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This is a famous drag queen's take on a few cartoons from the 90s. Thoughts? How do you like it??


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My Queen.
Can't wait to see her eeveelutions.
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I hope it doesnt reach the uncanny valley level of this abominations

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I don't know if we've had a thread like this, but a con I'm going to soon has photo ops with some of my favorite people. I want to come up with a great pose. So can we have some funny or cute or special or ________ poses that might be nice to try.
Im especially interested in 2somes and 3somes, but moresomes are fine too! Thanks in advance cgl.
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Obligatory Jojo poses
Anyone got any stormtrooper poses besides standing at attention or aiming the gun. Scout troopers in particular
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you called.jpg
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I'm in a stage makeup class and our final is to replicate an existing character design. Any ideas for cosplay with complex makeup? SPX is ok.

Also, general cosplay makeup thread.
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Mello from Death Note has some scarring
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I had a lot of fun doing HJ makeup on my boyfriend, if you have a male model you could do that. Other borderlands characters too btw.

Surprised there's no thread yet, little over 3 months away! Who's going? What're your plans?

I've never been to Colossal myself, what can I expect anons? Any suggestions? I'm looking forward to it regardless.
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The con itself is kinda meh, the selling point is the water park. There are always way too many photographers and a long wait/overcrowding in good photo area.
I kinda figured, anyone know how the game room is?
I have a blast but that's because the waterpark. The con has some decent panels but I don't go to that many. Bringing some Bloodborne costumes with us.
Game room is pretty nice although it depends on what you play like most.
I usually fuck with them outside by getting in their shots.

So I couldn't go due to work and $. What's going down thus far?
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>starting a new thread for this when there's already a florida thread
Did you even try to look?
Actually i searched for a Pensacon thread rather than a FL thread and didn't find one. So, yes, I did look but clearly didn't search the right term.
>Thread on 4chan about a con in my city

Holy shit.
Is this real life?

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Otakon thread. What cosplays do you plan on bringing?

You DID take advantage of the free badge with Omakase deal, right?
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I'm going.
What deal is that?
Omikase is like the monthly subscription box but for anime items with original stuff. They were having a deal where if you subscribed, you get Otakon badge for $35 . They did that because they took a bad hit in attendance last year of -20%(34k to 27k)

I know a few people that did take advantage of it but the hotel, heat and crowd isn't really worth it anymore. I'll just wait till it moves location
yeah i imagine the price is starting to piss people off. But i dont want it to move, i live in Baltimore so it can stay.
So your not going?

Whatever happened to Kipi?
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Dunno but I miss her in a nostalgic way. I miss the times when Kipi and Arisa were the deal.
it was a simpler time when tits weren't super important. even yaya didn't have em
Also every cosplay didn't need to have armor+wings+leds+four legs+big ass sword etc.

/3/ here, I'm playing around with Marvelous Designer and I wanted to know where to get Sewing Patterns?

I tried Pintrest and goggle but I don't get much.
I was interested in stuff like this:
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shi-shi-shi-shitpost combo breaker
Please anon, us slow boards need to stick together

Hi guys, I have a question, does anyone of you have a complete/incomplete template for Spider Gwen costume? I want to make my first cosplay so I'm very new to all of this, I can draw just fine and I will draw my own version but I want to see some templates like this beforehand so I can understand how this works.
Thank you in advance
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go to help thread plz
Just fuckin Google sub dye patterns or make your own fucking pattern through references.
It isn't that hard.

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Let's say you could organise the convention of your dream, what would you do? What would you want to do better than other events you've visited so far? Who would you want to invite? What would be your goals? What activieties would you want to create?

If you could choose one convention to run from now on, which one should be it and why?
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rather than discussing this I'd rather you kill yourself for making this shit thread
Only lolita threads are allowed to live
I'd offer everyone free crab legs.

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He's at it again guys. When will this kid quit whining?
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holy shit this response made me laugh so fucking hard. I'm happy to see that there at least SOME honest and straightforward people on coscom still.
But where's Jason?
Woah, people still use Coscom?

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I'm preemptively creating a thread for all 2 of us who are going to this.

At least the weather should be nice for the event.
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holo wag.gif
1MB, 500x500px
I must be number 2. This is my first zipcon. I just finished up my Holo costume so I'm excited to wear it! If you see me say hi.

Will do! I don't think I'm going to head down until around noon. I only live 15 minutes away, but nothing in the morning really struck my interest.
Now I'm trying to figure which one of us 10 adults made this thread. The rest of the con was all middle schoolers.

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cgl, im a figure skater and have desperately wanted to do a program in a (wearable) dress, but i havent seen anything with figure skaters in it.
drop your favorite figure skating girls or cosplayers!
pic related: im an overall skinny girl with muscular legs, and i already cosplay. and i dont suck at skating. (for those who need reference, i can almost do a double flip.)
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Bodyline has an Elsa and Anna costume that looks like itll be wearable for skating (short and light) http://bodyline.jp/en/costume822.html
File: skating2014.jpg (21KB, 800x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i meant canon figure skaters, plus i already skated to let it go, pic related. but ill keep these in mind for a showcase! thanks!
Kill yourself troll-chan! :3

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Good or bad?
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Go canon or go home
Harder to be good but nothing fundamentally wrong with them. Not kk if used as an excuse to pull shit from your closet like a lazy asshole.

Example of good would be like the Shoomlah Disney princess designs

Bad is any 'goth hottopic' lazy version of character
usually bad,rarely good, it depends on A LOT of factors (character,theme,design,etc.)

Forgive me if this is way old news, but I just went to JoAnn for the first time in months and was boggled by all the nerdy licensed fabrics. A dozen bolts of different Dr. Who, obviously a ton of Marvel and DC, Zelda, even Walking Dead (that one was a bit of a head-scratcher). I thought it was really neat, but I had no idea what I would use any of them for.

So, ITT: cosplays/coords/clothes/etc. made with licensed fabrics? Preferably ones that don't suck?
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but I made a dice bag from the a Marvel licensed print from JoAnn. Nothing fancy, but its impressed a lot of people when I pull it out.
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You could use them to line garments or make tote or drawstring bags with for carrying things at cons.

Pic related would be cute with some fandom fabric.
>dice bag
you giant fucking nerd

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