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>She sees your dick
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That entire scene was amazing.
She's a lesbian
Why is she digging with her butt?

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A guide buyfag.moe
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I got my November order in today. What could be in the box.
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Ciel and Scathatch with some shirts.

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This is Nozomi.

Say nothing nice about her

(she's fat)
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You ain't gotta like it cuz the hood gon' love it
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It's time.
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Who else got their homo card assignments?
Will there be a revival of SuzaLulu?
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Why do idols make everything better?

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What are they suggesting?
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Cocona's big butt has trouble fitting into small places, and she silently considers objects in her environment on the basis of how well they look like they would feel when inserted into the aforementioned prodigious posterior
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One of the themes of this episode was awkward body sizes/uncomfortable spaces.

When people hit puberty, the growth spurt results in sudden and uneven changes to their dimensions. Teens find themselves feeling unfamiliar in familiar spaces, uncomfortable in previously comfortable positions, and feeling like they suddenly don't know the shape of their own bodies anymore. One of the significant ways in which this is manifested is the development of secondary sexual characteristics, particularly in women where the growth of their hips and butt can be awkward, particularly with regards to sitting positions they were accustomed to before puberty.

The "cockpits" of their mecha were essentially just the Thomasson in Flip Flap HQ that they use to enter PI, but shrunk down to the point where they couldn't fit into it comfortably. A familiar space suddenly made unfamiliar by the uncertain dimensions of their growing bodies.

You can consider this another facet of Cocona's confrontation with change from episode 6&7. She's now facing unavopidable change in the world around her that manifests in the way she fits into the environment, in the way she locates herself in the space around her and in how she finds her place in what was once familiar but now is changed. The emphasis on her body's dimensions, particularly her exaggerated butt and her size relative to the space around her, were physical representations of Cocona's conflicted feelings regarding the changes happening in her life (eg. iroha) and how she coped with them.

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How much value do you take on a world building.
Specifically, the monsters and adventurer's party

This is NOT LN thread, I just want to discuss the manga.
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Where does this filenaming remind me of?
Was that the girl that got BTFO and raped?
I wonder, if animal conservation groups existed in those settings would they take arms to protect them?

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post copy paste medium dark hair MCs that were actually memorable
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Being Araragi is suffering.
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Screen - Setsuna Profile.jpg
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does this count as medium dark?
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He wasn't so bad .

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When is he going to wife these hos?
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More importantly. When will there be some uploads?
He did all of them even the rabbit.
I basically threw the entire tenchi franchise into the trash after war on geminar.

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What went wrong?
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Im the cuckoo
your birth and subsequent terrible taste

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>I carry my bag like this in school
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Literally me.

I carry my bag on a way that won't result in me getting carpal tunnel
Amu a shit.

Name a better protagonist?
>One shots everyone
>Doesn't give a fuck
>Basically invisible
>Hasn't even peaked in power
>Doesn't try and still wins
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One that gives a shit about the plot
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>implying OPM doesn't have a deep and intricate plot line
go back to your shitty shojo and slice of life babby animes

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Time for weekly dose
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Treasured products


"Don't slack off from cleaning"
"Maan, some old manga came out off the storeroom"

"Don't you wanna see some of these buried stuff?"
[Box] Videos
"There's no way..."

[Video Side] Takatoshi Age 6
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Comic 1
Wanna see

It's December so the Tsuda family is having some spring cleaning.

"An old video of Tsuda popped out?"
"I wanna see"

"No no, there's no need to see it"
"Whaaa, but I'd like to see it"

"See you in agony at everyone watching your embarrassing childhood self, Taka-kun"
"You demon!!"

Comic 2
She heard this

"Switching on"

"Wow so cuuute"

"I wanna pet his head..."

"Hagimura, what did you say just now?"
"She said she wants to pet his ****" [TN: Moved the censor marks to make a better english joke]
"I see you're doing your best to mishear me"
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Comic 1


"Oh yeah that happened to me"
"Sorry sorry"

"I saw mom performing some Skin Dam play on dad and I got influenced by it"
"Time to burst"
"Was that the real story!?"

Comic 2
Favorite type

"Do you prefer them older or younger"
"What kind of question is that mom..." [TN: Looks like Suzu is thinking that but it might be Taka]


"It's embarrassing, so it's a secret"

"It has to be an older lady or my thing won't get in"
"What do I do if he says that"
"I don't feel on commenting on that right now"

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>People prefers her without the specs
>Garbage, the lot of them
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She's literally perfect and a million times better than all the other girls combined either way.
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Yes. But the real question is, have you read my doujinshi, desu ka?
I can't read
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hate the fucking white space. Do Koreans love to fucking scroll all the time?

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2016 was great
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Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.


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