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What the fuck is her problem?
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>orihime and ichigo are her two childhood bffs >orihime is missing
>ichigo is keeping secrets from her that she knows are related to the reason why orihime is missing
>he tries to act all aloof like he doesnt care about orihime missing when in fact its the complete opposite and she can see that

How would you react anon?
Hard kiss on the lips

Kick his ass

Why do you guys call this haremshit? It's actually just your more standard form of shit and not actually harem-y at all unless two girls with a majority focus on one of those two = a harem now
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Ssssshhh Digibro, we saw your video. You don't have to remind us when you're shilling for views.
>you need major focus for it to be harem
Did you post in the wrong thread or something?

Doesn't need major focus, it's outright not there. It's not like the show had anything else going for it either but that's besides the point

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Can I watch Akagi without understanding Mahjong?
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You can learn mahjong if you watch it multiple times
Yes and this >>150379858

It might help to learn the basic rules but ultimately, the mahjong itself is not why Akagi is great.
from watching it once I got the simple understanding its like poker with tiles your in a wait for a good hand certain hands beat others its best you familiarize yourself with the tiles value at least the show trys it best to help you get it

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>Code Geass sequel
>Cardcaptor Sakura sequel
>LOGH remake
>more Gundam Unicorn sidestories
>Rurouni Kenshin sequel
>new School Rumble chapters
>another Eva movie in the works

What else are they gonna bring back? A new Yu Yu Hakusho anime?
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There will be a Kenshin sequel too
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>forgetting FMP season 4
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Anime industry is so well it needs to ride on sequels,
KMB when

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Seriously stop i'm not a kindergardener ugh! Keep your digusting loli lust to yourself lolicons
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There is two thread, Puk Puck.
This one was first.


>68 vs 86

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Who is /a/'s LOTY?
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I hope kanyapyi does a Pokegirl douijn
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I don't recall Kanyapyi ever doing Pokemon doujins.

Tamagoro does, though, and that's what I am betting on.

Was it any good?
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Good, but terribly depressing.
Would make George RR Martin cry.
One of my favorites, but not sure if you'll agree. Like the other anon said, it's very depressing.

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How will Tatsumaki react when Saitama becomes S class?
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She'll want his D.
She can easily kill Saitama by throwing him to space(she was not at her 100% condition in the fight) or crushing his balls.

>was able to split the ground open into a chasm
>Saitama's will is so strong, she could only lift him a foot off the ground

Don't talk shit.

>[HorribleSubs] Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki - 09 [720p].mkv
There's no way I'm the only one still watching this, r-right?
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You are, in fact, the only one, actually..

I can't not watch this though because the girls are adorable as heck in every episode. Severely so in this one.
I'm still watching it.

>That scene
Yukimusume femdom loli doujin when? My dick needs this.

Ufotable just posted a PV for Zestiria X's second cour on their website
It's gonna air on January 8th and the second ending is going to be by FLOW too apparently.
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Why are Tales MCs that aren't afraid to kill so rare? Why does the plot often degenerate into "if you kill him you'll be just like him"?

Why can't it be like FF where the good guys are often absolutely ruthless?
You'll probably like Velvet.
Too bad she's not in this show.
FF good guys rarely have humans as adversaries, though.

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Who would make a better wife, Mio or Azusa?

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Mio. Her body was made for breeding and giving birth. Azusa would just die nagisa style.

Both could be pretty good I think. This is a very hard decision.

Would Sawako be good just for a fuck or would she be 10/10 waifu material?
Mio would be the better mother.
Azusa would be the better fuck.

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Post anime characters who died in completely awful ways.
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you died.png
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Do his other deaths count?
If I remember right, from the show, she died from falling down stairs and breaking a leg. I don't remember the other circumstances around.

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Sakuga Thread
Hirune Hime animators list:

Toshiyuki Inoue - Tetsuya Nishio - Cedric Herole -
Kei Suezawa - Yuuka Yamamoto? - Naomi Kaneda -
Yuka Koiso - Masashi Ando - Satoru Nakamura -
Cindy H. Yamauchi - Masahiro Kimura - Naoya Furukawa -
Tsukamoto Chiyomi - Keiichi Kondo - Tomoko Tsuji -
Takahiro Shikama - Ai Yukimura - Shigeru Kimishima -
Shuji Maruyama - Antoine Antin - Bahi JD -
Mamiko Nakanishi - Asako Nishida - Yoshifumi Terai -
Niki Izumoto - Naoko Shokin - Yoko Naegi -
Tanaka Moe - Toyoda Keisuke - Miki Kurihara -
Tatsu Nakano - Yoshida Minami - Hiroyuki Saita
Soichiro Sako - Nobuko Sugino - Masafumi Yokota
Takuya Chanohara - Yen Ozawa - Nishimura Iku -
Shujirou Hamakawa - Yojiro Arai
source: http://lineblog.me/signal_md/archives/13096716.html
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Where is Iso?

>Toshiyuki Inoue, Tetsuya Nishio, Masashi Ando, Bahi JD, Takahiro Shikama, Kei Suezawa, Cedric Herole

sounds good, I'm hyped.
>no Ohira

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Jesus Christ, this is the most evil villain in anime history. Nothing comes close.
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Hamdo did nothing wrong
I don't know about that, but he truly is the most despicable one. So cowardly, immature, greedy, cruel.
Add to that his "penis" hairdo.

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Any other /a/nons who never watched Code Geass before? Somehow I never got round to watching this series, but with all this hype recently, I've decided to give it a try.
At the moment I'm really enjoying it. Love the world, the characters and the plot. Has a slight Death Note feeling to it with the whole protagonist using his power to change the world, checking how far he can get his power to work etc. The fanservice is also just right. There's enough of it, but it never goes too far into ridiculous categories. Though the table-rape scene was a bit unexpected. Anyone else enjoying this series for the first time?

Also, for veterans, was there a lot of shitty animation when it was first airing? I'm watching the BD and I have to say the animation is phenomenal. Did they patch it up for the BD or was it always good quality?
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>posting on /a/ having never seen CG
I'm about to rewatch it.
What subs are best? Where should I download it from?
Nunnally doesn't die in R2. It's all a ruse.

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