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Let's talk about rereleases!

With all these rereleases, special sets and MTOs, what do you wish to be rereleased?
What do you think will come next?
Which dresses need to be rereleased already?

Imo, I think another round of Misty Sky might come our way or maybe Romantic Rose Letter and we really need Cat's Tea Party, Elizabeth Bride of Death and Chess Emblem.
Let's pray for the miracle that is a rerelease of the Kuragehime dress.
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I'd love to see another Vampire Requiem re-release. In 2013 I think it was re-released, and Vampire Nocutune was released last year. So maybe next year, it'll get another re-release. Vampire prints tend to be released every other year.
Cat's tea party won't be rereleased. I don't think anyone actually likes the print, they just like how exclusive the dress is.
I really love the print, and I think a lot of people will agree. It won't be re-released though because it came out as a MTO.

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heidi klum.jpg
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Does anyone have any examples of a really good Multi-arm cosplay? any so-so? any horrible?

What makes a notably good Multi-arm cosplay? what makes a notably bad one?

list of things to avoid? (ex: visible strings?) things that seem to work best?
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Since last one got pushed to its death.

Hanami season is soon !

>do you plan on dressing up for hanami ?
>any new thing in your tansu ?
>how do you cope with current weather in kimono ?
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has anyone ever gotten or heard anything about the Uniqlo yukatas?
the one on the left in pic related is the only time where i've ever seen it worn
I almost bought one yeah, I've seen them irl at the store. Them seem pretty well made and iirc they were on the longer side (165cm ?) so they might be a good option for people around 170cm tall. They came with a matching obi and a little explanation on how to put them on too.
They are pretty good, but as you may expect from the relatively cheap price, the cotton isn't very soft and the inside of the fabric looks a little white-ish. Good value though.

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For people who wear more than 1 jfash style:
>what styles did you pick
>if your styles are wildly different, how did you make it work?

For people who wear jfash daily:
>do you still have normie clothes
>how did you downsize your normie clothes collection

discuss anything and everything regarding changing out your wardobe
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>What styles did you pick
I wear sweet lolita and ouji.

>If your styles are wildly different, how did you make it work?
Well considering most of my sweet wardrobe is pastels, I did have to make up the majority of my ouji wardrobe from scratch. Sans a pair of pumpkin pants I own from precious clove, but eh. I wear ouji on a more regular basis than lolita because I find it easier to wear and can make it work casually with my normal wardrobe because I've always had kinda edgy-ish clothes. Plus brand cutsews are super cheap secondhand.

I really wanna build up a gurokawa wardrobe, but I have no idea where to start. Seems funny seeing as I can wear lolita in public, but I feel like I'd bitch out wearing it in public and just put something else on so I don't see much point in buying it.
>Seems funny seeing as I can wear lolita in public, but I feel like I'd bitch out wearing it in public and just put something else on so I don't see much point in buying it

I have this exact same problem, anon! I wear classic lolita so usually it's just "oh are you in a play?" or "you remind me of Mary Poppins!", but I feel like if I wore menhera, I'd freak people out or come off as an edgelord. It might be easier on you if you live in a city where there are people who dress very differently already.
Jfashion guro prints are usually a lot more tame/subtle compared to what is offered in the west by alternative fashion brands. My boyfriend wears a shitton of old Iron Fist shirts with realistic painted nude woman with organs hanging out and nobody bats an eye even in our small village. I don't think it will be a big deal unless you go OTT with Kreepsville accessories.

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Hey gulls
Con season is rolling around again and I am hype for MAGfest, but I'm starting to feel a little weird and self conscious about going. I'm 32, have a corporate job and find myself passing on parties so I can get to sleep and not be a total wreck for the next day.
When I meet up with other nerds, I feel super out of place. I love going to cons and getting to really indulge in the silly nerd shit I love, but at what point am I the creepy old dude at a con? I love going, but don't want to overstay my welcome, as it were. Anyone else deal with these types of feelings?
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Do people wnjoy your company? If so you're set. If not, you may be getting out there. Loads of popular cosplayers are hitting 30, so age isn't as much of an issue as personality and time.
I've been finding that I feel less out of place/old when I go to conventions that aren't anime focused. Gaming, comic, and sci-fi conventions tend to have an older crowd.
There's no age too old for cons and cosplay, but I believe in aging gracefully. I plan on making costumes for my children one day instead of mainly for myself and letting them take the fun spotlight.

Animal crossing cosplay thread!
From amazing to hideous, post what you have!
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Has anyone ever done a group AC cosplay where everyone is a mayor and they're all dressed differently?
It's just so boring seeing smash villager over and over.
I did a Vesta cosplay but have a few crappy pics because I didn't had a proper camera yet and my "Photographer" isn't really good ;_;

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Anyone going to AOD this year? They've moved (again) to the Santa Clara Convention Center and I'm wondering if it's worth it to go this weekend (2/13-2/14).
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I'm going to be in the area for business so i'm going to check it out to see what its all about. I'm from out of state/.
Going cuz they are bring in interesting guests this year.
Guests are decent and AOD is a pretty decent local con

I'll be in the AA as P4D Naoto one day and Jyushimatsu the other!

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Who else is in the waiting room?
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Here for another year of disappointment
same desu
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New general

Old thread: >>8861676

Draw thread: >>8863140
CoF thread: >>8869390
BST thread: >>8849295
Bodyline thread: >>8859383
Comm thread: >>8844414
Online comm thread: >>8853307
Dream dress thread: >>8848329
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I had been really excited when that teaser photo came out but looking at it now I'm just underwhelmed.
I want to like it so much, but it's simply a bad MCD knock-off...
My DD suddenly appeared on LM and my desire for this disappeared.

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Risa Nakamura thread?
Would you go bi or lesbian for her?
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I think she herself is pretty but can't stand her ugly nymphet shit, so overall I wish she'd gtfo.
I think she is pretty but I don't see any individuality in her style

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No bad cosplay thread? Post the worst you have.
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Holy shit whats with the duster wig??
this just makes me sad

Old one autosaged.
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Did she just hot glue a chunk of lace to her shoes?
what the fuck am i looking at
...omg she did....why...

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Old one hit the image limit. >>8828677

Post good sweet lolita coords.
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I killed the last one so let's keep going.
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there's nothing good about this
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anything EMCP

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Because we haven't had one in a while.

Post pics we haven't seen a billion times pls, and side character cosplays are most appreciated.

Self posts are welcome. I wanna see fellow LoZ cosplaying gulls as long as you label it a self post.

Post all the Linkles as well.

No drama.
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Has there been a God tier Linkle yet?

I can only find rushed ME FIRST ones.
Black Linkle.

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