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le Ireland faec.jpg
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>Ireland general

Eirtakon less than 2 months away lads. Are ye going for the last hurrah? Or do you think it's just a publicity stunt to sell more tickets this year?
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>Are ye going for the last hurrah? Or do you think it's just a publicity stunt to sell more tickets this year?

Heart says publicity stunt. Head (which has chatted with a couple people still involved with it) says it's the last one.

Side note though, been seeing sponsored posts show up on FB for some "GamerCon" thing taking place on Paddy's weekend next year. Is this legit, or another one of those scams like we had a few years back with a similar event that got cancelled a couple weeks beforehand due to fire code?
Looks legit, don't think it has much chance being a scam if it's being hosted at the Convention Centre. Looks like a bit of craic, I'll probably go
Yea, must have some serious bankroll behind it if the CCD actually has it published on their site as a future event. That or the deposit was dirt cheap and will be gained back with minimal sales.

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Costumes that may be exceedingly basic/easy/casual, but are executed super well.
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I'm not the one who took the photos, some faggot posted this album on Reddit:

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>still no trace of the hot nero that was there on saturday

Wake me up
Fuck off with your ugly 3DPD whore

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Does anyone know what's going on with Lockshops customer service?

Who even owns it?
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Girly toot
Not sure if bait or...

Just don't buy from Lockshop. Quality is shit now and Choke ignores all complaints about it. $10 sweatshop wigs for 5 times the price.
Nope, not bait. Should've done my research before purchasing.
I'm an idiot.

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Old thread: >>9227867

So what are you wearing for halloween? I still haven't actually got my coord sorted yet, I know I'll be wearing nameless poem (like everyone else) but I don't have any headwear to go with it. My wardrobe is primarily classic so that's kind of annoying.
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I really want to like Haenuli's newest , but the fabric and arrangement of the cut is really unflattering for the print. It's a real shame because I love that kind of dark library and the purple tones.
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Wearing nothing but sadness since I have a clinical shift that day
Has anyone else been having issues with shitty redirect ads on 4chan mobile?

What do you think can a punk lolita be a real punk? You know, lolita stuff is expensive and punks are against capitalistic shit.
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>implying Punks don't buy stuff
Oh you, all those studs ain't cheap nor does the hair dye make itself.
Punk lolitas are itas
Considering expensive designers like Vivienne Westwood are staple in both subcultures, I wouldn't worry too much about coming off as materialistic.

I'm a big fan of lolita fashion and traditional (folk) clothes.
Any examples of this two things together?
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I love this combo anon I have a few saved. I'd love to do an outfit myself one day
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new meta print obv perfect for it

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Dream Dress Thread.
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Checked LM this morning, saw a listing for a JSK was up and started literally tearing up. Then the picture loaded and it was in black. Literally the one colorway I do not desire.
>guess i'll just go fuck myself
please dear Jesus let me find this or let them re release this!

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Old thread a kill >>9190104

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:
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Reposting from the previous thread:

1) Angelic Pretty Powder Rose Chest Ribbon JSK and barrette SET in black
2) Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile special set JSK in navy
3) Metamorphose Window Print OP in red
4) Alice and the Pirates Mermaid in the Jewelry Box JSK in ivory

Feedback and listings: http://egl.lacemarket.us/users/angelghost
How do I buy through closet child plz someone take pity
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Still selling this kokokim cardigan for $15 + shipping! Only tried on, never worn out.

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old thread: >>9239881

post /cgl/-related feels and don't get into OT slapfights
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i'll start:

>be me, lolita at Orlando Disney
>wearing Marie (Aristocats) themed coord
>sit on a ledge, waiting for parade to start
>two Japanese lolitas pass by
>compliment their coords
>they literally hold up double peace signs, smile, and say "totemo kawaii!!"
>listen to them say something in Japanese about how cute gaijin lolita can be as they walk away

i've passed the initation
>tfw seeing fat people makes you physically ill
>tfw fatty-chans are drawn to Lolita

I will always be a lonelita because of this

it isn't fair
i don't hate fat people but i will admit that i'm surprised by the amount of fatty-chans into lolita. i've been wearing for a few years now but wasn't really involved in all of the facebook comm stuff so i didn't realize how prevalent they are.

my local comm is made up of fatty-chans and itas for the most part, and i can't decide if i
1) won't join because they look kind of embarrassing
2) will join because i'll look even cuter than usual surrounded by those kinds of people

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I'm thinking of moving back there to Rockville, Maryland with my cousins. What is the /cgl/ scene like around DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia? All I know is that there's a few good cons.

I grew up in Alexandria but my family moved long before I discovered cosplay...
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there's a few really big ones like Katsu and "otakon". I haven't seen too many God-tier cosplays outside Katsu but there are a surprisingly amount of decent cosplayers here.
There's actually a lolita group for CIA employees. I could tell you more but I'd have to kill you
I live in NoVA but other than MAGFest, Katsu, AUSA, and Ota I'm not sure where to meet people and there isn't a whole lot going on. I know DC has a lolita comm, but I'm not in that scene.

Post coordinates, questions, works in progress, anything pertaining to handmade lolita.

>mainstream pattern Google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19oovyXiKYiGmywqOPJAWeE1DLvP9_buEltWijvAgSwk/

>pic related, "Calling all Cosplayers! This amazing new Lolita-inspired pattern from Lori Ann Costume Designs is sure to be your next favorite con attire. Pattern consists of separates including jacket, skirt, underskirt, bustle and belt so it is easy to make, and easy to mix and match to create new costumes."
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poorfag general*

Curious. I'm wondering if there are any examples of home made lolita that aren't shit. I'm a guy with no interest in wearing the fashion, however I've always liked the look. I've designed stuff before, and I feel like I could take a crack at Lolita stuff and actually make something pretty nice, but I would need fabrics that don't look like shit.
>Curious. I'm wondering if there are any examples of home made lolita that aren't shit
Such a thing doesn't exist.

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I'm starting it early bitches. The influx is already happening.

If you see dumb non-gulls posting outside this thread, direct them here.
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It's definitely not too early for Halloween. I started buying stuff for my coord August 1st
It's never too early for Halloween! Mods, could we pretty please get a sticky?

I'm still in the "oh my god what am I going to be this year" phase. My boyfriend actually floated the idea of doing a couple costume, which I'm way too excited about because before now I've never had a significant other long enough to do something as sickeningly cute as a couple costume. So I'm kicking around various nerdy couple things and alternating between "THIS IS AWESOME" and "this is disgusting. I disgust myself."
God my boyfriend is dragging his feet at a couples costume, but I think it is more because he can't wear the same werewolf mask he has had since we started dating. Any cute non-mask designs? The dream costume is Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice if he wasn't such a complainer.

Raiding Instagram tags for jfash posted around Halloween.
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Lash thread? I was eyeing these three lashes, styles are similar but couldn't tell which one is better quality




Also some questions:
>Do you wear false lashes?
>Do you wear them only for lolita-cosplay or daily?
>What styles do you prefer?
>Where do you get your lashes?
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