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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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a lot, I'm a kyoanifag.

Mike Judge would criticize the movement to be too robotic. There needs to be some variation in how the characters move.
a lot, I'm a kyoanifag.

>You're the man now dawg
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First for perona best grill
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So this makes Hunter x Hunter the second oldest on Jump?
The fuck.

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Sup, /a/. Do I need to have read the old Astro Boy in order to enjoy Pluto? Or is it good enough on it's own?
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No and yes, its very good on its own.
I enjoyed it thoroughly and was never into Astro Boy. I'm sure I would have found deeper meaning if I had but it is pretty great.
good on its own, but it has weak ending in my opinion like most of this author work anyway, truly a hack

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>He doesn't watch 80s animes
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Eww yuck those are old
10s anime > 80s anime
I only watch seasonal stuff

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ITT: Fuck you I like it
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Good for you.
>very popular on /a/ and Murata manga has been mostly praised for a long ass time despite the garbage release schedule
But the majority of /a/ thinks the OPM anime is okay. Not great or terrible, just okay.

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Yes, SHAFT. Apologize for such shit flop.
I like it
You're the shit-taste having minority then. Kill yourself.

So, are the Akito movies considered canon?
Will we have stupid blue geass in S3?
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This installment was far better than the original series.
>inb4 shit taste
Shit taste.
Unless the creators of the original geass dismiss them as not canon then they still are for now.

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Special thread for Honkers
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I masturbate to your favorite raibu.
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Honk threads are always the best.
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I want to cover her in bread crumbs and lick them off her

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>youve impregnated Kallen
What now?
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Does this mean I'm 2D now?

>Fuck n’ Smoke n’ Sleep n’ Roll Over and Get Out of Bed and Wash Your Crotch and Grab a Bite, Two Cans of Mr. Pibb and Go Home and Fuck a Whole Lot More

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Why Kirino is so tall
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I don't know but she is ugly.
Because she is best girl
she's not

So we can already figure that the way they'll bring Lelouch back is that he stole his father's Code yet retained his Geass, which means that meme magic made the cart driver theory came true.

But who is gonna be the antagonistic force? Lelouch changed Brittania from within and brought world peace by focusing all the world's hatred against himself to unite the whole world against him.

I get that in Geass's world that racism will probably still remain strong amongst various people, but who will unite everyone who is against the change Lelouch instigated?

I mean, who's it gonna be? Are we gonna see an antagonist like Donald Trump who wants to Make Brittania Great Again?
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>meme magic made the cart driver theory came true.
Anyone who wasn't literally retarded could tell that he was the cart driver.
Well it could be aliums... like what do we know about the origins of the geass? Serious question, i never studied the lore in any big detail, maybe it came from aliums and now they are coming back to clean the house
Um, no. They strongly imply that Code and Geass are divine powers.

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Dr. Oak, I'm CIA
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He wasn't alone.
Um, you don't get to bring Pokemon.
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Crashing this submarine...with no survivors

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She'll definitely lose right?
Best girls never win
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that swimsuit seems really uncomfortable
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Her boobs look really odd there.
I know they're compressed but they look big and small at the same time.
Also yes she has no chance.
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oh really?

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Chitose feels neglected because she was mostly absent from episode 8. Let's make a list of the reasons we love her to show her we still care.

1. She's beautiful. The term 'head turner' was created for girls like her.
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I turn my head to look away ayyy get it because she's ugly.
Write a song for her
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>this is ugly
>not super hot and feminine

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What do you think about the promised niggerland
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idk I forgot about thiso ne
Ask again without memeing.
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mama is yaoi.png
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Shitty yaoi series with shitty yaoi plot twists made by a shitty yaoi mangaka.

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