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ITT: Anime/Manga that used to be popular on /a/ but then everybody forgot about
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I'm pretty sure we still get shiki threads every now and then, it's just that there's nothing new to really discuss unless you just watched it.
Just because it was popular for a season doesn't mean it's worth remembering.

/a/ freaks out over shit every season because they're bored, not because it's good.

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This aired on TV in Japan
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>Pokemon SM aka le ebin reaction image and memes: the season
>referencing an aged old meme
>oh my god, guys this aired in Japan
Who cares? In fact, go fuck off back to your shitty board and take your garbage franchise and anime with you if you are so easily impressed by references to memes.
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This aired on TV in Japan
>stop talking about things I don't like

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Who is the best director of films?
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Time to talk about power levels in anime/manga/light novels
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Where the fuck is Hansa?
series like HunterxHunter and Jojo, have the right idea, power should come from your technique not a generic boost to strength speed, and durability.
This image is fucking trash
Everything is wrong

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What exactly made Toriyama go with the roided ayy lmao look? He might be the least creative antigonist design yet, to the point where speculating that there's another true villain looming is more legit than not
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I think the angels will definitely turn out to be evil, but toriama likes to do different stuff all the time. I hen was the last cannon buff ass villain? Tien?

I'd prefer this over seeing another tiny guy like kid buu, freiza, saiyan saga vegeta, etc.

Also I like that jiren looks like a typically Area 51 alien on roids, it's a simple design but newnto the show
Toriyama didn't have enough RUBBER NEN in his head
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This is how bad it is. I hope he performs.

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onii-san abuse.gif
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What the fuck was her problem?
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She wanted a dick but no one would give it to her.
She was just 15
Kids are stupid at that age
She was an aspiring supermodel who fell in love in mediocre boy and she wasn't able yet to express well their emotions and feelings. Just like everyone else in this cartoon.
She was in love with a pervert who wants to fuck his sister

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>destroys an entire multiverse
>erases two universes in his timeline
>shows no remorse at all
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I like your post but idk if it will get many responses
The more I think about this arc the more I'm confused

Where exactly did Trunks go back to at the end?
>/a/ is dead
>mods see how the DBS fanbase has 7+ threads everyday
>let's end the generals

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coy chino.jpg
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Excuse me mister, but is your order a rabbit?
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I would like the Syaro full night course.
Is that meant to be an euphemism for sex?
It's like you really want to contract syphilis.

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Will she ever be relevant in DBS?
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Maybe? If we get to Eoz

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Do you think she will be relevant somehow in the future arcs?
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Sorry but she won't be making it to the wedding.
Kale is shit and if you like her you should contemplate suicide
When Cabba saves Caulifia from Jiren and makes her fall in love with him after witnissing his newly accomplished chad form. Kale will never be seen again because the salt was too much.

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>"U11 is the strongest universe"
>Dinoface gets BTFO by Kale without any effort
>FIVE members at a time get destroyed by Kale, Caulifla, 17 and 18
>With only 4/10 members left, U11 is now the universe with the least members in the ring other than the two universes that were already deleted
>U11 is now in a position where victory is impossible unless the 4 remaining members get really agressive about ringing others out (which they won't because Toppo and Jiren are "preserving energy")
>Dyspo will probably lose to Hit and Goku as well

I don't think I've ever been as disappointed in Dragonball as right now.
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It sucks. Super sucks. I'm done with this shit after this arc.
Akira is a hack
>2 years in an people are still too retarded what the difference between average power and outliers is

Are dogs fine too?
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I'd prefer to be Juju's dog instead.
>there's two stars between the earth and the moon

thanks anime
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No only cats

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This will be a thing now isnt it?
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First for me.
SaNa is canon

How is it called when the tongue is sticking out of a corner of the mouth? I read a Japanese term for it here once. But I forgot it and 20 minutes of Google research only tell me that this expression could have become popular because of a character called Peko-chan.
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That was it. Thanks.

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