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yuri on ice? oh boy, that sounds just like my kinda ani-
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Otabek literally having the same expression in every appearance so far is hilarious
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Another general? Let's at least wait for the previews even though is painful already
the hell happened to the other thread?

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Why is Samsungawa Samsami so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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You mad, autist?
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Sausage Salame worst girl
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Welp, here we go!

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Still no volume 8
Well damn.
Did Bones, dare i say, found a way?

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Has anime ever inspired you to become something?

Shirou inspired me to become a Hero of Justice and I became a cop
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I'm sorry you couldn't achieve your dream anon.
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Since anime sequels are seemingly on everyone's mind, how about we talk about this one?

Think it'll ever get an anime?
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It's already confirmed, slowpoke.

Eva is best girl.
It's already been announced.
Oh. Well, awesome then!

Though come to think of it, did Negima ever even get a proper anime adaptation to lead into it?

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When will isekai die out like battle harems?
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Sooner... just wait.
Mecha will rise up to its former glory

Banrise will make anime great again
All those girls have dicks

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>Ippo can throw full punches while balancing on one leg now

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Looks like the ankle weights reactivated the oxygen in his legs
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How the fuck could it be possible that someone that has been a pro boxer for years doesn't know about these, this shit should've been on the first volumes, what awaste of pages.
There's a million ways to train your body anon.

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This was done for a cheap shock factor by talentless hacks.
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>Americans are easy to enrage
Your point?

It's a doggy dog world anon, they have to do what they gotta do to bring in the money to keep doing what they're doing.

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Why am I enjoying this way more than Precure and why is this show so damn good? Do-Re-Mi thread anyone?
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Because it's a slice of life mahou shoujo that can be serious at times while Precum is just a shonen with magic girls as characters.
>why is this show more enjoyable than Precure

Because it actually plays to long weekly anime's strengths by focusing on down-to-earth character drama rather than action sequences.

Also don't skip the extra Naisho season that aired after season 4, it's got some of the best episodes in the series.
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why are the op's so catchy


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One page thread
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Alright little girls, it's time to make sure your stomach is as perfectly tone as your waifu's. If you see her you do the amount of sit-ups as the last 2 digits of that post number. If you do crunches double the number!!!
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Suiciding to start off.
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I haven't read the LNs so maybe it talks about it there, but is Kiss-shot a virgin?
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I'm pretty sure the answer is yes... which actually completely diminishes her character, and the value of her love for Arararararragorillakun.

I am almost certain it is cannon that she and her first thrall were lovers. That's why she was so upset when he "killed" himself that she never made another.

Not 100% though since I haven't read or watched any of these shits in a good while.

End yourself

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Does your waifu resemble your mother in personality?

I'd have to answer yeah
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Men seek women like their mother's characteristics. Nothing new here OP.
no anon, i don't want to fuck my mom
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Same for me I would say (both INFJ if you believe MBTI).

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>tfw no new Punpun volume this December
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Aiko was hot tbqh
stupid fucking Aiko
Was it just last year?

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What is it about shonen anime that you hate the most?

What tropes, cliches or what ever you would like to call them just ruin the experience for you? Edginess? Wacky humor? Bad pacing? The power of friendship?

Think of them.

Got it?

If you had to make a shonen, what would you do to put a twist on those annoying cliches that would set it apart from other shonen?
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Alternatively, what cliches would you keep that you like?
End it after 25 episodes
Less powerleveling, make it more ability-based so you can keep enemies always a threat.

More cute girls, especially the ones that can fight and have cute bushy eyebrows

Protagonist is older, competent, likes women, and doesn't have super strength/speed as his main power

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