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FINALLY TRANSLATED https://exhentai.org/s/4bf07fcff9/1000382-1

This took way to long.
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Now onto second one.
>Chair not being chair.
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Id rather have this one https://exhentai.org/g/996606/b12873beab/

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Where's all the Golden Time at?
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This thread is now haunted.
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Only good thing about this show.

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new chapter is out
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How did Natsu no Arashi end? I remember the translations dying forever ago but I know the series itself is over. How about that series with the bike riding dude and the Chinese girl?
>it is still up
Real season 3 when?
I thought this shit ended?

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All the new characters will be from already existing schools and you know it.

We won't see Azul, Koala, Maginot or any RW schools just you watch.
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Hope there's more DUCE in it.
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More Duce is always good.
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Ep8 already out

Reminder that we are all probably dead too
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Can scandium cure autism?
none of you anons have taken scandium before right
No, autism carries on after death

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Episode 9 in 03h 40m
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I love Laetitia
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Kaoruko a shit

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Waint for summary is suffering.
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I want his phone case.

What is this face trying to convey?
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It's trying to convey that it's nothing but fujobait
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contemplation of suing the Katsukis for gross negligence.
Knowing you're going to be NTR'd by an Italian woman

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A little known Manga, stuck in the shadow of it more successful counterpart. Gonna dump the Oneshot, see how it goes.
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If new to it or curious ask a question.
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Why is she so big?
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So I can fap to her.
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I could handle the huge bags of milk, but really the tumblr artwork drove me to drop this. And I fucking watched chaos;head to completion.

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Why were the 90s so fucking bad?
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>Saber Marionette represented the whole 90's
Also early 2000 are the fucking worst

piss off Sabre Mariontte is barely representative of the whole genre
>Saber Marionette
It's Outlaw Star

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Am i the only one who is getting the feeling that Gohan is gonna be the reincarnation of the original super saiyan God or some such thing?
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That sounds so fucking stupid. But it'll probably be true or something similar and equally as a dumb. Like "it's your human side that makes you stronger"
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I want this to happen.
Toriyama is trying to keep Gohan out, even if Gohan could make the story more interesting.

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>You are given a button that makes it so that anime is on mainstream TV during the daytime and nighttime
>Has its own channel
>Has subs
>Is in HD when possible
>Constantly airs your favorite anime and movies
>Will sometimes end up airing the Endless Eight.
>For multiple days.
>Very rarely even weeks. That block will just be taken up by an Endless Eight episode.
>Normies also start to pick up on anime.

Well? Do you press the button?
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I don't have a TV with cable
Why? I can just download what I want and watch it any time.
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How is that even a flaw? Just don't watch the channel when endless eight happens? It's not different from it not existing, like how it is right now.

On the normies thing, that's not really a flaw either, despite their garbage taste anime needs more attention considering how shit the industry is. I'm not complaining about moe either, I mean BD prices wouldn't be insanely high if there were actually a lot of people interested in buying them. This is a moot point anyways because anime is already popular with normies at this point. I'm surprised you aren't aware, its kind of hard to not notice.

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This is a really piece of shit, i dont know why people like this
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It's not that bad. The concept and some of the characters are nice. In the end though, KYH makes it worth it. KYH is perfection.
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Fucking nigger.jpg
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This fagget ruined everything
It's not very good but people will use 'but it's better than SAO' as their defense for liking it. And then there are the Kuroyukihime waifufags.

>My roommate was a frog kid.
>You ever see a frog kid?
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>implying you weren't the frog kid
>That one kid in elementary school who had warts on every finger and liked frogs
I don't think he was posting pepes as a kid

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