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Name a bigger ass pull, anon. I bet you can't.
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you, out of your mum ass
Everything that happened in-between the first and second season
How is that an asspull, are you stupid?

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Post your own, but be honest about your favorites. There's no such thing as objectively "good", just post the ones you liked the most.
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here are my favorites
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If people are not honest about their 3x3 then they must know they have shit taste, and if they have shit taste instead of stalling out and accepting their shit taste as if they were proud of it, why won't they just pick up some good shit instead? Sure their shit taste would still remain, but having said shit taste doesn't prevent them from liking 'generally acclaimed' series, and eventually curing themselves of their shit awful taste.
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If there is no such thing as objectively good, then what would you call my taste?
4/6 -Kaguya, Millenium Actress


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>"kill all the Japanese"

Watching Code Geass for the first time. Would you all say that this is the point at which Code Geass jumped the shark? I think this is one of the biggest asspulls I've ever seen
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You can't handle the edge. Go back to moe.
Literally the best part of the entire season.
Tbh code geass is good but it's full of this kind of asspulls like that and muh edginess.
Enjoy the ride if you can.

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What emotion is this face meant to convey?
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The displeasure of not being cummed inside.
>life sucks and right now I don't have anything to do to take that off my mind
Why does Rock have a key to Revy's apartment?

Let's have a Non Non Biyori thread. I bet there are some anons who don't realize there was a new OVA.

Quick opinions: Nattsun is best primary girl, Kazuho is best secondary.
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New OVA? Where?
well, it was in October.

>[Super-Bakemono] Non Non Biyori Repeat OAD [x264 480p] [D814294B].mkv
I htink he is referring to the 4 seasons hotarun stuff

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Who is best Bahamut and why is it Lisha?
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>used goods
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Celestia is best though.

Reminder that all girls are best, and to ignore people who say that Krulfags ruin threads.

What do you call it when a girl gets branded as a slut by doujins and memes so hard it somehow is accepted as a truth later? Does the effect have a name?
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The Barnum effect.
The elves must know.

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I watched the first season and I'm already confused and irritated.

Why is Saber a completely different character from herself in Fate/Zero?

Why does Rider get offed immediately instead of getting a proper arc like in the 2006 anime?

Why is everything structured so differently from the 2006 anime period? Does this adapt a different route from the VN or something?
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>Does this adapt a different route from the VN or something?
Is this b8
>Why is Saber a completely different character from herself in Fate/Zero?

Because Urobuchi hates her and wanted to spend as much time in F/Z shitting on her as possible.

>Nobody will make fun of you for having a child as a fiancee?
>I want to go that world!
>I'll take you there

McGillis is the hero /a/ deserves. He just wants to create a better world where nobody is judged for loving their loli

Gaelio is a cuck
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I'm just glad Gaelio isn't alive to see this.
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A true hero.
And then they fucked?

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What the fuck did I just watch
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A happy show
When the Cicadas Cry
I want to marry Shion

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Choose an anime that already aired: it will be rewoked by a different studio and the previous version will be erased from existence.

Choose wisely.
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shaft's neon genesis evangelion
Code Geass.

Can I choose the studio?

If so I'd want Monogatari to be done by DEEN.

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A cute.jpg
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How does the spin-off compare to the last 3 seasons?
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Better than 1&2 but not as good as 3

Girls are cute as fuck
Here we go again.
It's good, just like the first anime.

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ITT: 10/10 episodes from average anime
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>average anime
Tamako is an underrated masterpiece
Not gonna lie, that flashback scene was really good. Throughout the series, Tamako's dad is presented as an old, serious bitter man who only thinks about the mochi store. Then, we are shown how much of a romantic and idiot he was in his high school years.
10/10 episode indeed

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Okay, smartass, where is his dick then?
In the SAC series she's asked about why she keeps a female body, apparently a lot for sentimental reasons.
I'm sure you guys would switch to a female one if you had a prosthetic body like a lot of people in this universe. Futanari cyborgs are a possibility there anyway

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Would you an old hag Asuka?
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I would definitely an old hag Asuka.
Only if she promises not to put anything in my anus this time.
C-FREAK is Saigado's best Asuka doujin.

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