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Are there any good anime set in WW2?
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I hear >>>/wsr/ is a great WWII anime.
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Yes. Check out Legend of the Blue Wolves.
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Brave Witches.

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Who started the edgy trend /a/
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Probably me by impregnating your mother 14 years ago
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>She sees your dick
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how many of you want to jerk off right now
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That's a shitty drawing, so no.
>What went wrong?
>Why is she so perfect?
>Who X here?
>Would you a X?
>Everyday until X
>Daily Reminder
>You will never mumble mumble
>Mumble mumble Prove me wrong - You can't
>You have X seconds to mumble mumble - You can't
>What does X's Y smell like?
>How do we fix X?
>X a Y
>Which X would you Y?
>/a/ suddenly hates x
>Why is X the only studio willing to take risks?
>About to watch X what should I expect?
>Don't mind me, I'm just posting mumble mumble.
>There are people on /a/ right now who mumble mumble
>What the fuck happened?
>Mumble mumble when?
>What's wrong with VLC?
>Wake up, see this. What do?
>I'll just leave this here
>What's your excuse for not watching X
>X will save anime / I'm here to save anime
>What does /a/ think about X?
>What's the most boring anime you've ever watched?
>X is Love
>Haven't seen one of these in a while
>Is X worth watching?
>yfw x wins da y
>Mumble mumble thread? Mumble mumble thread
>What the fuck did I just watch?
>X confirmed for Y
>Best Key girl
>Why do you still watch moeshit?
>She sees your dick
>Why is this allowed?
>Which anime has the worst fanbase?
>What anime is this semen demon from?
>X becomes the MC of the Y. How fucked is X?
>Could X defeat Y?
>Your waifu's face when X
>It's time.
>Your waifu is now X, do you still love her?
>Was it rape, /a/?
>Weekend waifu drawthread
>All your waifus are wonderful, /a/
>You should be able to solve this
>Let's get a X thread going
>Do X if your waifu is posted
>ITT: overrated shit
>What an utterly useless power
>Date-a-live? More like date a slut am I right?
>I want to protect X's smile
>Why can't I hold all these feels?
>This is your X tonight
>Why did X fail/Why wasn't X popular
>what did he/she mean by this?
>what was his/her fucking problem?
>this is a japanese X
>Do you like girls (male)?
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>no me on the left

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Pepsi or Cola?
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RC Cola.
Pepsi. Coke is shit

Why bother with the public humiliation, chuuniboobs, your archetype can never win
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I fucking hate this anime
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Chuunis are usually best girls. It sucks when they don't win.

The chuuni has no chance, so I can only root or the loli and hope she'll win cause the Silver bitch doesn't deserve love.
Does she get the D?
I had to drop that anime, too much bullying

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Check THIS out /a/!
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Don't blink!
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Brace yourself

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Super Pochaco will finally get an anime in 2017 right?
You guys think it would bomb or would it become a meme just like umaru?
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If it gets anime, I hope it doesn't take place in high school.
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shes like 20 yrs old so it would probably take place in uni
hopefully its a pochaco x taruko anime with a bit of sonico thrown in every now and then
>Super Fatchaco

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Are the old JoJo OVAs worth watching as an alternative for Stardust Crusaders?

Let me explain what I mean to sound less retarded.

First things first, I'm not dumb - I'm aware the new SC anime is objectively better than the old OVAs from the technical standpoint and there's no point in comparing the two in that way.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I'll explain why I'm even asking that question in the first place.

So, some time ago I watched the BluRay 2012 series of JoJo and loved it. For now, however, I have literally no way of obtaining the SC BluRays, legally or not, and every streaming site in the universe only has the censored-to-shit TV version, which I'm not going to bother with cause I'm allergic to censorship (and no, the censorship doesn't come close to "not being that bad", in fact it's fucking terrible so just fuck off with that meme).

Since the old OVAs cover the same part of the manga as the new anime series does, are they worth watching as an alternative in my situation?
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eat shit.png
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Read the manga
I don't read manga.
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Torrent. If you can't torrent, find other ways to download.
If you can't even manage that, just fuck off.

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Yuno is getting married!
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Good on them! I always knew those two would end up tying the knot. He's a good man and she deserves him.
That's clearly a picture of me, but that's not my wife.
I miss when /v/ retards didn't post this image with its edits everyday, they really know how to ruin a joke.

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This is Bishamon. Say something nice to her
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I haven't watched the 2nd season.
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i want her to femdom me
Nice hairdo

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How can we defeat the truck menace?
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feed them lolis
By looking both ways before crossing a street. Are Japanese really this stupid?
> attacking the raped victim and not the rapist

this is whats wrong with jews

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Santa Sanya 2016.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

25 days![]

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Is it Christmas yet?
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santa kyouko.png
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glorious bastard.gif
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This a thousand times.
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I started reading this, it's comfy as fuck. My only question is: is Chise really going to fuck skull man for real or is this completely platonic? Fuck this romance is confusing.

Also, is the anime worth watching?
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skull man is actually a handsome generic bishie, don't worry
Didn't she become unquestionably loyal to him after knowing him for like a week? Of course she'll fuck him if he tells her to.
That's just an illusion.

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