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Cosplay pics from Katsu
No fire talk, no flood talk, just pictures and picture requests
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gonna get the ball rolling by stealing shit from tumblr
Here is some shots from my phone. Let me know if they are still to big. I only shrunk them 50%.

Valentine's Day edition
Old thread >>8854522

Sweet lolita >>8853181
Gothic lolita >>8847831
Classic lolita >>8851037
Closet of Frills >>8853727
Coord Help >>8835695
Dress close ups >>8846844
Dream dress >>8848329
Handmade lolita >>8823500
Lolita substyles >>8856970
Oldschool >>8816742
Online comms >>8853307
Lolita comms >>8844414

EGA/Aristocrat >>8729403
Boystyle >>8837877
BST >>8849295

Lolita Guidebook
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Reposting from last thread.

Is there any way to temporarily deflate a petti? I got my Bunny House petti and it's really huge, but it's too big for some of my dresses.

I don't want to remove layers because I like having a ton of poof for some of my dresses, but foe the more toned down ones, I want less
Bunny House pettis deflate after a while, just give it some time
vacuum seal it in a bag and submerge in warm water

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Didn't realize I was hitting the post limit. Last thread >>8790291

Brands/Models List (WIP):

FAQ(WIP): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-7rG9uqr-qHej3zqML5zfFXcZCA1p_aKkyFfunvN-Bo/pub

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine:
(Watch this if you're new to Larme)
WARNING: Narrator is annoying. We know.

Now with 100% better spelling.
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Reposting to new thread. Risa BonBon collab dump incoming.

I think a lot of people will find it boring, but I fucking love black and white so I am drooling from just the few glimpses I've seen.

Image dump coming.
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Chocolate dresses are my favorite, but I haven't actually put a coord together for one yet.
Can we post cute chocolate coords for inspiration?
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Could we have a Cult Party Kei thread? I never see it posted, and I am in need of some new content, if anyone can share any pictures. Also, any resources such as blogs, shops, general inspo, etc would be cool! Even share your coords if you have any!

Do you feel like CPK is a dying trend?
What are your favorite parts of it, and what are you sick of seeing?
What do you think people get wrong when they attempt CPK?
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Let's play a game! Post to roll and build your coord.
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oh shit
Hard mode: Lolibrary is down fucking kek

>>8843282 old thread
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This seems like a polarizing coord, i thought i should love it or hate it but actually i dont feel anything. It fits her theme i guess.
You should take this to the lolita general or the help thread. This is for posting and commenting on coord photos.

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Hello dear seagulls

After the Christmas event, some of us were talking about a White Day gift exchange, so here it is !
(I'm not a part of the Santa event)

I want to add some new rules:
1*- You must ship the gifts with a valid TRACKING NUMBER (for prevent trouble and have a proof you've sent it)
2* - You must put a link to your feedback (Ebay, Lacemarket, for example) on the registration form. This will keep private.
3* - If you "grinch" someone, you will be permabanned from this event.

You can join the CGL White Day between 23/January to 31/January
I'll assign your giftee between 1st January - 4th January
You have until 14/March to send your gifts (please do as soon as you can, preferably before 31th of February)
If you want to leave the event, or modify your registration, send me an email BEFORE the 31th of January.

Further questions: WhiteDayCGL(a)outlook.com
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If you want to participate, please fill this registration form before 31 / January
Could you maybe create a google form or a basic question list like the Santa anons?
Something like:
1.Name and Address
3.Interests (favorite brands, favorite colors/themes, husbando, preferred items)
4.Allergies/extreme dislikes
5.Open to international (yes/no)

I feel like those were questions/issues that came up for the Christmas one fairly frequently.
I think setting one price bracket would be good, but allowing multiple and putting that with the questions would also be a good idea.

If you'd like more help, I'd be willing to work on organizing things, too. You/we should try to get fb from the Santa anons as far as potential problems/grinches.
Also, requiring tracking will probably eliminate intl. for a lot of people.
Here again. Please ignore my post.

Any lolitas with hair dyed unnatural colors? Matching your hair to your coords can be pain in the ass sometimes. Post good, bad and ugly coords. Wigs are welcomed unless it's pastel vomit twintails. Bonus points for neon colors.
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Too bad the thread will be ruined by people going ugu cant wear something I dislike in lolita.
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Dumping what I have
File: img_7937-0.jpg (343KB, 1000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I used to be big into j-fashion. Since then i've changed my appearance (quite a bit). I have a septum & eyebrow ring and shaved eyebrows. Getting back into some fashions, I'm afraid I'll be judged harshly based on this.

What are your opinions on piercings/body mods in jfashion? What are some jfashions where piercings are acceptable?

(pic not me, but related)
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well as long as your eyebrows don't look as shit as hers
i think she looks very cute except for how messy her eyebrows are
I think it's 2edgy shit. Take that shit out- at least for photos- if you're doing a cutesy fashion. I think you can get away with it for less cutesy styles (gothic lolita, pastel goth if that's still a thing, etc). If you don't want to remove your piercings (understandable, some people's holes fill in faster), just cover. Your eyebrow ring can be covered with a wig with long bangs. Maybe trade out your regular big, neon nosering for a little pink stud. I'm not sure what you can do about a septum piercing. It clashes with a lot of styles.

Why the fuck do you have shaved eyebrows, though? Or are they just shaved and you draw them in? Latter is normal. Formal got you looking like L from Death Note.
She's pretty cute, though the pic on the left is awful. I think larme could work with certain piercings, and menhera/gurokawa definitely could.

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Post 'em if you have them. This was my first Cosplay for G-Fest XXI, and I find more shit wrong with it.
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God dammit...
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Lord forgive me.
Baby's first con and baby's first cosplay. Made with costume satin. Complete with braces with green rubber bands on them, and black tights stretched over flip flops cuz apparently boots weren't a better idea.
I don't think we actually ever figured out where my friend's costume was from. We just ordered it because she looked like the character we saw in the photos on eBay.
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whydidido this.jpg
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baby first con and cosplay

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Hey gulls, kind of like a progress thread, but let's see your earliest coord you have a photo of in comparison to your latest/greatest.
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An early coord with my first brand dress vs a recent one. Neither is perfect but I like to think I've come-a-ways since then.

Also my first self post, please be gentle.....
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BeFunky Collage.jpg
2MB, 2290x2400px
First coord 2-3 years ago. Very Ita bodyline... now AP everything but still a WIP.

Also first self post. Be gentle to a lurking gull.
Honestly, the "be gentle" shit is unnecessary and cringey. Both of you have made a good amount of progress, although (perhaps personal nitpick, I hate most white shoes over black/dark tights).

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Old Thread: >>8799642

>Any of you guys working on any cosplays?
>See any good ones at cons recently?

I'll do a tag dump shortly to give the thread some life.
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i admire the work it took to make all those curls, but they just look so stiff and un-hairlike. her dress and sword look incredible though, and im not bashing her cosplay. i think doing barrel curls with a large curling iron might give some good results- but it could just be my personal preference, since thats the route im planning on taking with my rose wig.
starting dump

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Deadpool is opening this week and will likely break a few box office records. Fans and casual movie goers who never knew about him are also loving the movie.

Are you ready for the influx of Deadpools at cons that will follow the movie's release?
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Prepare for that and closet cosplay Deadpool

even though it was just a shitty joke costume for 30 seconds
>Are you ready for the influx of Deadpools at cons that will follow the movie's release?

honestly, i dont think its going to be any different than how it is now. ive been good at ignoring that shit so its not going to affect me.

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