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post em cuties!
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I have this one, and every time I use it I bless my sweet mother for taking it with her from her family home. The seams are beautifully mechanical, and the feeling of sewing with it is the best.
Which do you prefer, electrical or mechanical machines and why? I'm getting a new machine soon and I'm not sure if I should get an electrical one.

Share witchy lolita and j-fashion!
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Didn't see one in the catalogue, so starting one with this fine piece of attention whoring.
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Still looks better than a hjiab.
Not really
hijab make people look like egg-heads no offense,
this at least has a vintage feel to it

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What purchases have you regretted or have provided horror story fuel for you?

>that cheap Milanoo lolita?
>the contact lenses from that shady website?
>buy a wig that the shop never sent months later?
>your package of kawaii clothes filled with foreign spiders?
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Holy lantern
Sell it! It's an easy sell atm if you aren't greedy.
Old one but it's made me wary of buying from other people.

>see a pair of Jfashion shoes on ebay
>they're used but look in great condition
>I win the auction for them at $20 which was way less than the seller wanted for their Buy It Now price
>seller promises shoes will arrive in 5 days
>I don't get any tracking number but it's ok because the seller lives in the state above me so I know it won't take long
>5 days come and there's no box with my shoes
>instead I get a letter in USPS envelope with handwritten name/address and no return
>inside is another handwritten note on USPS stationary that says "Found loose on mail floor" or something like that, the cursive was hard to read
>enclosed is a printed out paypal transaction for the shoes I bought

>I immediately think the box with my shoes had some kind of mishap during shipping
>immediately contact the seller and tell her what happened
>she seems baffled and has no idea why USPS sent me a letter
>I ask her for the tracking info to find the shoes
>"The post office didn't give me tracking."
>ask her to call her post office to ask them about it then
>get another excuse and tries to tell me to sort it out myself and call them
>ask her outright what shipping method she got
>"I got flatrate priority mail."
>that includes tracking, why is she saying otherwise?
>she gets defensive and keeps claiming they didn't give her tracking
>she gets mad and posts the receipt to prove they didn't give her tracking

>receipt isn't for a package, it's for a USPS envelope
>same envelope that was mailed to me
>I call her out on her shit, immediately think she's a scammer and threaten to file a claim
>she rages at me and keeps all capslocking that she didn't buy an envelope, she bought a package!
>open a claim with ebay
>she finally produces evidence of a package
>check the tracking on it
>it was marked as undeliverable as addressed and sent back to her
>she some how fucked up my address
>get money back anyway and she keeps the shoes

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ITT: Share your embarassing moments in cosplay/lolita/jfash

Beginning with something that happened today.
>be me, lolita.
>message a girl i havent talked to in some time
>hey just passing by to see if you are doing ok we could maybe hang out in lolita outside this summer i know a nice spot in a big public garden to take pretty pictures and we could have a nice drink and little biscuits
>she doesnt answer
>answers this morning
>"oh hi yes sure i would love ittt"
>Oh great!
>"btw i had a dream of us having sex together last night it was great ////"
>realizes what i just read
>doesnt answer

I might be lesbian but holy shit
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What the actual fuck.
Stay away from her anon.
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desu I'm desperate enough I would take it.

Even if we weren't romantically compatible, a rori fwb that I could court at high tea and fuck through my dorm bed sounds ideal.

When you get all dressed up in your coord or floofy cosplay, don't you just love a good spin?

Share spinning feels, gifs, and stories.
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Let's post pictures of that's great women who contunue to wear lolita even after time they see their first wrinkles
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>subject in the name field

Sorry for your Alzheimer's, obaa-chan
>I kek'd
Does anyone have the pic of sweet ouji dad? I wanted to show my friends but m my googlefu is absolute shit

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>The "Oh shit where did the website go?!" Edition

So Bodyline's website is completely gone. Trying any number of links only comes up with errors.
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Anyone know how long the site has been down?
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rest in fucking pieces

It's not just the standalone site either, their rakuten seems to be completely empty all of a sudden too. Hope none of you gulls placed any recent orders because Yan just took your money and ran
The FB hasn't been updated since Feb, is this truly the end?

We've had quite the amount of these in the past and I don't know if they're still permitted, but in case they are: let's have a friend thread!

>cosplay or lolita (or any other type of jfashion)?
>other hobbies/interests
>fav movies/artists/vidya
>what are you looking/not looking for
>anything about yourself you think is relevant
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They basically always get deleted for being off topic. We're not allowed to be friends.
I know mods generally get their panties in a bunch as soon as people start to exchange contact info of any kind, but still. I'd think this is on topic enough for the board.
Well, the thread's still here, so I guess I'll make the first post.

>cosplay or lolita (or any other type of jfashion)?
>other hobbies/interests
western fashion, vidya, animu, social sciences, rabbits, travel, guro/gore/horror, sports, health, buddhism, trafalgar law
>fav movies/artists/vidya
movies: lotr trilogy
music: sound horizon, lana del rey, fever ray
games: mirror's edge, ib
animu: natsume yuujinchou, mushishi
>what are you looking/not looking for
i'm looking for a lolita mentor of sorts. i long to get back into the fashion (gothic/dark classic, to be more specific) and could use some guidance. i'm -not- looking for romantic relationships
>anything about yourself you think is relevant
currently trying to get my life back on track, and i want lolita fashion to be a part of this. i'm shy and sometimes have a hard time initiating conversations, but i'll try my best.
skype: m-eihua

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wrist cuffs.jpg
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old thread >>8853307

i think scrap this entire project
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Did she make this out of an old slip?
what were the comments?
People were saying they were too long, it was weird that they were plain, and she needed to get a lot better if she wanted to be able to sell them.

Glad people were actually giving someone a dose of reality for once.

Old one has hit the bump limit. Post progress!
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>>8783859 back with glasses (and a hat block, that's the pink thing they're sitting on). Started with shitty $3 eBay sunglasses, cut them up, reshaped them, and soldered them back together. First time soldering, only burned myself once, fuck yeah!
No lenses yet because I'm trying to figure out if they should be orange-tinted to suit the ref image for the particular outfit I'm making, or clear as per his default look. I feel like amber would contrast nicely with all the blue gemstones on the coat.
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Finished my Diego Brando helmet
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Buster Rifle for my Gundam Wing Zero Custom is nearly complete. Needs a few more details, paint, and adding the electronics for the lights in the scope. The two halves are magnetic so it can be split into the two separate rifles.

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Post the prettiest cosplays you've seen
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>simple yet intricate
So do you want simple or intricate

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what's /cgl/'s opinion on using multi density fibre board for prop construction?
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Good but it can be really fucking heavy because of how MDF is formed
It really depends on what you are planning to use it for. I find 8mm thick MDF (or 12mm if you are going tall) to have the perfect balance between strength, weight and most importantly, price. It's also extremely easy to work with when compared to real wood.

However MDF comes with some major downsides. As it basically is compressed and glued together saw dust, it doesn't really allow itself to be filed or sanded down smoothly. This makes adding smooth contours or rounded edges a real pain in the arse when compared to say, alder wood.
MDF also requires a lot of attention when it comes to painting. Degreasing is a must as is using wood stopper considering how MDF absorbs liquids like crazy. Getting an even coat is also next to impossible as the sawn off edges (or filed parts) will retain a noticeable colour difference, even after applying several layers of primer and paint.
Honestly, if you are planning to paint MDF or apply smooth edges you are probably better off covering it with plastidip, foam, wood glue or something and painting that instead. Other than that, MDF is great.
It's also crazy fragile if you're cutting narrow or bevelled pieces. Cerulean Draco largely uses MDF for his props and a number of friends have had his props arrive broken.

And I thought share 4 share is bad
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Holy shit what page is this?
Name and shame op.
Please name and shame.

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