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ITT: 10/10 fights from shit series
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>i killed you
>but now i revived you


You must be 18 or older to post here. Literally everything from Bleach is absolute dogshit
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never forget.
The only good fight out of this overrated garbage.

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Name one good thing about Naruto
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The females
I have none of them saved so have Erza instead
fuck off narutards
part 1

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Thoughts on this?

Personally I think it's the most underrated anime of the 00's. not sure how popular it was in Japan when it came out, and I know it was on Toonami when they first came back a few years ago, but it seems like no one talks about it despite it being legitimately great.
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edgy 2deep4u shit
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It's not even edgy for the sake of being edgy though. It has a purpose.

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How do you pronounce "Evangelion"?
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In english, eh-van-jel-yon
in japanese, eh-ban-ger-yon
Also Misato best girl
It starts with a soft e and not a hard e? Man I feel like a jackass

>yfw you were right about guns all along and died just soon enough to be transported to another world where you can see your dreams of them come true
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Does he ever see the Wild Bunch's Gatling in action
Dwarf's BRRRTTTT when?
Yes I think?
Right when they use it the first time near him, when The gal's gonna get trashed.

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H..hey you're pretty cool...don't come to school tomorrow ok?
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She acts like a school shooter it wouldn't surprise me.
>Brings her promotional wand toy to school
>Screams spell names and hit people with it
>Screams "FUCKING NORMIES! REEEEEE!" when she's subdued and dragged away
Was looking at images and saw the manga scene of her confronting Nekohime IRL. Did the anime seriously censor her pulling a fucking boxcutter out to slice up a teacher?

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Everything is going to be daijoubu.
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She'll never die!
That Kurumi cover is so good.

That melancholic longing look is so pleasant to the eye.
I want them to be happy. Are they still happy?

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>Do you like girls (male)?
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That can't actually be the boss right? We already saw what he looked like without a shirt and he was definitely a guy.
gender bender shenanigan
I do not know if its real.
But i like it either way.

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>code geass s3 vs shingeki s2

Which will win?
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we all lose
nobody will win but the facebook anime pinoys

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>you will never be McGillis
>you will never fight for your red-blooded ideals in a giant robot
>you will never reform a corrupted space-empire from the inside out
>you will never have a pure loli waifu who sleeps with her head on your lap
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This little scene really sparked people's interest in this show again it seems. Not that I blame anyone, McGillis is based.
if there's one thing i get on board for, it's pure lolis being treated like queens and doted on.
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Who cares about that?
The real question is if girlfriend can win the Guts-bowl.

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Should I finish this show for muh childhood?
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You mean the Final Act? It's okay I guess.
def if its part of your nostalgia.
i thought about a cool inu tatto where hes inside the meido zangetsuha attack and the galaxies are behind him while hes in demon form
I was planning to finish Final Act myself.

It was going decently, but I dropped it after they killed off Hakudoshi in the dumbest way ever.

He did nothing wrong

Prove me wrong - You can't
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Fairy Tail really fucked up some of their character designs since I last watched it.
delete this
He either didnt know zeno existed; all the other kais did; or he for some reason didnt think Zeno would go apeshit when he found out that he killed all the gods, all the mortals, and began grey-gooing the multiverse. Or he thought he could fight zeno

all of these are gaping flaws in his plan that he should have considered

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>he's never seen a stacked 14 year old
Trips of truth

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Is Freezing worth watching?
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Ryona scenes in s2 were pretty hot and that's about all I can say.
Rana is a better husbando for Satella than that faggot MC, who takes being a worthless shit to a whole nother level.

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Why did Death Note get so shitty after L.
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It got considerably weaker when Yotsuba started. Then after L it became wild assumptions general, so it wasn't as fun.

>It got considerably weaker when Yotsuba started.

This. Moreover Near is nowhere near as likable as L and he got through the solution by assumptions and wild guesses instead of logic.

Definitely got weak as soon as Yotsuba got underfoot. Also they put in Misora way too early and got her offed in a stupid as shit way and lost all potential plots with her.

But I think the hugest issue is that the series was built off the antagonistic relationship between Light and L, so when you write the plot to have him die halfway through the story has nowhere to go.

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