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New thread, old one here >>9207724
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>finish MM true route and extras
>delete app because my heart can't take looking at it
>new feature rolls out

Well, looks like I'm back. Maybe I'll play Yoosung's route..
what's the new feature?
707's UFO.

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Last one reached image limit >>>>9168220

Useful links > http://shironuri-wonderland.tumblr.com/links
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How do I keep my paint from melting off in hot weather?

Youmacon is a little over a month away. Who's ready! Let's get the ball rolling:
>Cosplay plans
>Guests you want to see
>Stories from previous years
>Feelings about it not being a Halloween con this year
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Hopefully will have my Kindred cosplay done by then. Went last year for the first time without cosplaying composting and still had a great time. Even though one of my roomies was being a downer the entire time.
>Feelings about it not being a Halloween con this year

thank god. I love Halloween and I always hated missing out on Halloween stuff.
Still waiting for any new guests or anyone from Japan. Most of the guests were from other cons in the area anyway, pretty disappointed so far

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Old one's saggin
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Somebody tell him to stop
Besides the hair issue, literally nothing in that outfit is the same as the character's.
>why didn't anyone recognize me?! >:(

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Cons in less then a month, anyone else going?
Does anyone think this con will ever get out of it's 2007-2009 anime con phase?
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>In less than a month

It's on the 28th of October. That is more than a month from now friend.

And to anser your question probably not. I mean we'll see, I've written off the con for years, but I'm hoping the move to the convention center will be a good one.
Con is in like 7 weeks anon haha
>haven't even started putting my new cosplay together
I might just rewear ones I debuted earlier this year. I'm excited to see the new location though!
It's about time that the venue moved to the convention center, and I have some pretty high hopes for this year. It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, changes about the atmosphere and demographic.

I'm also praying that the move has killed the glomp circle.

show what you got
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getting some GLB's (54,55 and 21), new boots and fabric
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Slowly trying to replace my wardrobe since I lost a lot of weight.
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All of the Axes Femme.

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Visual Kei thread - kote kei is alive edition
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>UNDER FALL JUSTICE announced a full-length album, Minikui Kyozetsu (醜い拒絶), to be released this year when they joined Starwaves Records in May. That in itself was some pretty exciting news coming from the band, but there’s something extra to look forward to, especially if you like collaborations; included in the album is a very cool sounding cover of La’Mule‘s 2000 hit, Knife (ナイフ), and the special guest collaborator is none other than Kon (紺) himself (the ex-vocalist of the now disbanded La’Mule)! He’ll be lending his vocals to the chorus of the song. Such a guest is fitting for a band who theatrically sings about depressing concepts such as, death, darkness, self-harm, suicide, and many other unpleasant things. You can get a feel for the album by listening to the preview the band recently published.

Absolute and utter hype.
Oshare is a subgenre of visual...that statement is completely contradictory. But still I love oshare kei.

New thread with a subject. Spam those Halloween coords!
Old thread>>>>9239797
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Old one is kill! >>9236891

Post about your feels.

Keep it /cgl/ related. Pointless arguments get these thread deleted.
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My state's cosplay community gets me so fucking salty and I don't know why. It's no different from anywhere else, attention whores are everywhere, but the number of people around here that are so quick to brag is disgusting. Posting about having their costumes recognized by major creators when they didn't even make them, or announcing on facebook that they've been "cast" in a major film when they're working as fucking extras (this has been going around a lot recently thanks to a certain weeby film shooting in my state that every cosplayer who also happens to be an "actor" is clamoring to be part of). I wish I were bold enough to call them out publicly, but I'm not, so I'll just seethe anonymously.

And I normally don't really care about people plugging themselves constantly, so I'm not sure why I'm so irritated by this. Maybe because these people are straight up lying about their accomplishments rather than just being run of the mill self-absorbed. I'll chill out eventually, but damn, guys, come on.
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Hey, it's bath-bomb-kun. I smell really good now, and there was a Gengar toy inside.

Anyone else have good experience buying/selling bath bombs at cons? I've seen character bombs, and people snap them up because they want to smell like Sasuke or whatever.
I used to be friends with a cosplayer and wannabe lolita (we'll call her Alice) who caused me a lot of trouble. No matter how much Alice upset me, I let it slide because I had invested so much time (and money) into our friendship before she started being a huge bitch. She was constantly talking shit about everyone she could, was hungry for fame and attention, but was very lazy.
Finally stopped being friends with her a year ago and I've never felt better. It's like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, the fog in my mind cleared, and the knife was pulled out of my back.
But, now I'm hearing that all the drama and trouble Alice caused me is happening to a mutual friend. This mutual friend is such a nice girl. She's a good cosplayer, wears cute clothes, and is someone to envy, but Alice is being a huge bitch to her. I don't know how to help my friend. She wants to break contact with Alice, but she doesn't have the courage to do it I guess.

Feels good to be free of Alice, but feels bad to hear that Alice is terrorizing a friend of mine...

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Hello,i'm Rosa from belgium and i was wondering if you guys/girls could help me in the making of a Totoro cosplay, i have checked a Adam Savage's build on it and he does gives some good tips,but not really much that can help me especially since i'm a noob at making this,i was thinking of making the tubes out of cheap pvc tubes with a heatgun, you can get at brico or gamma(belgian stores) but i need help with the coating and how to hold it up etc. i hope someone can help me out thank you
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You can probably use electrical tubing for the rings, although bending the rings round with a heat gun will be a pain to deal with. Instead you could do it with a tool made to bend electrical tubing, and make a few degree bend with it every few centimeters. As for how to connect the rings, you can use a fabric ribbon or some duct tape if you're not planning on making this a durable costume. Finally you'll also need a harness of some kind to keep everything on you. Thicker PVC tubes will serve you well and you can easily shape these a bit to fit your body.

As for the fabric, you could probably make it like a sock and let it rest on top of the harness. although to keep the top round you'll probably need to have it rest on something round or buff it up with some foam. The ears can then be attached to it to keep them up right.
Hello most of the things you said are indeed what i was planning cheap electrical tubing i can get easily from the store and the bender i noticed i can get too but they are very expensive i noticed,its mainly measurement problems i will have,as for the fabric idk really where to get it and what to look for,the harness i'm still thinking about and the top itself i was thinking of basing myself of of this person http://imgur.com/a/yJHcF#7nLY8
i have made some measurements based on adam's build i converted his measurements to CM
although adam is a lot smaller then me i am 205cm
so i might have to adapt those measurements a lot i was going to do the paper framework indeed and see how much spacing i really need inside of totoro,should i like be able to spread my arms a lot or just bend and lowerd is enough?
url spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yaLn2ead29SKdaxhLP_QSAZ2LNT2edtFKCB2ZMIgY3E/edit#gid=0

Hello there. As PM is getting close, wondered how many anons are getting there. Anything special there ?

Also, Comic expo, any good ? last one was quite bad, and the price was high for this one, so I passed.
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bump, come on, it's only on a week !

I would be quite interested in story about those who went to the precedent paris manga, and especialy on the security mesure. If you have metal bit's in your costume, is it ok or forbidden ? I don't want to go for nothing.
I'll go to PGW tmmorow, and as there's only 500 cosplayers for 300k visitors, my terrible cosplay will be seen as extremly good

Its laughable. Realy, I don't realy know where are the good cosplayers in french expos
>where are the good cosplayers in french expos
In better conventions mostly.
>Comic expo, any good ?
Comics expo is usually good ; Comic Con was pigshit as usual.
I can't go to Paris Manga next week, but they're usually relatively lax regarding that.

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Ya'll ready for the "feel like on a cruise ship" con?
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It's honestly so fitting that this thread is dead
Lol but I love this shit con.
Same. I'm just pumped for the tea party, bought my ticket last week.

Since I've heard that CP's quality went down, what are currently the best petticoats you can get?
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The quality went down? Shit I literally just ordered one it's coming in three days.
This is something people say about literally every company. You'll be fine.

Picture from last thread with some unanswered questions from the last thread.

>How long do samples of Korean products last for?
>does anyone know of any single products, brands or product lines that don't come in plastic packaging or are made out of 100% recycled materia
>Has anyone tried Missha's BB cream? How does it compare to other brands?
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Looking for setting spray recommendations for greasepaint makeup because the one I have is shit (Graftobian) I have oily skin
I've used Missha's for a long time and now just changed it for Tony Moly's.

Short version:
Tony moly makes my sking too oily and some acne tend to appear two days after using it.

Missha's has a nice cover, but Tony's is better.

Tony's is pretty capable of adapting to my skin, while Missha's always leave me kinda greyish.

That's what I Have to share.
I switched to a high end foundation recently (Lancôme's Teint Idole liquid) and never looked back. It's pricey at $47 a bottle but infinitely better on my oily skin than the mid tier bb creams I've been using

Someone told me they wanted to see my completed Kraft Punk costume. Here it is.
Sorry for faggy snapchat text, a friend took the picture
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