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>femdom series with insults, teasing, denial, blackmail
>second episode quickly devolves into NTR with protagonist developing a cuckold fetish
This is why people go for gentle femdom instead of hard femdom. If the anime you're watching is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from netorare, maybe you should reevaluate your interests.
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The ending was pure kino. He was her mono afterall.
first it wasn't NTR, second the general problem with NTR is that 99% of the time it doesn't make senses
>someone else fucking your girl
>not NTR

>the general problem with NTR is that 99% of the time it doesn't make senses
No, the general problem with NTR is someone else's dick inside your waifu.

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Who is he talking to /a/?
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Fuck off, there's already three Kamachi threads.
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Do I watch votoms or gundam? From what I've seen votoms looks a lot better, but both looks fun.
And is there even a working download for these?
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Watch every 80s sunrise mecha show or you're a faggot.
No, there are no working downloads for these popular mecha shows. Fucking retard.
Well, I can't watch it at the same time, can I? And there is a lot more to gundam and I have limited storage space, and probably there are lot more other shows too, but these two came to my mind currently.

You would be surprised how hard it is today to get a working public tracker these days.

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So are they going to finish it or not?
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But it's over.
They did, but then gave it a shitty movie sequel for some reason.
It's in development hell.

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>Literally saving LWA from flopping

Why shes so perfect, /a/ ?
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>one character is the only thing keeping a show from being shit
>Blue Eyes,Blonde Hair
>10/10 Face,Body,Tits,Voice
>True Beatrix Bloodline
>Smart & Talented
>Doing everything right
>Restored Akko's yay

So this is a PERFECTION looks like.....
doesnt she have green hair though in the show

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>promise to meet in afterlife
>lulu becomes immortal
Does god hate Shirley?
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Lelouch is god, therefore, yes.
>Implying she'snot getting resurrected in S3
Just so you wait.
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>Does god hate Shirley?

Fuck the bitch

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daily reminder that Free got a season 2 but nichijou didn't
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Maybe if it had shirtless boys it would have.
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Why is Yawara so cute though?
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This show also got a season 2. Because it was better than Nichijou.

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Judging from the novel synopsis it looks like Yui is in the lead.
i hope the new game comes to the west.
As she should be of course.

Manami Tanaka played Alice and the bobtailed girl in the Bibury Studios PV (missed today's thread).


Unfortunately, she hasn't had the most lucrative career.


Would you support more roles for her?
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Has she stopped working in 2017 or something? The JP wiki only has one role for her this year.

I really hope Bibury would do an original anime set in the location of that PV with those characters.
You'll also see that she's back to voicing minor characters.
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I guess she's just one of the many seiyuus who for whatever reason can't get anything after their big break, like pic related (Asuka "Erio Touwa" Ogame). Hopefully she has a second job or something.

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What will this madman do after he finishes the Rebuilds?
What will Tsurumaki do after them?
What will Studio Khara produce after there is no more Evangelion to animate?
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He has enough money from his EVAbucks to retire.
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blushing hedgehog.jpg
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Please this.

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What do you want to see in another season of Carnival Phantasm?
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More Taiga Dojo and moe Medea.
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more pic related, also more episodes like the race

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Boys can't love boys, yuu piece of shit.
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But can normal people love midgets?
What if they look like girls?
did he bang Shinoa yet? havent read the mango

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What happened to visual novels adaptations? Why are Fate and stuff by Key the only VNs that get adapted nowadays?
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Light novels took over.
VN adaptations were refreshing in retrospect since they actually had endings
don't forget Nitroplus

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Play the Allah game

Who can say al-LAH the loudest without getting in trouble
Good thread start, but first post worst post on /a/
megumin wants this that little slut

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ITT: Stuff from old anime you don't see anymore.

>Everyone, make sure to keep your distance from the TV screen!~
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female characters being actual characters instead of waifubait
MCs with a good character design
the Sweatdrop
I miss that most of all from Hayate no Gotoku.
Good animation

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