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What does /a/ think about Air Gear?
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It's fun
Best girl won.

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Question, wouldn't she have massive back problems
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She would, but this isn't real life.
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not if she learns to walk on them at a very young age
Yeah, people now you can't make fun of yaoi for its anatomy problems.

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Why do people think kyoani is best
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Because they are. If you disagree, you're free to get the hell out and never come back.
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>triple dubs
Checked. Kyoani IS the best, faggot.
But the majority acknowledges that kyoani is shit

Holy shit, I've never enjoyed an anime series as much as I did for this. The resolutions were less then ideal but pulled the humor well.
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I'm still just happy we GOT resolution. I was absolutely prepared for there never to be a season 2, let alone 3.
>The resolutions were less then ideal
I agree, I haven't been able to find any seeded torrent of S1 that is over 480p, I'm still mad I had to watch S1 with such garbage res, pls someone that bought the BDs fix.

That aside, yeah Working is definitely one of the comfiest anime of all time, even though S2 was very frustrating at times, because the plot progressed at a snails pace.
IMHO the best things this anime gave us was Yamada (best girl by far), so cute you could die Yachiyo x Jun moments and the hijinks of the superior manager and his wife, the fact that they finally found each other at the very end was definitely one of the high points for me.
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Yamad's dance.gif
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ITT: Create a stand fo yourself. The goal is to have the most absurd power without breaking a few rules
>cannot make you god
>cannot directly control people. Only 1 at a time if so
>cannot JUST make you immortal. You have to get creative how it does
And of course it has to be named after something rock related
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I have the power to make British girls scream excitedly through their ugly teeth, and I'm vulnerable to a Japanese woman.
>vulnerable to a Japanese woman
The Devils Tattoo

All I do is whip my back/punch my tattoo a lot.

What was KyoAni trying to convey with this shot?
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Sapphire has a body odor problem.
That they can do shitty 3D models too.
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Rare Asuka.webm
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What was KyoAni trying to convey with this shot?

Holy shit CC has been watching Lelouch from the very beginning
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This isn't even funny anymore.
That is not CC, just some random girl with a green hair
Lelouch dies

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>code geass
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Your days are number, Moeshitter.

The edge is back.
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Pull the trigger I dare you.
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S2 Never.
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No, soon

Trust me, since it's already finishing, the animators will start it and try to advertise the manga as well
HOWEVER, if the anime sold like shit, then no S2
I hope something will at least come up, first season was one of hte most hilarious things i've ever watched (and Urara a cute)
I will be disappointed if this doesn't end with a school shooting where Mokarin-sama murders everyone.

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Does /a/ love archers?
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No one does.
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Only pure ones.
I prefer spearwomen actually.

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Tru luv

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Not until you give me your lunch money.
I can truthfully say that I am not.

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Be a Magical GIrl, they said.
It'll be fun, they said.
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It is fun.
People still watch that madoka rip off?
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trail of tears.jpg
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HomuHomu would like a word with you.
It's the best part of the series, so yes.

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How often do you re-watch/re-read a series?
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If I really like it, multiple times as I please.
Never, unless I really like it. In that case, I let enough time pass until I've forgotten most of the details and I only remember the general plot and key events, so we're talking several years.
My favourites, like 2% of the stuff I watch, get rewatched every couple of years maybe. It's not a hard-and-fast thing. There are maybe five anime I've watched half a dozen plus times, a handful I've watched 3 or more and then more again I've watched twice.

I rewatched a 4/10 once, though I wound up enjoying it more, thinking more positively of it even though I noticed more flaws and upgrading it to a 5.

Can Miyazaki be considered influential to anime?
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>comes out of retirement for the 3rd time
bruh i think the only one he's influencing is himself
Yes but only with the storytelling

See the new Kei-itai film
Not really. The only of his work I see regularly referenced is Nausicaa. He pretty much lives in his own bubble. I even think he he had more influence on western works than Japanese ones.

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