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Too bad it didn't kill you.
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ITT: The most beautiful and handsome characters
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Handsome Justice
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i would suck his dick no homo

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't like it
but I love you all
I am the fin of my fish.
Its been years already and I still don't like it.

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Life's short and there are lots of anime to watch. What's your play speeds bros? For me it's 2x for long shows, 1.5 for films and 1.20-1.25x for good movies.
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1x. You are not meant to experience everything. You might as well watch it normally.
Why would you compromise your entire experience for a meaningless time save?

Just watch shows you actually like, brah.

Is Touyama Nao the new HanaKana? I swear this woman pops up in EVERY FUCKING SHOW.
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I'll take Nao any day.
HanaKana who?

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So why is this series so insanely popular and highly regarded? It's pretty mediocre compared to a lot of other Shonen manga
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How is it mediocre? Even the side characters that appear once or twice have a fucking fan base.
hmm yes fanbase size dictates a series quality well done anon
It goes from mediocre to HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER after Skypiea.

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This list isn't bad, but it doesn't contain my personal favourite
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Kyou > Nagisa > Kotomi > Fuuko > Tomoyo = Mei > Ryou
I had to shorten it, if I added her then Sanae and a few other school girls need to be added, and thats tiresome

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Prove me even slightly wrong
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>I'm 19 and really into "smart anime" starter pack
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Childhood is when you idolize LoGH.
Adulthood is when you realize Ginga Tedsudou 999 is the better anime.
they aren't even comparable shows??

congratulations on calling it by its japanese name though we all think you are very cool

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Anybody think that OPM with Genos as the protag would be kinda fun?
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Not really no.
The show would be 6/10 instead of 2/10.

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ITT terrible brothers
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He's not brack though.
Well when you have a terrible sister that tortured people, you have to kill her.
Could have just taken her prisoner.

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How some /a/utists don't understand how Lelouch is alive is beyond me.

How the Code and Geass work using only information in the show:

Those with the Code act as contractors that give Geass to unsuspecting individuals.
The Nun and V.V. are the earliest known Code bearers in the show.
C.C., Charles, and Lelouch receive Geass.

Code bearers are unaffected by the Geass and cannot die.
Lelouch failed to use Geass on C.C.
C.C. has died and come back to life.

The contract is meant to transfer the Code to a Geass user who has achieved Geass in both eyes (full power).
C.C., Charles, and Lelouch achieve this.

When the Code is transferred the original Code bearer becomes mortal and can die.
The Nun killed herself and V.V. was already mortally wounded.

The receiver of the Code must die before the Code activates.
C.C. was killed in the church by the Nun and Charles shot himself through Geass command.

The contracts aren't specifically tied to one Code bearer and Geass user.
Charles was to take C.C.'s code in the World of C before Lelouch interrupted.

Based on these observations, it makes sense that Lelouch with a full powered Geass could take Charles's Code and then continue to use Geass before his death. This is ultimately supported by Charles taking V.V.'s Code and yet still falling victim to the suicide command from Lelouch.
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They're called newfags.
/a/ one question that still needs to be answered once R3 arrives.
Between the two who is on top?
Even Lulu's English voice actor didn't understand this.

>we live in a world where Code Geass is 2deep4people

How can there be another season when Le Douche died? It makes 0 sense without some retarded asspull.
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>he thought lelouch really died
See >>150381427
He didn't die you moron. There were plenty of clues in the show if you paid attention.

was it really deep?
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Yes, in fact it was too deep
It was so deep it ended up being shallow

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Hello dear /a/ friends, /an/ here.

Today i want to share a fun ferret fact with you guys.

Ferrets have a tendency to collect trash.
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Animal abuse thread?
>Ferrets have a tendency to collect trash.
Just like this site.
Oh no another fish? Please don't put it in the same bowl.

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Groovin Magic was one catchy OP.
Heard it just seeing the text and thumbnail.

Such a catchy OP tune.

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Diebuster is so sick

I mean I get it guys, Gunbuster is good and has cool moments, but how is it on Die's level?

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