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Gonna bring some over from the old thread
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What are your opinions on OC cosplay? Would you do it? Have you done it? What do you say if someone asks who your character is (or confuses you for another character)? Do you have (or have you seen) any nice looking OCs you'd like to cosplay?

For the record, I'm talking about visually appealing OCs from original material, not horrible DA abominations like pic related, closet/plainclothes cosplay, or wearing a uniform from an existing title and calling it an OC (like people did with AoT).
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I did a Star Wars OC, which I know people do all the time for Jedi and Sith and whatnot.

I wanted to make a spacer/fringer kinda alien dude so I could chill in the background of fanfilms and not obviously be some already established character from in Star Wars.

Meh results. All I got were Han shooting first jokes every hour on the hour because they thought I was trying to be Greedo.

DESU, OC characters only work if you're shooting for something vague like "this is my steampunk character" or "this is my meme superhero gag".
Generally, I'd consider OC cosplay to be more in line with LARP/Historical Costuming than cosplay. To me, cosplay is about showing love for a particular series or character, and if I see you and don't know who your character is, I probably won't say anything to you about your costume.
I find it pretty cringey, most times. Especially when it's like an anime or pony OC, because then it just looks like an excuse for autists to be an even more autistic alter ego of sorts. Plus, cosplay is meant for portraying a particular character and to be recognizable.

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This can't be real.
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sexism towards men doesn't exist though guys.

seriously, wtf?

How do you even check this? What about male characters who cross dress in the anime/manga?
I've seen this article spreading like wildfire on social media.
It's not. Got overturned and the original article it sources is from 2012.

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Didn't see one in the catalog
How much is Cinema Doll OP in Lav going for?
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I still don't see the appeal
Anon, why.
A damaged one is going for 100$ on Y!A right now. Otherwise I think going price is 300$ for the OP at the moment.

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Jesus. At this point I don't even check the lolita tags anymore, I just follow people from the IG threads.

I wanted to see some pictures of some bad or good Pokémon cosplays, whether they be people or actual Pokemon.

I also, since I couldn't find any advice on other sites, wanted some input on how to do the white lines on the Team Skull Grunt outfit. Paint? Sew? Do I customize on some shirt/clothing company and just buy it from there?

Any advice would be fantastic.
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I'm customizing it myself, I can't find a wig of that color though...

Help with that?
Go to the help thread, nice try tho, got me fooled.
I'm not using a wig with my cosplay, personally. At most I'd just spray color my sideburns crudely, but I see no reason with a wig if most of my head is going to be covered with the beanie.

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Rorita Desu Edition
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as much as i am like "what" over her post, I do think we should call "lolita" "rorita".

because I'm tired of finding porn when trying to find other lolitas
I finally got smartphone (slowfag) so what are good lolita apps to get?
seeing how literally no one calls it "rorita" you're just wrong. Add fashion to your search. It's not that hard.

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>Paper Cup Aesthetic Edition
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Link to the OP shirt. Gotta have that 90s Jazz Solo.
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We Memphis style now?

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So AUSA is this weekend, anyone else going? What's everyone's line ups?
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Not cosplaying but I might need someone to chill with. Consider letting this rando chill with ya friend
I'll be there too. I'm actually about to go pick up my badge (I live in the area). No cosplay this time around, but I'm looking forward to it.
Staff-kun here. Look forward to seeing you all.

If you have any question or need any other information, feel free to ask and I'll try to find out.

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Keepin' Fresh on Aliexpress edition

Old Thread >>9202317

Aliexpress a great alternative to ebay, and small order alternative to Taobao.

>Makeup, sex toys, food, and things that go in/on you aren't guarenteed to comply with safety standards
>You won't be able to claim compensation on Aliexpress if products harm you, use your discretion.
>Electronics? Visit >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>Large Order? Check out the Taobao thread >>9210204
>Ask questions and buy at your own risk. Stay savvy!
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Best OP pic.
Anyone have any cute hoodies/sweaters to share? Looking to expand my Fall/Winter wardrobe.
Has anyone ordered any pom pom earrings from ali or ebay? If so, could you link where you got yours from?

A lot of stock photos look like they're made with cheap kids craft pom poms, yet their "worn" pics of girls wearing them look like they're really nice made and a bigger size..

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Does this guy still not talk?
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Mana-sama doesn't need to talk
Why is it that he never speaks in public? Is it just his image or has he got legit mental issues?
Mana's voice is so devine that if it was heard by mortal ears it will make their brain explode.

Can we have a face character costume thread? Because what is Disney thinking with Jasmine's new face character costume?
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Is that supposed to be her winter costume? It's ghastly either way, damn.
Did a team of tranquilized monkeys do the fitting?
Apparently Disney did the recent redesigns to be more culturally sensitive / accurate. I'm ok with that idea but the new outfits look so cheap and poorly done.

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Desn't seem to be one on the calog right now, so might as well start a new one.
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Holy shit, it's been years since I've seen this picture. Tfw my first real introduction to cosplay was through a cosplay/convention cringe blog that featured gems like this.
care to share?
>be middle-school weeb me
>interested in cosplay but don't know where to start
>stumble upon a blog
>called Weeaboo Stories
>'hm, what's this?'
>TONS of cosplay horror stories about hambeasts, glomping, Homestuck, etc
>Photos like OP pic, Tunamelt-chan, PT
>'oh god why'
>Petrified of cons
I eventually grew up and decided to cosplay anyway but I honestly thank that blog for showing me how not to act at an early age.

Another actual con story:
>at con
>first con and first time cosplaying
>nervous asf but doing a partner cosplay with my best friend so not alone
>get a surprising amount of compliments and photos
>group of nice cosplayers from same series talk to us for awhile
>feels good
>guy in bad Umbreon cosplay, greasy hair, bad acne wants our photo
>says we're his fave, takes photo and walks away
>notice he's still near, still taking photos of us. Trying to be discreet but failing
>freaked out so we go to Dealer's Room
>walking around, having fun, forget and let my guard down again
>he finds us
>"Found you guys! HUG!"
>pulls us into too tight group hug
>super sweaty, smells awful
>god kill me
>goes on for way too long
>finally lets go and leaves
>petrified of running into him again the whole weekend

Because of him, I only wore the cosplay that day and wore my second one twice instead so he wouldn't recognize me. Saw him wearing the same cosplay the next day.

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Help! I'm a cosplay virgin going to Alamo Comic Con tomorrow. Someone here said cosplay isn't a big deal at acCC, but I thought it might be fun to dip my toes in the water.
I come to the experts for advice: do I say fuck it and just go in plainclothes, or do I go for a """closet cosplay""" that I can put together overnight?
I'm a 20 year old white male about 6'0" 140.
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Just wear a white tanktop and write "Cosplay" on it in sharpie.
This is good, I have a faggy/nerdy enough face that people would expect it from a guy like me
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avoiding this.jpg
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OP here
I think Ill just go in normal clothing, since there won't be much cosplay there anyway I dont want to draw any attention with a bad one

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Post about your feels.

Keep it /cgl/ related. Pointless arguments get these thread deleted.

Previous thread >>9232231
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My mother (somehow!!) came across this video while searching for lolita stuff, and now she's convinced that this is what lolita is all about. Jesus, she's never going to respect my hobby again.


WARNING: Not safe for work or sanity.
this is genuinely horrific
How does that even show up for lolita? There's no lolita on that page in any description or comment.

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