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Why has no one attempted to make a male version of Sailor Moon yet?
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I mean, power rangers are very similar to the concept.
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ikemen stopping evil by the moonlight and pulling honeys by the daylight, always ready for a gang fight?
Lurk moar newfag, see Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

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ITT: Forgotten animes.
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Didn't we have one of these threads recently? Also pic related.
cyka blyat
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Every thread.

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Subs never
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Well it's a shitty children's cartoon. You can probably understand the dialogue without subs. But why not watch something intended for your agegroup?
It's Dezaki
So what? He's directed a bunch of children's cartoons. What's so special about that?

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ITT: Things you wish happen more in anime/manga

I'll start
>A song references an earlier song in the anime, be it a borrowed part of the melody or just a phrase of lyrics
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>MC doesn't have cheat skills
>his party members are stronger than him
>harem members don't even like him
>he's NOT the chosen one
>MC actually has a personality and isn't "generically bland self-insert no. 562341: hardcore vanilla edition"
>series is will well-written and not just a bunch of cliché wish fulfillment tropes
>>harem members don't even like him
That's not what harem means, unless you mean to say it's somebody else's harem.
>Not Anime

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Seriously. What the hell is this show.

First episode is nothing like the rest of the show, then it turns into a lesbian rape show, then a kinda interesting robot fighting show, then it goes fantasy with "whoa my friend became a magical dragon" and legit succubus bitch. And now I'm on the second season and it has turned into a Korean drama.

And honestly. I'm not hating it.
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Also World War 7, and robots caused a Norse legend to become real. They even say the word Ragnarok. Wew lads. I love how shitty this is.
Yeah it's all over the place, but Ange is great, the bad guys and drama is hilarious. Bonus points for Akiko Shikata working on the soundtrack.
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Oh god the racist sports episode is great! The white chick is good at golf but the asian person is good at table tennis? Jesus Christ.

The best part is where Japs think they're better than Americans at baseball. LOL what utter insanity. A shame it isn't an Olympic sport anymore.

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What exactly is, if a precise answer exists, the aesthetic or visual design used in the Monogatari series? The show seems to give a lot of attention to industrial design, typography, and Pop-art. The only description I can really think of is a Japanese flavored Bauhaus. What does /a/ think?

Also, feel free to discuss other visual designs/aesthetics utilized in anime that have caught your eye.
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Akiyuki Shinbo
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I'm familiar with his work and actually quite admire it, but he must have his influences, and those are what I am wishing to know about.

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lower back
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That's what that's called
Quality thread, OP, mods will be proud of you.

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ITT: we post overrated SOL anime

I'll start
>Yuru Yuri
>Gabriel Dropout
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All of them

It's decent.

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Castrate yourself


Why the fuck is that first episode so different from the tone of the rest of the series?
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Because it's a shit show with shitty characters and shittier direction.
Something Kotoura.
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Very disappointed desu.

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Who is the strongest in Universe 7 besides Goku/Vegeta and why is it 17?
>beat the shit out of SSJ Blue goku with ease
>literally can't get tired
>has the potential to get even stronger
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>beat the shit out of SSJ Blue goku with ease
that is the part that is absolute bullshit. the whole point of the androids was that they were slightly weaker but with the advantage that they didn't lose stamina

why do they have the best of both worlds now?
Gohan (inb4 memes)
Perfect Cell
Well they were still human before turning android, right? Also super is retarded, you already know this.

Probably only beerus is true.

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I can't be the only one who thinks this, am I?
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You better Cowboy Bestop
Nah I also prefer trigun over bebop
You're probably not the only one, but you're certainly wrong

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Chapter 82!
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Say what you want about GT, this is still HANDS DOWN the best Dragon Ball OP

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GT hands down had the best opening and endings so I can definitely agree with th-
>Shitty dubbed version of the opening
Get the fuck out of here.
Nope. I'll debate that the English singer is better. The original is fine, but the dub just works
not even the best OP
the first DBZ one was better

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