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Does anyone use snapchat? I thought it'd be a good way to share costume progress/con experiences/new hauls.
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snapchats only last for up to 10 seconds and stories only last for 24 hours though. using instagram, tumblr, or another way to share photos is much more effective.
Snapchat is more casual though, compared to the careful composition that goes into photos posted on Instagram and tumblr. It puts less pressure on how much attention your pics will receive, and I feel like it's more personal.
snapchat is also more personal though. from my experience, people don't like to give out their snapchats (unless their patreon patrons paid for it) even if people can only view their story.
it could have potential to pick up a little pace as a way to share con experiences but insta and tumblr will trump it for costume progress, ootd, and haul pictures.

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Lolita/J-Fashion mall finds:
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Don't do this...any of this. Just...no
M-maybe this is for menhera?
Not even going to lie; I'm so thirsty for a local source of loliable things I'd buy this in a heartbeat. K-kill me.

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Anyone else here wear costume items to a convention, not for attention but moreso to get into the spirit of the con?

When reading cgl threads it feels there are two types of cosplayers (good and shit). While mostly true, do you think there is a third group?

I think there is another group of individuals who go to a con that dress up not necessarily to show off and gain attention but mainly to get in the spirit of the con and wear something a little bit different.

You see these people all the time that wear a single piece of a costume (like a simon jacket) and an accessory. They'll do stuff like wear a Kimono, a karate gi,dress up in a three piece suit or just wear a brightly colored wig.

I don't consider these people bad cosplayers on account that the individuals who do this sort of single article wearing don't actively search for photographers, book photoshoots, enter gatherings and most of their pictures are either selfies or at con antics where the costume is not the subject.

is there anyone on cgl that does this sort of thing and if not what do you think? Are people having harmless fun or is it just a new wave of casuals?
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I think that woman has a dick.
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I have a lot of anxiety about crowds, but it seems to lessen in costume or lolita, so I've started doing this on Sunday of conventions. (Or Friday, too, at really small cons where things don't start til Friday evening.) I'll wear just a wig and a t-shirt related to the character, or something bought and easy to put on, or accurate cosplay of more normie clothes. It helps me feel less anxious, but I don't have to stop and fix things and no one takes my picture, so I can just wander dealers' halls or ask for photos myself.
Only got shit for it once in person:
>in Orphan Black group, anyone who knows the show would know the character seeing the group
>ask a really mediocre Shulk cosplayer for a photo
>literally acrylic painted cargo shorts and a cardboard Monado, but I love Shulk
>he immediately asks if I'm here with my kid
>explain I'm in low-key cosplay for the night
>shulkbro gets really derisive about Real Cosplay and says people won't recognize me, "people shouldn't even wear closet costumes it's sooo lazy"
>mention our group's been stopped multiple times already, and also I really know what I'm doing in costume
>"suuure you do"
>ok bro, walk away, whatever

>next day
>wearing elaborate armor costumes with huge props
>shulkbro approaches, wearing the same shit, freaking out, asks for pic
>pose for him
>casually mention "oh, you saw me yesterday!"
>show him pic of orphan black group
>he just stares
>then fucking runs
>Orphan Black
Good taste. Karma is a bitch, and shulkbro got what he deserved.

Just unlimited kek works.
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Isn't this one of the Ryan Kopf conventions?

Unfortunately. This either means he's a dumbass and double booked or that he admitted that midwest doesn't need the dealer's hall and is going to move back into the hotel only.

Either way this is hilarious.
Yeah, it's a Kopf-con.

Aw man. I know people usually go to ACen and AMW who've gone to Exxotica before, but to have it on the same weekend and con space is lulzy.

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Anyone have those older pictures of that couple that did Rin/Kakashi a while back? (boob in face picture(s)
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Does anyone consider you a weirdo because you wear lolita/cosplay?
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Sure is Quiet in this thread
Yes of course! But do I care for the opinions of uncultured swines?

Probably not.

Old thread >>8843741

Sweet lolita >>8853181
Gothic lolita >>8847831
Bodyline >>8814807
Closet of Frills >>8853727
Dream dress >>8848329
Oldschool >>8816742
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Social media >>8836853
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BST >>8849295
Handmade lolita >>8823500
Dress close ups >>8846844

Lolita Guidebook
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Boystyle >>8837877
Is anyone else getting the add for 'Hello Bones Jones'?
for some reason I decided to visit fa and it was horrible. cleanse me gulls

So is Con-nichiwa finally dead? I see that Sabo is getting more announcements but it seems like nothing has come out of Con-Nichiwa at all.
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They'll probably keep the same layout, cafes, and guests from last year. Sabo is the big money maker.
Sabo just announced Ladybeard so I guess that is were all the money is going.
didn't they announce some cosplayer from Washington? It came up in my feed as an ad today but I'm not sure how old that is (plus I don't exactly recognize their work)

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what are some of your favorite cosplay Instagrams? preferably ones that aren't lots of costests
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Lady_Licorice posts a lot of pics of her sewing progress and almost no costests. She's currently making a Sakizou costume and it looks amazing.
yeah I'm actually a big fan of her work. her dresses are beautiful.

ettellecos and december_wynn are actual cosplay goals.
cifera and japespr1te are some of my favorites

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Working on a bigger cosplay and I'd love some inspiration.

Everything from mascot costumes, mecha-cosplays, Godzilla monsters, show me your favourites!
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I've always wondered what sort of fabrics were best to skin these larger cosplays.
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Some of my favs
File: image.jpg (89KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Post em
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Still would
Yeah sorry OP, she's still hot AND pretty talented. Try Nigri and Han instead.
Nice vendetta.

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Is it possible to set up hotel reservations for Anime Expo yet? I allegedly got put on a waiting list back in August, but I haven't heard anything from them since. I don't even know which hotel(s) are attached to/within walking distance of the convention center.
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The hotel block doesn't seem open yet anon. But keep in mind if you're going with friends that the hotels will apparently now be doing wristbands. http://www.anime-expo.org/hotel-booking-policies/
None of the hotels are connected or really even super close to the con, but it shouldn't really matter because AX provides a shuttle service you can take back and forth from the con as long as you have a badge.

Will I just have to walk and/or take a taxi to go to the con to actually get my badge and stuff the day before it starts? That sucks, but I guess it can't be helped.
I'm honestly not 100% sure, the shuttle may run on day 0. (It did a few years ago and was a life saver) But otherwise, yeah.

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Anyone got one to share (from either a staff member OR a attendee POV it doesn't matter)

The only one I can think of is a security guard at AX losing his shit at a girl for standing outside the dealer's hall (when it wasn't even that crowded) and then threatening to kick her out of the con when she started walking to get away from him and he took it as her ignoring him
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I went to a small con by myself. I spent time wandering around and people watching because my friends weren't there yet. A man from security accosted me 3 times and asked me why I was passing by so often. It was like he'd never seen an adult woman alone before. I had to pass by his table to go to the bathroom and he would say something to me or try to make eye contact every time he saw me, even when I was with my friends who showed up later.
Not really a horror story, but he made me uncomfortable.
Someone a year++ ago confirmed that he was hotel staff and that at a convention (dragoncon?) They had to bring in hazmat suits because a room was entirely caked in fecal matter (tv, bed, ceiling fan, etc)

People called bullshit until he posted his hotel badge and credentials lmao
Bump because this kind of thing is highy interesting to me.

Only thing I've ever had happen was this one time when I was in a line and a staffer (some volunteer fuck, not one of the real staff) started yelling at us to "GET AGAINST THE WALL", like we were convicts or some shit. It didn't matter that we were standing real close to the wall, and weren't impeding anyone or anything. Oh, no. We HAD to be all up on that wall like lizards before they were satisfied.

If you tell a volunteer to go fuck themselves, does that usually result in a ban? 'Cause that's what I plan on doing if it ever happens again.

Dragon Age? Dragon Age!
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>starts thread
>contributes nothing
>not even a relevant OP image

>OP image Cullen and Sera
Bitch, do you Inquisition?

Old thread >>8764417

>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Cosplay is discouraged, because then it's basically fanart of your character.
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie or commission, NOT fanart.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>You should actually be wearing your coord, not "Draw me in X!"
>Have fun!
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>those who haven't been drawn yet from last thread

Come on gulls give me something to draw

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