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Just Because!.jpg
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Will this be good?
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>The story focuses on the feelings of a group of high school students at the near of graduation and the sudden appearance of transfer student who changed their life
Isn't this the plot of Glasslip?
Hopefully there will be no chickens this time
its the plot of literally 90% of all anime

"The Secret is 'Love'", or, "What if Maria was Respected on some Level by the Writing Staff and her Arcs were Handled with some Semblence of Fucking Tact", also alternatively titled, "It Would Still have been a Better Episode if the Scene of Maria's Deepest Love was her First Glimpse of Kazanari Tsubasa's Killer Thighs", or otherwise known as "Elfnein Helps Maria Summon Her Persona", else "It Stretches my Suspension of Disbelief far enough that Elfnein could Dive into Maria's Subconscious and Find Anything Other than a Highlight Reel of the Numerous Times Miss Cadenzavna Eve has made her Significant Other, Kazanari Tsubasa, Cum like a Fucking Fountain, in Montage Form";
Also Maria is Trans, this is canon, I don't make the rules I just enforce them, and if this is like a sort of thing you have a problem with your taste is shit, your posts are bad, and it it were not for the laws of this land I would have ended you and yours long ago.
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What the fuck is the autism?

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Since we're supposed to make separate threads instead of discussing everything in generals...

Who's your favorite girl from Seijinshiki Gokko?

I really enjoyed Iruka-chan's personality change in the second chapter. At first she was disinterested in her job and kind of rude to the customers. But by the end she was loving her job and making sure the customers had the best possible experience.
Plum-chan is also good, and she does it >for free. She only had 1 chapter in this manga, but has a few other chapters in other manga by the same artist. Her and her fan both put on a great performance for all the viewers.
Karen-chan is pretty cute. I like how she's kind of a baka. She wants to get pregnant and become a mother, but she doesn't even know that she can't yet.

pic related is just a shitty tsundere and definitely not best girl. I like her shirt though.
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>general threads disguised with thinly veiled shallow questions in the OP

gee OP my favorite girl is X

wow mods great "quality discussion," truly you alone know what speech is best.
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But overall, my favorite girl from the series has to be Kaneshiro-chan. She's such a good girl at heart, even though she wants to be a gyaru. She's cute when she tries to act bad, but sensei knows that she's really a good girl.
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Keneshiro is also cute while embarrassed.

name a better OP singer.
protip: YOU CAN'T
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Utada hikaru is a weird fucking person.

Her instagram was full of pictures of random garbage she found on the street
her mother committed suicide, so I think that's understandable. and she makes the best ops be it for anime or games.
Is she like Asuka Langley in terms of personality then?

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nani, the fuck
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holy shit fucking finally they killed that bitch
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Gintama new ANIME season in fall
because people don't seem to care about the manga and this is the only way to draw people in here

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What went wrong?
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S2 won't be announced for another 2 years
Tsuneki a shit.
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They added a bunch of worthless bitches when they already had this perfection.

How the fuck is he so fit when all he does all day is play card games?
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Duel Disks weight an average of 72 kgs
Then he should have one beefy Popeye arm, not six pack abs.
Lifts huge stacks of money every day while staring at his Blue Eyed White Dragon poster.

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Why was she such a bitch? Usually protags have a tragic backstory but its like she was born evil
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Being born evil sounds pretty tragic.
>Why was she such a bitch?
Because she was realistic. That is literally how real girls are.
She's the second best female protag in the last five years, the first best is obviously Ange.

Hey everybody, its Saturday Night! How are ya doing?
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This one's an eventful one, so I'm having mixed feelings, but I'm fine overall.
Leaf me alone I don't want to talk about it.
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So what was his problem /a/?
Why Boruto cheated during chuunin exams?
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Will Boruto threads keep getting pruned to oblivion? Generals were more ordered IMO. At least we didn't have a lot of threads for one series in the catalog.
well there is a old /vg/ general being revived for it seems.
Good, all the shitposters can go there

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oh fuck, as marsfag this is pretty arousing

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If the KanColle anime had the 6th DevDiv as the MCs, it would have sold like 70k, right?
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I still prefer to believe the sixth episode was just an OVA. They should just make SoL comedy material and be done with it.
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No, it should have been all about the best class.

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Was this a mistake?
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which part?

no, regardless
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Is the table glued down?

Which Osomatsu episode was your favorite?
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Kerosene was peak matsu
To be quite honest I actually thought the last one was my favourite, just because it was ending the show on a joke about baseball instead of delivering on some percieved serious story.
The deleted one

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What a pussy
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What a family-hater.
In a way, we're all related, so all sex is technically incest.
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no incest.jpg
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