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nenecchi ruined the whole fucking anime industry forever

we didn't even had to wait for olympics
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Delete this
Wait what?
Keijo for 2020 olympics

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What I've been thinking lately is that Shinji did something horrible that he has no memory of. Cause it doesn't make sense for misato to hate him, when no one died in third impact cause kaworu stopped it and misato was right fucking there and didn't even die.

I think that Shinji did something else that we haven't seen, something that killed a bunch of people, something that landed him on the moon, and something that would make wille concerned he isn't the real shinji.

What it could be though, I'm not sure. Dunno why kaworu called gendo dad either.

Also, I hope that there is a scene where mari is slowly buried up to her mouth in dirt and we get to watch her smug smile turn to quavering fear right before her orifices are covered completely and we watch the terror in her eyes as she suffocates and also the dump a can of Pepsi on her face.
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Reminder that Shinji is straight
I want an anti-time-skip to the end of Rebuild 2
I just want Poka Poka Rei to come back.

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>code geass
>protag is chuuni shit
>rehash season 3
>shitty art style
>pizza hut shill

Whats the point of this show
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>protag is ugly
>forced drama
>shitty filters
>meme hair

Wha's the point of this show?
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>new game
>protag is little girl
>forced yuri
>shittiest company ever

What's the point of this show?
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>protag is a generic beta fag
>forced first world problems
>SHAFT shitty direction
>the animals talk

What's the point of this show?

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deep contemplation.png
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Over the years its apparent that there is a diminishing medium for anime that actually gives thought provoking themes or content written with any effort at all, whilst anime like that stupid butt banging shit is everywhere.

Surely animation studios realize that if they spent their time and effort making 1:1 adaptations towards quality manga series theyd gain more revenue that stupid to-love-ru shit?

Or is it because they can easily copy paste a couple of titties with different bra colors onto a generic female character for ez revenue

anime sucks now
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It's a business; you always have to blame the customers.
Will she die if I remove her buns?
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Sunrise saving anime.jpg
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You raise a good point. Just look at all this mindless fapbait dominating the sales chart.

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Try your luck!
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both could be a strong possibility; neither - can't be ruled out as well, quite the conundrum even
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I'm a little aroused that usual, so I'm gonna have to with: penis
I know what the tape is for, but what's with the band-aid?

I thought you liked cute gijinka stuff?
Why aren't you watching Kaiju Girls?
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>only stayed for Zetton
>but most episodes are consisted of Red Shit and Micrap

But at least Eleking is sexy.
They're finally bringing out the enemy but there's only two episodes left, what are they going to do.
I have, it's bad, but Tsubaraya could use ad money so we can get more Ultra series

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This is why kyoani is called special
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Bottom is better though.
Not this shit again.
why is kyoani so perfect?

what's their endgame?
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World domination through moe
See how many more bad shows they can make before all their talent leaves.
Make the same safe, inoffensive SoL shit until their talented animators leave.

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>He doesn't watch his 24fps anime at 48Hz
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What if I'm watching them at 144hz?
Then you are watching the same frame 6 times.
Enjoy your motion blur.

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Do you like dark fantasy?
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Deep, Dark Fantasy
Really deep. Dark. Fantasy.
Prefer not too dark fantasy. Like Dark Souls.

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Kumiko's feet.
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Based KyoAni coming through with the Kumifeet this season.
they are the new shaft
Kumiko should not be sexualized.

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Post what got you hooked and still makes you yearn for another hit.
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Subtle request thread
Fuck off
Subtle reddit post
Fuck off
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What got me into anime and soon /a/, I only wanted to watch Kuro make out with the other loli's

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Why is she so best?
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She trigger all normies with her ULTRA-C.
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She's not the breast
I'm not sure.

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>it's a slice of life season with C.C. and Lulu traveling around the now peaceful world
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Would watch.
I would just watch it as a Spice and Wolf season 3 then
Not trainwreck enough. Also sounds fucking boring which is the complete opposite of what made CG popular in the first place.

Since no other one piece threads have covered this in the last few weeks;
and by the time that these things are mentioned threads are already over or flooded with
"Pudding is ugly","PuddingxSanji","Luffy's dental situation"

I wanted to touch on a few things.

>Big Mom's children are all advanced stages of homies except for Lola and Chiffon

Think about it, how does she have so many kids and so many husbands?
Also remember Pound mentioned to cracker that "I could be your original"
How would that be possible without him knowing, and him being the tenth son?

Simple, she extracts the life force from a "father", combines it with her own and makes an offspring.

Notice how most of her children have a sweet or item based theme.

>Who was Lola supposed to marry?
Most likely the prince of Elbaf, hence why she was angry when giants were mentioned.
Also take into account that she mentioned that "I would have had been pirate king already";
my guess is that the last road stone is on Elbaf
What are your sentiments on this fellows ?

And do you have any theories
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how did this reach the bottom so quicky?
It's Soul Sex.

Basically, soul of BM and soul of the man will "fertilize". Then it will be placed in a living woman as a surrogate. The surrogate would most likely die tho.There could be restrictions like only one/few instances fertilization during a normal cycle.

Doing this BM can continue pirating without the risk of bearing the child.
>Big Mom's children are all advanced stages of homies.
Can something that was created with a Devil Fruit have DF powers?

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