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Why is she so perfect?
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You have a fetish for blues?
Gay romance manga/anime with feminine subs are my guilty pleasure but most of them devolve into BDSM and straight out torture.
>What the fuck are feminine subtitles?
What's wrong with you

Would you marry a genocidal cyborg taller than you?
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With a body like that, why wouldn't you; unless you're a faggot that is.
Why are you spamming threads?
Cyborg pussy is great pussy. The femdom sex would be fantastic. And being taller than me makes it even better.

Id ring her in a heartbeat.

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meru meru meru meru meru meru meru me
meru meru meru meru meru meru meru me
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Kanako is best girl.
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Sure she is
She is the only one Kyousuke could go out with after his incest adventure. I am certain that she wouldn't give a fuck and let him do her

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the entire medium peaked here
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Millennium Actress was better
Not really possible since a horror/thriller movie needs to create a feeling of sickness and anxiousness to actually sell itself. Its really hard for a cartoon to do that and Perfect Blue sure as hell didnt even come close to accomplishing it, therefore it utterly fails at fulfulling its purpose.
ur wrong

>no episode last week because of sports
>latesubs (again) this week
Why must we suffer so much?
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Are they magical girls yet?
Subs are taking too Armadillong.
You had the chance to watch the show Thursday instead of waiting for shitty translations.

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2 new chapters today.

Hopefully it means it's getting picked back up.
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Dumping, I guess.
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Page 2
Was it dropped or something?

I can't believe they finally made an MC just like me:
Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humour
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That's literally me though.
Does the black hair girl hold something for him or will be somewhat interested in him, i really like that shitty girl.
Isn't that 8man though?

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This was awful
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thanks god it's not canon
The anime is more canon than the manga.

This movie specifically is not canon though.

Might be the worst ending I've seen.
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There wasn't a single "2deep4u" moment in EVA. You're just a retard.
I unironically liked the ending. Fite me fggt.
So your how is going your traveling neofag.

Can someone spoil the light novel and tell me why people don't wanna be Yunyun's friend?
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they are all very bad people.
Can't be friends with a prostitute.
Being friends with a cheap whore isn't exactly a good thing.

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If you have the ability to charm people, is being an idol really the best way to make money?
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Of course not, best way to is to fool rich investors to fund your shit
If you're a girl in school, probably
Unless she goes and do enkou
Then charm the court if you get sued.

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Is dragon ball the most successful anime franchise?
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It seems to be the most popular one here at the moment.
In Mexico, sure

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how do you stop kanna from finding out?
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Find out what?
Wrong board?
Wrong thread?
There needs to be some context here.
Also that show is fotm garbage.

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Now that dust has settled, did it help?
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>two drawthreads
It killed /a/. Everything was stable a few moments ago when each series was discussed in its own thread, it had a variety of things. Did the mods think a perfect /a/ looked like a shitty questions and answers forum?
>shounenshitters from facebook and MAL strongly emboldened while the good folks from /pc/ and /ai/ are victims

What do you think?

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How do ya think Konosuba can be improved?
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Make Komekko and Funifura the MCs and turn the show into a prisma Ilya
Make it 100% about Megumin and make her naked with just her hat on
The show so far is alright, but when they start adopting the LN further the harem Kazuma starts gathering becomes annoying since the parody elements wear off and it starts looking like a regular otaku wish fulfillment isekai with comedy added in rather than the main point of the show being to parody the genre.

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