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Are substyles like Sailor and Country on the decline? Are substyles morphing into 'trends'? What are your favourite substyles?

Post inspo for any of the lesser known and even short lived lolita substyles
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Let's discuss femme aristo. Pictures are welcome, we don't need to max out the thread spamming reposts though.

Boystyle General:

>Aristocrat: Lolita's Older, Quite Possibly Vampiric, Cousin

>Could you tell me the difference between aristocrat, ouji, and lolita?

How about we make a shop master list for brand, taobao or offbrand?
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This Boz OP has been restocked in blackxblack and blackxwhite by the way (blackxred is sold out now).

My Giulietta OP arrived (I got it in black x black, lng length). Based on a quick flat measurement, the waist is about 68cm.
Is the bust measurement correct? Or what is your bust measurement and does it fit you? Mine is 89cm and I bought the OP hoping it will be okay (it usually is with their cuts).

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dismissive look.png
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>cosplay as characer
>never watched the show/played the game

How much of a poser can you be?
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>really love character design
>want to cosplay said character because they're really speaking to me
>look up game
>game is genre that I absolutely hate and will never be able to get through
>do research on character and game
>cosplay said character because who the fuck cares I'm the one who's cosplaying

How much of an autist can you be to care that much what other people cosplay?
This, as long as you're honest about not playing/watching the source material and not going around claiming to be the biggest fan ever, who gives a shit?
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>want to cosplay said character because they're really speaking to me
>really speaking to me
>posts a picture of a mute girl

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Old thread:

Closet of Frills thread:

Coord help thread:

Lolita comm thread:

Deep lolita questions thread:
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You dumbass.

Use the fucking subject field.
Handmade lolita thread:

Brolita thread:

Couple coords thread:

Gothic lolita thread:

Lolita substyles thread:
Why the fuck did OP put the subject as their name

gj gj

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Been interested in doing an Alucard cosplay for a while now. However I don't want some cheap, "coat" like the ones actually sold for cosplay. Not to mention I'm 6'9'' and I really think having a custom tailored one would make all the difference. Any reliable website where I might place a custom order? Not necessarily a cosplay site, just anything I can get a quality coat out of.
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>custom tailored.
yeah. hope you have hundreds of dollars saved up. especially if you want them to use better fabric.

also, theres a help thread.

>Cosplayers ask for drawings of themselves
>Get drawings that look just like the character
>No real point in having the cosplayer pose there


Reminds me what the draw threads don't have cosplayers in them
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I get it if it is realistic drawings, but anime style? It's so meaningless.
lots of idolmaster
but really it seems useless, it just becomes fanart of the original characters
Which in a way is anathema for cosplayers. They want to be seen as being the character and not just the character on her own.

How do you guys feel about Officially licensed costumes and such. Pic related was announced today by a company called anovos which will be selling it for 2 grand. Not only is it super inaccurate in areas but it is a waste of money considering you can do the same for about 1100 dollary doos.
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I didn't see the new Star Wars (pls don't kill me), but does his hood have a frayed edge? Because that looks terrible and it would bother the shit out of me if I saw it on someone. I don't know what material that is but it looks like a plastic tablecloth.
Yes it has a frayed edge and the material looks like a tablecloth because it is waxed to give it that shine. Which honestly is another problem with this official costume, the fabric they used for the robe is way too stiff although having the correct kind of basket weave it drags like a ton of bricks.
Speaking of Anovos, I ordered their Stormtrooper kit when it was $350 and it's the first time anyone does an officially licensed Stormtrooper armor that doesn't look like shit. If built right to fit the wearer, it's virtually indistinguishable from other 501st legion Stormtrooper armor so I'm happy with that.

Someona put some sense on those spanish cosplayers
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this is so good
>Undertale music
Who the FUCK cares? Cool so we have a group of spanish beyond amateur cosplayers who are probably also friends and even though it's cringe as shit; they are just having fun. Did you have to make a thread for this? Like does it bother the fuck of out you to see poorly made costumes and terrible acting and special effects in a shitty youtube video that much? To the point where you have to take time out of your free time to post this on cgl? Did one of these people harass you or something? Fuck this is pathetic. Fucking kill yourself please.

Alright, I need some advice from gulls. A big con with 10k+ in attendance is trying to make remodel the programs department to create a better experience. What do you want to see more of as far as panels and events that staff can actually control?
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Less Ask-A-Character panels. More panels about cosplay and crafting. Panels about con culture (running AA tables, what it takes to run a con, hotel living hacks, etc). Workshops with a minimal materials fee to actually work on something. Academic programming. Cool shows besides the masq (favorite local con does nerdy bellydancing).

I fucking knew in the tiny catalog photo that the photo on the right was from Matilda...
Maid cafes can be fun but it gets depressing fast if the only food you can serve is warm Cokes, Costco cake and bottled water oh sorry we're all out of bottled water.

Also I know space can be limiting but back to the maid cafe I went to a con where the cafe was just a roped off area in the huge games/artist alley/ rock band stage area and it was just a weird loud mess. It could have just as easily been in panel room or maybe an alcove in the hall.

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As someone who has never been to Otakon, why has it gotten such a shitty rap? I am considering going this year, but I need to know the nitty gritty before I buy a hotel and cosplay materials.
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>really hot
>crowded but overpriced is sorta taking care of that
The weather is disgustingly hot and humid. Step outside and you're immediately covered in sweat.

The area also isn't very nice. All night you can hear police sirens.

The overall quality of cosplay and lolita from the attendees is really low and disappointing.

The convention center is confusing as shit and it's impossible to meet up with people.
artist alley open for like 12 hours its fucking ridiculous

its also so busy that the food places nearby are always overcrowded and it takes an hour for them to feed you... so hungry.

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1 Month until MTAC! Who is ready? Cosplay plans? Concerned / irritated by the lack of updates?
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I'm ready! My friends and I have been going to MTAC for, like, 8 or 9 years now, and we've been a little leery of the lack of updates. We usually have a lot more info by this time, so we're not to sure what it's gonna be like this year.
I've been going since 2013. I wish I had know it existing before then. The updating sucks. The group that is running them did the same thing with GMX. It was a slow process to get the announcements but it turned out to be a good con so I still have some faith. Hopefully they will make some more announcements this week.

For costumes I'm not sure yet. My brother wants to do star wars costumes but I'm not sure he's will be done in time. I have a backup but I'll see if I can help him out.
This will be year 4 or 5 for me. Friend is going as Gajeel and wants me to do Natsu, so that'll probably be one of mine.
Got a room already, so I'm just saving up some cash for the dozens of figures I'm bound to buy.

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maya thread
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old one not even close to autosage, newfag
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so im a ugly shit, what cosplays can i do wearing a helmet or some other kind of head covering
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>Find character that wears a mask/helmet
>Cosplay that

And don't half ass it either. From one ugly shit to another, you have to put in double or triple the effort into it to look good because even with that mask on people will still know you're an ugly fuck.
Just this. I'm also in the same boat. Just search for characters you like, there are loads.
I love gasmasks and delinquent characters (who often wear medical masks) so I roll with those.

Some characters of the top of my head that are popular:
Clear (DMMD), Tobi (Naruto), No Face (Spirited Away)

If you are only a butterface and can look good in a tight spandex suit, go the superhero route. There are also some western comic characters with covered faces like Scarecrow (DC).


Also, posting some covered face cosplays to save this thread. Requesting some more for my folder too

The new Powerpuff Girls show is coming this year! is anyone else excited for this show to come back?
>Anyone planning any awesome cosplays from he show?
>Any recent photos of Powerpuff Girl Cosplays? (good or bad)
(I feel like in the past year I've seen so many more Powerpuff girl cosplayers and I'm sure the debut of the new show will bring a bunch more!)

I have a Princess Morbucks costume I'm working on for Wondercon :)
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