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Where were you when Code Geass R3 happened?
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On a date with my girlfriend.
At work, shitposting about having a job that lets me shitpost whenever I want.
Where is Mod

why is vegeta still so buttblasted over goku being stronger? i thought the ending of dbz was about him accepting that goku is a better fighter and being an autistic space warrior isnt all there is to life
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Super happens before the DBZ ending.
Vegeta had already conceded by the time they bombed Buu. Super completely negated this
Then DBZ ending will negate it again.

Is the third season any good?
The second one was rather dumb.
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Third season best season.
>tfw no 4th season cause the studio broke
Then fuck it.
I will watch it anyway!
is there any major difference between the manga and the anime?
i read the manga btw

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>You'll never workout with her and have sweaty, rough sex afterwards.
Why live?
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As much as I'd love to cook Akame a great dinner of assorted meats then have tender loving sex with her passionately I'd much prefer being Najenda or Esdeath's househusband who enjoy nothing more than having their shoulders or feet rubbed and coming home to my meals after a stressful day.
I prefer Esdese.
You don't want to have sex with her. She has cooties.

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Julis a best edition
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Best girl stuck in a mediocre show.
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Julis a shit. A SHIT.

Claudia a best. A BEST.
Rakudai thread?

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This is why KyoAni is called special.
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You already made this thread.
This is why your parents call you special
>This is why KyoAni is called special
They know what people want and like? Dispite how much tiny little /a/ complains.

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Dumping newest chapter.
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Anime and manga gifs/webm thread?
I didn't see one in ages
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Is it possible to be cuckolded by an anime?
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No, his intention was to save her, not go out with her. He was a 29 year old (forgot exact age) in a boys body.
Fucking cuck.
Fookin sloot
We both know that's bullshit. They may as well have been canon up til the moment he saw her with the baby.

>hurr just give it a sequel man, it's free money XDD

So when did Japan adopt the Hollywood model of production?
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When they ran out of good ideas and realized the best way to make money was to appeal to nostalgic manchildren who miss the shit they watched from the 2000's.
>Dragon Ball Super
>Cardcaptor S2
>Code Geass R3
Yep, they also realized that nostalgia is one big unmilked cashcow
since the 70s

Which anime is a mistake?
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All of them.
Azumanga Daioh.

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Will the new main girl be a nigger?
No pizza hut?
Does that mean C.C. is going to become a nigger?

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Tawawa on monday is clearly going to get a full episode series, right?
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I hope
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It's the best thing for my mondays.
I really don't want it to end, it soothes me
Himura Kiseki needs to do more stuff. He has surprisingly good art and he's usually fall off under my radar because he is known as the artist for SAO.

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Why does this episode exist? 0079 is really fucking bad, but this episode is truly the peak of stupidity and bad. Who fucking greenlit this piece of shit?
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Shit bait
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/m/ here, we'd like to have a word with you...
How could you like this piece of shit episode, especially when the show is attempting to tell a "realistic" war story?

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What do you think of genki girls?
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Extremely annoying and unfunny.
The ideal character to kill off in a pilot episode.
genki by itself is annoying
genki tomboys are a miracle of the universe

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