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Old one close to 3 hunna and it was kinda good

Post JoJo cosplays.
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I have the body for a hip cosplay
How would I go about making the costume?
*sorry mean giorno cosplay, fucking autocorrect
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Are there any other Hato cosplays?

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Do you think that certain panel ideas should be "protected" in the sense that no one else should try to copy them or use their name unless given permission by the original panelists?

When it comes to panels you can only have so many topics around before you see them being repeated (How to cosplay, how to find references, A History of Miyizaki, Anime Who's Line) We've come to accept that such common topics are ok to replicate without anyone asking for permission.

However in comes a lesser seen idea that starts to not only stick out but also be well executed. (Zapp Brannigan's Spaceship of Love, The Dub Show, Banzai Arcade, Hentai Voice Acting). Many of these entertainment based shows do have a loyal fanbase and draw in good numbers. Panel ideas are not copywritten so there's nothing stopping another individual from using these ideas or names.

Do you think a level of restraint should be followed when it comes to copying specific panel ideas or do you feel that everything is up for grabs simply because there are no legal protections against such things happening?
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I think it's a dick move to copy someone's panel if you live in the same region as them, but desu I wouldn't give a shit if someone who lived on the east coast copied a panel that I've done on the west coast.

The other thing is, these panels are what they are because of EXECUTION. They are put together and run well. For Example: The Zapp Brannigan panels are amazing, but the actual format of the panel is something that isn't particularly unique - Improv games, hosted by someone in-character. But Zapp Brannigan panels are THE panel to go to because the host is so fucking hilarious he can spin even the most unfunny contestants into the funniest thing ever. If someone else wanted to do a panel of improv games hosted by an in-character cosplayer, there's no guarantee that they would be any good, or garner a 'fanbase', because it's going to come down to how well the panel is executed.
I think it's only a dick move if you know the original panelists will most likely be submitting theirs again and you're intentionally submitting an application to beat them out of it.
>The other thing is, these panels are what they are because of EXECUTION. They are put together and run well.


Many panels at cons fail not because of their topics but because the panelists don't know shit about hosting panels. These individuals botch their research, writing, can't talk in front of a crowd or do not put in the proper planning and effort.

Good panels are good panels because the individuals put in the proper TLC. Meanwhile these good panels have amassed a great following due to the fact the panelists take their shows to different cons and hone the formulas.

I don't think it's really a dick move if you copy the idea or do a spinoff as in the end you can't stop people from doing such things as its all within the rules. However be prepared to be constantly compared to the original.

Post coords and rate the one posted before you. Lets keep this non-lolita to make things a bit more interesting. Selfposting somewhat welcomed.
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I'll bite.
For me it's a 5, the tights and shoes throw everything off for me. I used to love PB's outfits, but those shoes always got me. The bottoms look grimy..
It's cute, but as soon as you put someone not attractive in it it'll look terrible and weeby as hell
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Pretty balanced but too much going on for me. Plus the wig looks cheap.

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So did anyone manage to get anything? The site didn't load for me until everything was sold out and people are saying that things were sold out as soon as they went up.

How much of each piece do they even make?
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I was there as soon as it all dropped, couldn't get a single piece.
My timezone meant waking up in the stupid hours of the morning to catch it too. Yes I'm bitter and disappointed.

How likely do you think a rerelease might be? !
Couldn't access the site either :c
There seem to be more people disappointed than otherwise, surely that would prompt a re release or at the very least a reevaluation of how many people want their stuff.

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Humble Bundle is doing a cosplay guidebook bundle. Are any of these worth the $1? The $8? The $15?
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As someone who used Volpin Props Painting and Weathering book before, I can tell you, that one's worth the money.
>no free worbla
Anyone have a mega of it?

Got your tickets yet? Entered any contests? Running any panels? Applied or accepted to model?

Guest lineup as of Sept 17: http://www.rufflecon.org/programming/guests/

Putumayo is the major brand coming so far. Japanese indie brands include Morun x Muuna Stoik, Pastel Parade, Vierge Vampur, and Triple Fortune are returning.

Western indie brands include Mossbadger, Belladonna, and Cloudberry Lady so far.

Non-lolita brands include shoemaker American Duchess and a Victorian menswear designer called Blackbird Finery. Bunny and Black are also returning.

Simplicity is sponsoring again this year (offering another Brother sewing machine for the winner of the handmade contest), and a couple wig companies (Arda included) are also sponsoring, but I don't know if this means free wigs like GLW did the first year.

Musical guests seem mostly gothic/industrial/EBM so far. And there's a couple LARPy Steampunk groups if you're into that.

Other stuff: There's a pool party in addition to the tea party, meal plans to eat at the hotel are available (doesn't say how much you'll save though), the burlesque show is returning, there will be a live string performance during the Friday soiree, and the DJ from last year is returning this year.

Schedule isn't out yet and I think more big announcements are hinted to be on the way.

Let's discuss!
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Some BtB secrets from the first year (2014)
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Sharing because that fashion show seemed to be what helped a lot of people realize the reign of OTT Classic had begun
And some actual pics from 2015. Here is the big group photo

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Last thread >>9132136

>Keep it /cgl/ related.
>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work.
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie, NOT fanart.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun!
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I just want to take this moment to commend this anon for making an way out of the box art.
You are really cool.
I meant this anon:
I've sketched quite a few anons in these threads, but I want to try something new...come on gulls, post your pretty coords!

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Otakon is over, time to post all the cool cosplay pictures you took!
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There are literally two other threads for Otakon right now. Neither one is saging yet, and both are asking for pics.

This one is Otakon General >>9141953
This one was looking for photographers >>9106280
Those are pretty much just chat threads it looks like.

Share here some Lolita Themed Tumblrs that are still active and running! I'd love to follow some new gurls, but Tumblr's search is fucked up.

I'll start:
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Are you looking for any specific kind of Tumblr? The ones you shared are manly news-related, so I may assume that you're not looking for things like Lolita Lifestyle or Daily Lolita. Is that right?

Some of these aren't 100% lolita posts but the content is close enough that it doesn't make me unfollow them.
I'd love to have a list with Lolitas outside the U.S. It'd be pretty nice to see how the fashion is being used around different cultures, temperatures etc.

Anyway, my contribution:

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Hey I'm starting a thread to find out what is everyone's opinion on their favorite conventions this year and upcoming conventions you're looking forward too next year.

So like what's your Top 5 Cons this year and next. And what Cons are the best value for your money.

Any replies and feedback on your con experiences are appreciated.
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I usually only go to 3, but I go all out for 2 of them. Anime Los Angeles is an awesome party con so I get a hotel for that, Anime Expo is close enough to me to commute and that's also fun (although it's getting too big), and the last one that's next weekend is Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo. I normally only go one day in a laid back cosplay since it isn't a huge con but still a ton of fun.
Colossalcon used to be my favourite, but its getting too big for my tastes so this year was probably my last. Best part about it was that there was always something to do. One of my biggest problems with cons is that I'm not really into a lot of popular and newer stuff so I usually don't care about panels and end up holed up in the hotel room. The Kalahari has the waterpark, arcade, and petting zoo. In terms of actual con stuff like panels, guests, and cosplay it's not spectacular. Game room has been improving but Dealer's Room has been rapidly spiraling downhill. As for value, I'd say its decent if you can get a room at the Kalahari, but that's becoming more and more impossible.

I live in a dry state as far as cons go and every other con I've been to has been shit (Ohayo, Ota, Sugoi, and tiny new cons), so I can't really do a top 5. Gonna try ACEN next year though.
Anime Expo is without a doubt THE best anime convention in the United States, bar none. There is a reason why it is the biggest, because it is the best.

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Post pics of dresses you hate and WHY?!

Please dig deeper and don't post obvious ones like radioactive cupcakes, dreamy baby room, or some of those awful Meta toy prints in the primary colors.

As for me... I always hate sweet in black colorways (unless the border print suits black) but this just takes the cake. The design of the dress alone is pretty terrible, but that print really gets me. That duck with the little kerchief really puts the salt in my vagina. I hated all the accessories for this series too.
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I'll bite
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i know it's a new print so i didn't quite dig too deep, but cirque du l'etoile napoleon is probably the most hideous dress i've seen in a long time... i already hate tartan/plaid in lolita and the busy print on top of it really just makes me want to vomit
I agree with everything you said except the duck. It's the only cute thing about this dress. Reminds me of Easter somehow. 10/10 would buy a dress with just the duck all over it.

I'll contribute something. This is AatP's Josephine Babydoll blouse. It's not just the blouse, I have a burning hatred for shiny satin blouses like this.

The survey is now closed and the results can be viewed at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUuAxG1v9W5RVuSLq5CYWy8gHXcLfyh1HlJ0GbLdM9EDi3rg/viewanalytics
Also, I'll start working on the infograph tomorrow and post it once it's done.

Previous Thread: >>9215930

Previously, on Dutch Thread:
>Imagicon talk
>Was Firstlook crew acting like dicks or not?
>Is it okay to get help with your act's choreography or not?
>Nishicon DDR heat complaints and other DDR talk
>Blackface = Racism discussion
>Cheap costume ideas for Halloween
>What to do in Antwerp?
>Official No Bra Day
>Anon: "Sexy lingerie makes you feel sexy AF!"
>Back pains caused by having large breasts
>Bra sizes explained so guys like me actually understand how they work
>NL and UK bra sizes are different
>28G, 60DD, 65E, 75D, 70A
>Cringy CMV's
>Duct tape mannequins

Next five major events:
>FACTS (October 22nd & 23rd, Gent BE) is an anime, comic and cosplay expo similar to ACC and DCC.
>MGC Experience (November 19th, Nieuwegein UT) is a gathering for anime and J-culture fans.
>Terracon (November 27th, Houten UT) is a convention for reptiles who like anime.
>Midwinter Fantasy Fair (November 10th & 11th, Alphen aan den Rijn ZH) is a fair targetted at fantasy.
>Dutch Comic Con Xmas Edition (December 17th & 18th, Utrecht UT) is a pretty self-explanatory title don't you think?
Full Google Calendar by OP can be found at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=17gim9nkndjpvpnhp1pr64l410%40group.calendar.google.com

Friendly reminders
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ often only makes things worse
>Posts made in Dutch are against the global rules and will be removed
>Nagging is fine, but constructive feedback is better
>Posting pictures of (WIP) /cgl/ items is encouraged
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Still hoping some anon will show her stick figure boob body or some chubster will, astonish us with your D getting powerrss :D
Love how the thread got taken over by boobie talk
Oh please be +18 when doing so though..........
No need to criminalize the ordeal.

オタサーの姫 or "Princess of the Anime Club" style is something that was recently brought up by a helpful Anon in Japan as an actual thing.

It's basically what the Japanese term as "otome-kei" (no relation to the Western term) with brands like Axes Femme, Liz Lisa, and other generally cutesy styles often worn by college girls as daily fashion.

The fashion is seen as being mostly worn by college girls in anime clubs/male-nerd dominated fields where cute girls are a rarity, hence the Princess title. To put it bluntly, cute geek girl style, both fashionable and fandom.

The focal points of this fashion are:
>fashionable skirts/dresses
>OTK / thigh-highs
>fandom/cute accessories
>cutesy attractive style without being too childish

>Note: this is basically what the Japanese consider to be "otome-kei" but since there's an issue with that name being taken by a different style in the West, we're using the less flattering name of Otasa-no-Hime for it.
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Dumping some actual Otasa-no-Hime pics before I dive into the street fashion side.
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File: wpid-YdIyzMg.jpg (138KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 1024x768px

File: pls.png (1MB, 1920x1012px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1920x1012px
>unreadable logo/banner
>generic, low resolution background stolen from google images

The website looks like it was made by a 14 year old weeaboo.

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panels cost $3? wait, is that $3 to host a panel or are they actually charging people $3 to attend a panel?
I can't even find where the con will even be located???? They list some hotels in the "hotel" tabs, but they don't make it clear if the con will even be at any of those hotels. Even in the FAQ, it just says "The con with be in Dothan, AL"

This might even just be a scam
I was just about to post basically the same thing. Where the hell is this being held, exactly?

Was the video accurate?

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idk but I'm digging that grungy, dirty ass "unbalanced" kei shit at the end. they both look like actual adorable but filthy hobos
Hard to pick out my favorites, and they didn't even mention lolita, weird.
They did, tagged #punk_lolita over Vivienne Westwood in the late 80s.

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