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Is Turn A Gundam the closest mecha has to offer as an art? The avant garde styling of both the characters and Syd Mead's Mobile Suits seems to be something that the mechanical designers and character designers of today seem to avoid entirely.
I wouldn't be surprised if this is just a case of it being something of a pinnacle in both Japanese art and Japanese story telling. The themes of post-humanism as well as strength through vanity seem so common and reoccurrent that I can't help but see it as a, not only a classic piece of mecha history, but as a piece of art to the world.

Why is it that NOTHING has come close to matching the quality of Turn A's art and story telling? Is the mediocrity of today's Japanese artist because of their blatant lack of skill, or is Tomino just among the greatest storytellers of the world?
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>the closest mecha has to offer as an art
End of Evangelion.

What are you thoughts on a current generation of gateway anime?
7-8 years ago it would be something like Toradora, Geass, Haruhi, Death Note, Rozen Maiden, K-on, DtB, etc., but now it seems the people who are getting into anime start with something like KLK, Anohana, Sakurasou, Shigatsu, SnK, etc.
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I don't really care.
Wait, what? This is a gateway anime now?
Go and watch your Backlog.

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What a cute little boy.
I swear I heard something just now. Must've been my imagination.
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stop sign.jpg
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You're at the local saloon with your waifu when this guys walks in, slaps her ass and says "Nyo-ho~!"

What do?
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I got it off google, bugger off. Also
>not using 4chanx
Touch his balls and ask him to teach me the Spin

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>It's a yuri series
>It turns into traps and yaoi

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Picked up. Thanks, OP.

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How do we stop them?
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It's just the way of nature, can't be helped.
By not listening to shitty music like rock.

Is this reverse candy wagon?

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Chaika! Front page! Nerds help do it! If refuse, Akari step on nerds!
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>Nerds help do it!
Do what?
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Chaika thread time?

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Name five chaika
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1. Chaika
2. Chaika
3. Chaika
4. Chaika
5. Chaika
Now, get back to finding my bodyparts.
White Chaika
Blue Chaika
Red Chaika
Jackie Ch-


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Skateboarding is dead other than in US West coast so I need at least one season of a Skateboarding-bu in my old life time.

Five members: A street, vert, old school freestyle, long board rider and the videographer.
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skateboarding is for manchildren, fuck off
My 12 year old nephew loves skateboarding, don't be rude
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More bumps please

Fucking CR.
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Fucking finally
Lizard guy seems to be too edgy for school and weak at the same time, the fuck.
>Younger Izaya and Shizuo

T-thanks Shuka.

what makes his preferred system more justified
what makes his preferred system less arbitrary
what makes his preferred system less utilitarian
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His preferred system will lead to him simply becoming domesticated by the system he openly opposes by becoming another cog in the machine. Even when he thinks he can reach his goals, it will be of no consequence to the greater empire if he took Area 11 because they would just milk his ass for sakuradite.

Tl;dr: without lelouch he would just get swallowed and used by the system he hates
Why is that Code Geass still gets stupid posts like this 10 years down the line?
Because it's a stupid show

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Jesus christ
My dick
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I was not ready for this. What a nice surprise!
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I love you Saki!
not enough hinako. fuck this anime.

>[HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara S2 - 09
Finally some magical girl action instead of mascot bullying.
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We mahou shoujo now. Oh wait.
>unpaid overtime is good for the workers
The fuck japan.
I so rarely get to post this

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Truly, that's the life
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boku no pico
Women stole that jacket from men though. It was inherently masculine in origin.
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is re zero a masterpiece?
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Master piece? More like a piece of shit.
Yes, any other answer us shitposting

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