
Loris Handbag
IW Cross Ribbon Shoes
VM Victorian Short Boots
File: APwardrobe.jpg (812KB, 1513x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
812KB, 1513x2000px
This was fun! I made a 100% AP OTT sweet wardrobe. I cheated kind of, since I didn't include headbows or legwear, but normalfag fashions wouldn't include socks and headbands anyways.
I'm not sure if this would be the only clothes I'd want to have, but I wouldn't complain if this was my wardrobe either!
I used mostly older AP with 2 new pieces that I really like. You know you're neck deep when pink is a neutral to you.
These are all really fantastic, great inspiration anons.
I'd like to actually see what legwear and accessories you'd choose for these. So many people have ruined outfits with hideous or really unbalanced legwear and accessories. That being said - pink is totally a neutral, but matching pinks kills me every time.

This is gorgeous.
I personally like simple legwear, it would be the matching otks if I had them. If not, plain or crochet white tights, plain white otks, or ruffley ankle socks. aka things I'd get in bulk off ebay, so not very interesting.
I find that AP's pinks tend to match pretty well, other than the LP bags and idk about the shoes. I can swap around the headbows on mine. It's just the newer prints that seem to be really bright, or desaturated like the chocolate ones.
should it just be items in our wardrobe currently or could it be items we have on pre-order?
OP said theoretical or actual
I think this is really the best approach, it starts to look a little ridiculous when the tights are just as noisy as the dress.
I love this!
Agree with this! I'll sometimes wear printed OTKs if the dress is not too loud, or I just want to go more OTT, but I think having some calm in your legwear area balances out the prints.
File: 33 items collage.jpg (2MB, 3000x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 items collage.jpg
2MB, 3000x3000px
Cats, music and book themes with black, ivory/antique white, tan accents, green and purple in a sweet-classic "summer" wardrobe with some normalfag leanings. I own the main items but this wardrobe is half theoretical because I have real trouble with yellow tones in real life and look jaundiced with anything yellower than off white. I went to 35 items including everything.
Love this, and especially the color palette.
File: rsz_project_33.png (2MB, 1616x1304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1616x1304px
I think I have about 30 items. I tried to use mostly stuff that I owned myself, there's only a few items I don't own or are on pre-order and are not in my hands yet. I have some other stuff I love in my wardrobe but I decided to pick main pieces where it would be easier to share accessories and such and thus I would be picking less additional accessories/wasting my 33 slots lol. Lots of black. As for legwear I figure plain black tights, black lace tights, and a pair of vertical stripe tights would do the trick just fine (and that brings me up to 33!) Everything pretty much goes together except for maybe TJ which is sweet, but I decided to let myself have at least one fun dress that didn't quite fit the general theme.

I'm pretty satisfied overall. I would want to have more of my other dresses for sure but I wouldn't be upset if this was all I had! Lots of black. I think everything for the most part goes pretty well together though, and I think I have enough of a variety of accessories and such where outfits won't get too boring and it would be easy to switch things up.
If you don't mind, sauce on the two turtlenecks (black and green) in the middle bottom two rows?
Lovely color scheme anon
That's really cute. Love the leather jacket and green blouse.
No problem! I've definitely found this is a really good exercise in realising what I don't own and what I could/should buy for a more versatile wardrobe.

Green I found here but haven't bothered to try to track it down on ali or ebay yet

Black is on both ali and ebay, I have owned mine for a while so the original listing is gone. The buttons come loose pretty easily, the fabric pills easily if you machine wash it and you have to be careful to check sleeve length (S and M are the same if I remember rightly)

Thanks! IRL I have boots that are more dark jade green rather than being bottle/dark forest/hunter green so I'm looking at slightly more jade coloured blouses to go with this.
Love your hair accessories! I would like to see some more of the dark red (maybe dark red shoes/tights?), definitely think it'd be a nice pop of colour but so far it's mostly top half. Maybe dark red rose clips that could either go on the shoes or in your hair?
I would 100% wear this. If this was my entire wardrobe I'd die a happy woman.

This is cute, I like the range of colours you have while still being all OTT.

I really love this, it looks so wearable and still super cute. The green and purple is such an unusual colour combination as well.

Pretty collection! I especially love the hair accessories you chose.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 7

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