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Who is the best girl in Code Geass and why is it Cornelia?
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Correct yourself. Clovis was best girl.
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take that back
Cecile is underrated

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What is he saying to her?
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>I promise I didn't cheat on you! Really! It's a MAKKA NA CHIKAI
>I'm sorry I made that thread about you on /pol/! Really!
Woooooo! Woooooo! DAA DAAA DAA DA DA!

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The proposed title: One Day, My Little Sister Suddenly Became a Brocon!!
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The story begins predictably from the title: the little sister wakes up one day and has a crush on her older brother. Unlike most of these kinds of stories, however, it is told through the imouto’s point of view, not the older brother’s.

The imouto has this strong feeling that she doesn’t belong. All her memories except the ones with her brother in them are gone. It’s as if her entire being revolves around him now. So she has complicated feelings. She does not like the idea of incest; she thinks that it is wrong, but can’t help being drawn to her brother anyway, who, as it turns out, is a rather bland nice guy (we all know the type). Her sense of disconnect with reality is further reinforced when she notices that he has a harem which he is oblivious to.

It’s a mystery story, with the familiar setting of the eroge being portrayed with a subtle horror element because we’re seeing it through the little sister’s point of view. The main mystery is whether her incestuous feelings for her brother are determined by the “rules” of the universe or whether it’s because she genuinely finds him attractive. He shows a lot of concern for her and comes off as a genuinely kind and thoughtful person. For some reason, he is much more protective than the average older brother would be. Even though the imouto can’t help but feel creeped out, she’s touched more than she cares to admit.

After struggling with herself in this fashion, she learns that the world she is in is fake. She’s been inserted into this fantasy world based on an eroge. Convinced that all her current memories are fake and desperate to get all her real memories back, she learns that to return to the real world, she has to undo all the “flags” – that is, she has to cockblock her brother’s harem.
So the imouto declares war on her brother.

She dresses up as a guy (turning out to be a delicious reverse trap) and starts going after her brother’s harem herself. It’s Player versus Player. Sibling rivalry, literally.

The majority of the middle portion of the story is about the imouto attempting to outmanoeuvre her brother and all the tactical decisions she makes. It plays out like a chess match. The imouto is a tomboy, so it turns out to be surprisingly easy to charm some of the girls. Others are harder to win over. All of them have genuinely good reasons for liking her brother, as it turns out. The childhood friend is the hardest boss to beat.

The problem is, as this goes on, is that the brother doesn’t actually seem to care that his imouto is cockblocking him. He’s firmly on the imouto route. He seems innocent, but the imouto cannot be sure what his intentions are. She also realises that their battle will end if she falls completely for him, at which point she knows that she will lose all of her free will and will never be able to go back to the real world. But the more she attempts to cockblock her brother, the more she finds herself motivated by jealousy against his haremettes. She has no idea which will happen first: the reversal of all the flags or her losing the game.

Finally, though, she manages to reset all the flags – except for her own. The imouto is caught in limbo. She’s frustrated and in despair, and that’s when her brother makes his move.

He hugs her tightly and tells her, “Please don’t go! I want you to stay with me forever! You’ll never be able to come back if you leave! We’ll never be siblings again!” The imouto is torn; her heart is going DOKI DOKI like crazy. The brother is complex. She can see the fear and self-loathing on his face and she does not understand it.
That’s when the childhood friend comes back into the picture and reveals the truth about this world. It turns out that she was the one who created it because blah blah magic. In real life, she was the one who was genuinely in love with our seemingly bland male MC. (So he actually did score a magical girlfriend without harem logic coming into play.) But MC-kun treated the childhood friend as a surrogate sister. He was always morose, always angry with himself. He wasn’t that nice a guy. The childhood friend was the only one who understood him.

And the reason MC-kun was such an irritable person?

His little sister was dead.

She had died many years ago in an accident. It was something he had always blamed himself for. When they were kids, they were playing on the road because he had no sense of danger. She adored him so she followed him around, and he adored her. But when a car came swerving towards them, the brother dodged to the side and didn’t grab his sister in time. And so she died.

That changed the brother forever. His guilt caused him to retreat within himself, until the only friend he had was his childhood friend. He became obsessed with the memory of his dead little sister. He played little sister games all the time, as if wanting to recreate all his memories with her. When the childhood friend confessed her love to him, he just numbly rejected her and said she was the sister he could never have now. There could be no romance between them.

“Why aren’t you happy, then?” she asked him. “If I’m your sister now, why haven’t you been able to get over the one you lost?”

“Shut up!” he said. “You wouldn’t understand!”

He was right, she decided. She didn’t understand. But that didn’t change her feelings for him. She thought that the only way to make MC-kun happy was to create a world where the little sister had never died. Her reference was, of course, the brother’s eroge.

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This is a new School Idol group, but they don't have a name yet. What should their name be?
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Obviously they would be named the "Cruel Angels"
And their first album would be "thesis"
We Can (Not) Sing

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What went wrong
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En died.
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But hes okay now!
It's allllllll riiiiiiiiigth.
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I love Kallen.
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What is /a/'s opinion on multiple waifus?
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lowest tier bait
>multiple waifus

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If you love your waifus, then they are your waifus.
If the faggot protag of Monster Musume can live in a house full of them, then you can too.

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What raw manga are you reading?
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sachiko chan kawaii
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It's that time of the year again.
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flap flippers
Ange Vierge
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Is Mori Summer real?
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Is she in a giant vagina?
Why was Chuu2 season 2 about Rikka getting cuckolded? That was so dumb and unnecessary, even if the new character had a sweet bod
How can Mori Summer be real if my dick isn't real?

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Anime when?
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Doesn't mean that I don't want to see it happen though.

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Hey kid you wanna buy some drugs?
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Go back to silkroad.
>you will never snort coke off ritsus forehead

Why even live?
Drugs cost money. I don't have money

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Have you been fapping to me again?
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I don't know who that character is but raven-haired maidens are the bess
I fapped to her once.
But who is she?
well sorry but these 2 are so hot

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Machi is a super sexy JC.
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That's a cute miko but why does she look she's about to get ravaged
Machi is Ika Musume in another life.
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Very cute

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Take a scene and/or line, and take it out of context.

For example:
They're talking about dick.
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Fuck off.
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