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Mitsuha a cute!

Would you drink her chewed, saliva-fermented sake?
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a shrine maiden.jpg
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i want to drink mitsu's sake!
I felt really bad for immediately thinking of semen when she drooled the sake out.

Now I'm glad there are pics of it.
I just watched it from my local cinema and, some parts are confusing.

Is this all about multiverse and quantum mind? Or is it simply about Shinto belief and journey of soul?

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Why don't they make more harem series where the MC isn't scared shitless of girls?

Because someone says "muh self insert MC", keep in mind that otakus don't seem to have any problems inserting into heroic MCs like Guts.
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I support this claim. I however have no interest in seeing self absorbed dudes with fringes and deep dark voices and shitty lines enter mainstream anime.
He'd fug all the girls and we can't have that.

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ITT: Characters that are literally autistic.
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She's just dumb.
She's just crazy.

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Post favorite music from Anime

Starting with Code Geass in honor of the R3 announcement, but all music is welcome.

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This is definitely one of my favourite songs personally.

Shit man, that's just obligatory, it's a waste to post, since most people know it

I prefer Worlds End https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osKkMKolWQ8

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Was it rape?
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We don't know. The manga hasn't touched the subject in a long time. It'll probably get more focus soon though.
I sure hope so.
What exactly is this anime about, anyways?

Onizuka Thread?
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I fucking love Onizuka so much it's not even funny

especially SJG Onizuka I'd heterosexually suck his dick and go beat up people with him
Looking interesting. What's it about?
16 year old virgin delinquent and his virgin buddy try to get laid. And serious delinquent shit happen like biker wars so they have to beat up bunches of people with their buddies. One time, protag buys night vision goggles to oggle at his hot neighbor and gets his dick stuck in a wall hole.

Protag (now 22 years old) is wasting his life away in another city. No qualifications except useless stuff but he somehow becomes a teacher and do lots of stuff.
Still tries to get laid and frequently destroy some old dude's car because he's kind of a dick

We may know who can or can't ride that yellow puff cloud but there are characters we are not sure can or can't ride it

Characters who officially can ride it:
-Blue-haired Lunch
-Kami (expelled the evil from within him)

Characters who officially can't ride it:
-Muten Roshi
-Kid Krillin
-Vegeta (Piccolo doubted his purity)

Unknown cases who probably can ride it:
-Adult Krillin (able to harness the Spirit Bomb)
-Future Trunks
-Videl (after dating Gohan)
-Piccolo (after fusing with Kami)

Unknown cases who probably can't ride it:
-Blonde Lunch
-Mr. Satan
-Present Trunks

What y'all think...?
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>Gohan lets thousands die by being a huge pussy and refusing to just nut up
>still pure enough to ride the Nimbus
Wowwwwww Toriyama sensei
>Kid Krillin
I thought he rode it with Goku with Blue-haired Lunch?
He had to hold onto one of them to ride it

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Neet samurai. Am I right?
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NEET or neat?
Jus two thinks faggot.

One: he actually has a job did you fucking watched the anime?

Two: he lives on his fucking own and its not a fucking neckbeard nigger living in his moms house like you.

So no fuck you and you gay shit. Best samurai is best samurai.

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New character design images from KyoAni's latest Masterpiece(flop)

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skina notail twintails.png
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I don't like Yui very much.
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Then don't make a thread of her stupid!
>of her stupid
Of her stupid what?

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How do you react when you're waifu dies in her show?
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Usually a good thing since all waifu's are shit anyway.
Don't worry, anon

she will always be alive in your heart

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You guys didn't forget about Twiska, did you?
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how could i forget one of my most shameful faps
I used to know you /a/

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Daily reminder that no one has a penis in Code Geass
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inb4 dick buldge edit
>What went wrong?
>Why is she so perfect?
>Who X here?
>Would you a X?
>Everyday until X
>Daily Reminder
>You will never mumble mumble
>Mumble mumble Prove me wrong - You can't
>You have X seconds to mumble mumble - You can't
>What does X's Y smell like?
>How do we fix X?
>X a Y
>Which X would you Y?
>/a/ suddenly hates x
>Why is X the only studio willing to take risks?
>About to watch X what should I expect?
>Don't mind me, I'm just posting mumble mumble.
>There are people on /a/ right now who mumble mumble
>What the fuck happened?
>Mumble mumble when?
>What's wrong with VLC?
>Wake up, see this. What do?
>I'll just leave this here
>What's your excuse for not watching X
>X will save anime / I'm here to save anime
>What does /a/ think about X?
>What's the most boring anime you've ever watched?
>X is Love
>Haven't seen one of these in a while
>Is X worth watching?
>yfw x wins da y
>Mumble mumble thread? Mumble mumble thread
>What the fuck did I just watch?
>X confirmed for Y
>Best Key girl
>Why do you still watch moeshit?
>She sees your dick
>Why is this allowed?
>Which anime has the worst fanbase?
>What anime is this semen demon from?
>X becomes the MC of the Y. How fucked is X?
>Could X defeat Y?
>Your waifu's face when X
>It's time.
>Your waifu is now X, do you still love her?
>Was it rape, /a/?
>Weekend waifu drawthread
>All your waifus are wonderful, /a/
>You should be able to solve this
>Let's get a X thread going
>Do X if your waifu is posted
>ITT: overrated shit
>What an utterly useless power
>Date-a-live? More like date a slut am I right?
>I want to protect X's smile
>Why can't I hold all these feels?
>This is your X tonight
>Why did X fail/Why wasn't X popular
>what did he/she mean by this?
>what was his/her fucking problem?
>this is a japanese X
>Do you like girls (male)?
Congrats you did it champ.

>Anime you want livewatch with /a/ again
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I have better things to do.

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