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GT > Super

You all have shittaste.
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Bwahahahahahahahahaha, in what universe can GT even be compared to Super BWAHAHAHAHA! GT is literally one of the worst anime to have ever existed! I know school is starting back up soon sweetie and that you're scared and frustrated about going into the 4th Grade but please stop making a fool of yourself and get of this website before mommy and daddy catch you.
But he's right. GT was shit but at least it tried new things, Super is just an endless rehash of nostalgia driven garbage and incredibly lazy new "forms." They brought back Frieza because he was the most popular villain, made a whole bunch of "new" characters that are just knock-offs of old ones, brought back future Trunks because he was popular, ect. Super lacks any sort of originality and is so creatively bankrupt that it retroactively makes the entire franchise worse.
i also don't listen to the opinions of babies so please go to bed sweetie

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Wasn't this film panned though?
Link is fucked. Here's the real one.

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Is he depressed or just lazy?
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Depressed, a lazy person wouldn't be like this.
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Let's talk about this masterpiece, /a/. Who's your favorite? I like Coco the most myself desu.
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Chico is pretty cute.
Was neither good nor bad desu

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>Mad dbs third worlders instead of shitposting in 5 dbs general threads now shitposting in 30 dbs threads
Arigato Mods
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It's fucking hysterical how they're acting like illiterate retards
>monkeys acting like monkeys
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I hope moot learns from his faggotry and bring back generals
Or he ban Dragon Ball forever

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>Tadakuni wasn't even the main character
Biggest plot twist in the entire series.
season 2 never
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See you in hell.

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Why is love live so much more popular than idolmaster?
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normalfags have shit taste
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You honestly believe that?

Do you think people would have hated Chichi less if she kept her old outfit?
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she is an annoying bitch anyway
but exploiting her sexyness would have been a great thing
I'd like her more, sure, but would a housewife get any respect walking around half-naked like that?
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"Gohan...Let's give your engine a jumpstart."
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The work of the gods ends here.
Toriyama does not care whatsoever. He gets paid for the sales of both versions, doesn't he?
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Please be aware of the fact that pic related will soon be canon. No one here cares how mad you'll get because of this. Just grow up and accept that Caulifla is best girl and the strongest saiyan to ever exist.

Sequel of Kissuiso re-opening when?
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Has /a/ completely forgotten this already?
Ohana was a cute, but what the FUCK was minchi's problem
No. I even recently marathoned the series + movie. It's still great and needs a sequel...

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What's your favorite manga page of all time
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twin star exorcists LOVE.jpg
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Damn, why couldn't that be in the anime?

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Can he just start drawing porn already? The girls this guy draws are 10/10.
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>Implying he hasn't
Why do you think he has 6 assistants just to keep up with the weekly schedule? Not to mention his drawing changed compared to his previous serialization. Guy must have practiced a lot
>He draws porn
>You get one release from him every x months with his characters

>He draws a popular manga that everyone reads
>You get x doujin a month from a bunch of different authors with his characters
>Guy must have practiced a lot
He said in that video interview that early in his career he had trouble drawing women because they looked like boys with breasts.

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Why is he so perfect?
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He knows how to entertain men of character and has my wicked sense of humor.
Tenma is better
Classic psychopath with narcissistic and nihilistic tendencies, next.

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When will this masterpiece get a short anime adaptation?
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Once typemoon acknowledges the yuri salvation.
Only adapt the events, please.
what was her name?

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This is the closest anime has ever reached to be called "art".
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What is Turn A?
Now that I am an adult, I recognize CCA as a masterpiece.
All of UC directed by Tomino is equally great.

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