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New larp thread, with more larpers larping on larps
previsou thread
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Still talking camp food...

It's an 8-day camp. The idea is to use leftovers and boil out bones as much as possible. The first few days are easy because refrigeration still holds.

Mears' roasted salmon > fish soup
Roast chicken > stir fry > chicken salad + chicken soup
Breakfast pancakes > sliced pancakes in soup
Beef soup > stew

The veg will be fresh and pickled cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, paprika, cucumber, and mushrooms. Maybe the occasional baked potato.

I know how to make my sourdough rye, but I need inspiration for sweets. Should I just consult Jas Townsend, or does someone have a good idea?
bring honey for sweeten things. If you have a little flour and various other things you can even bake something on a campfire.

Also we once made doughnuts on campfire too and somewhere I have a recipe for a cake made in a cauldron
Yes, everything would be baked in a fire.

I had good results with a clay pot and maybe I can afford my dutch oven this year.

Doughnuts are a mess, takes lots of lard. And I am not comfortable heating that much grease over an open flame. But they ARE delicious when fresh!

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Old thread

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100% in love with this coordinate.
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She reposted it after baaaawleting so here it is again, in all its ita glory

The old one reached it's limit. Let's continue here.

Old thread: >>8847831
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Maybe delete this and start with a better picture

New thread; old one in autosage. Please refer to the previous thread while it is still up: >>8836148

These anons still need help:
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Not sure which legion you need specifically but you can easily find the backpatches on etsy and ebay.

Meetups are generally arranged specific to the con you are attending. Usually you discuss with the anons in thread on a time/date that works for the majority. Personally I've never gone to a meetup but I know that sometimes anons will go drinking in the evening (this is usually a secondary meetup though since it excludes anons who are under the drinking age).

You will have to choose if you'd rather have the hood look good when up, or if you'd rather the mask looked good. If you cut along the dotted lines, yes, the hood would lay better, however the mask will likely curl/flop over on the sides that are no longer attached since it is not secured in place anymore. I am not sure what you mean by putting an elastic in the back of the hood - do you mean behind the mask? Yes, that would help it fit closer to your face, but it also would defeat the purpose of cutting along the dotted lines to make the hood lay better when the mask is up. You would also be adding unsightly stitching to the front of the mask. Unfortunately you can't have the best of both worlds with something like this.

If you are bringing this to a con then your scissors may be confiscated even if the blades are dull and stuck together. That being said you could make your own out of a variety of materials such as foam, sintra, or even cardboard.

I google image searched "durag cap pattern" and found a couple patterns that you could modify. Link below is a tutorial on how to sew one:

Cardboard, expanding foam and papermache. EVA foam would also work if you spackle the seam and seal it.

Why not use a stiffer fabric like organza and stitch the pleats?
What gauge of wire would you use for fairy wings? I made a pair last year and they were really beautiful but they couldn't really stand up under their own weight because the wire I used was too light. I'd be covering the wings with tulle, organza or another similar light weight fabric. And possibly adding some silk flowers as embellishment.

I did some googling but most of what I saw was for little girl wings and suggested using old coats hangers.
Could use some assistance, I'm looking for a blouse to go with a Yolonda Skirt and Cape, it'd be great if I could find a decent quality one in black and one in white. Especially if they can go with other things. She has a nice Meta coat and an IW skirt, as well as some other miscellaneous stuff, but I want to help her build her wardrobe up.

Old one archived
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I have weird skin where my t-zone is super greasy while my cheeks are normal. The area around my mouth also has discolored patches that I can cover up with concealer but makes me look like I have a permanent mustache when I don't have makeup on. What would you guys suggest me use? I've been trying CC cream and brightening products for my weird mouth area for a couple months but I haven't been seeing results so far.
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night regime.png
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My current night regime!
Can anyone recommend something over the counter for rosacea? I tried prosacea for 2 months and it didn't improve at all. Should i just go to a dermatologist?

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A-kon 27 is just around the corner! (Or, it's five months away.)
Is anyone attending who's never been? Are you ready for the return of Yaya?
Are we ready for another year of pulled fire alarms from the edgy teenagers or for another guy to beat the hell out of some firefighters and a cop while tripping Acid?
I sure am!
What's your favorite part about the upcoming Anatole storm?
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I'm debating going to run an artist alley table, if they haven't sold those yet. Otherwise, fuck A-kon. I'll never return to it for pleasure, burned too many times.
I'm excited for the overwhelmed Denny's.
It's only January.

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Lets put together an ultimate list of all the stuff that you should AVOID, and steer clear from, in order to be the most acceptable and morally-correct lolita you can be:

According to /cgl/, these things are forbidden:
Messy/Unwashed Hair
Bad Wigs
Having Piercings other than ears
OTT Sweet
Bringing your child to the meet
Being a weaboo
Living at home
Doing drugs
Having a clothing fetish
Wearing replica
Not wearing makeup
Using your natural hair
Unshaved body hair
Being male
Mixing normie and lolita clothes in the same coord
Wearing lolita to work/normie occasions
Having a patreon
Being a mod for a lolita comm
Photoshopping your pics
Pretending to be Asian
Circle lenses
Colored contacts
Kitty ears headbands
Wearing headphones outside
Trying to turn your meet into anime club
Shopping at wal-mart for anything
Talking about other lolitas
Being fat (over 200lbs / 90kg)
Being too tall (over 5'8'' / 173 cm)
Being over age 26
Offering to buy food for your whole meet and then complaining that nobody but you paid

Anything i'm missing?
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The piercings thread really rustled your jimmies huh?
Dude, there's a sweet thread up right now praising OTT sweet...
People always says its kawaii vomit or borderline ageplay, i'd say its decently controversial

Old thread >>8849646

I want to take a moment to thank everyone that contributes to these threads. I just had my first AA and it went well, in part due to all the great advice I got here. Cheers!

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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AWA artist's alley registration is open today. It doesn't close until May 1st. I hate having to wait so long to find out if I've been accepted or not.
That is a ridiculously long registration period. Is that normal for awa?
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Just finished a print. Feedback is cool.

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So how was lagc??? was it shit like always?
Who going to midlands MCM and super comic con.
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At least link back to the previous thread knob jockey
>can't figure out how continuation threads work

Yea, sure.
There's the last thread you should have linked back to you fucking moron - >>8820963

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here we go
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File: image.jpg (56KB, 250x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pls explain

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I'm looking to make a kokoshnik and have no idea where to begin. I've tried looking online but cannot find a decent tutorial. I've found half decant ones translated from Russian but made of paperboard, candy wrappers and paper. I'm looking for something a little higher brow.
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And troll-chan continues the shitposting

And everytime, mods are only a bunch of retards who can't do their job... Or don't want to.
How is this post not appropriate?
This falls under sewing and prop-making, craftsmanship tools/materials tools and tutorials and discussing accessories.

What do you think about proposing at conventions? Sweet or tacky? Share stories or videos of proposals you've seen, or what you would do if you were proposed to at a convention.
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Pretty cringe desu
Two happened at Katsu

and a marriage

the marriage looked like normies who were jutst using the gazebo. It was kind of sweet actually. The con clapped for them.

Then I saw a rapunzel and eugene get engaged in the gazebo about 20 minutes later. She looked so thrilled.
someone on my facebook shared a story about some guy proposing to his girlfriend when they cosplayed link and zelda. they won a cosplay competition because of it even though their cosplays apparently sucked. a bit of a cheap move but whatever.
i'm not a fan of public proposals in general so cosplay ones are especially cringe.

Salutations, thought maybe a RWBY thread should happen seeing the season finale just happened and well,
a lot of people are probably emotionally disabled right now.

So a thread to discuss
our feelings, theories, cosplays and all that jazz~
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so what happened in it and were any cool designs released since when I left off at Cinder's crew's appearance
Wouldnt mind seeing someone try battle form Ironwood.

In regards to the series im pretty mad about Pyrrha .
You mean, Iron Daddy ;)

what kindof chuunibyou LARP'ing did you do before you knew any better that causes you the most embarrassment thinking about it today?
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I thought this was a Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai based LARP thread at first.

Um, my friends and I used to play pokemon trainers as kids... not really embarrassing, sorry. I got nothing.
In middleschool a group of friends and i used to pretend to be hetalia characters i was south korea
haha don't feel bad. i was hoping this thread could be like some form of cathartic release as we admit to ourselves our most embarassing moments and accept the fact that we all were, at one point, immature lame-brains

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People wear Lolita to cosplay events, does that mean what I think it means?
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nah they probably want to show off
People wear casual clothes to cosplay events, does that mean what I think it means?
Yes, they're cosplaying background characters.

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