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What the fuck.
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Anti-lwa janny perhaps?
Yes, I'm surprised as well.

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Vagabond will surely return before the year ends, righ?
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just read this
Much more entertaining.

Fucking adaptation fags
I've already read a couple of iterations of the Musashi myth.

I just want more Inoue.
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Vagabond v16 083.jpg
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I have trouble understanding this panel. what could this mean?

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we bully Minori
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I'd say yes, nonetheless.
literally who

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will he get another form or power boost?
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This is why you folks need a general board- your discussions can all be answered with, "probably, unless x."
I mean, what if Gohan just actually gets killed (without resurrection or other bullshit back-pedaling) soon because he had a power jump and the writers want to break the they've rut they've been stuck in?




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SSJ 3 when?
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Stop those goddamn /dbs/ threads.
>Get mad their shitpost threads were banned
>Make a shit ton of shitpost threads in response
DBSfags aren't very bright, are they?
it all started in the zamasu arc and intensified in top

just ban dbs until /v/ leaves

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Which shows have the best female-female relationships?
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Maybe you should ask >>>/u/ or >>>/wsr/ and >>>/r/.
It's the only thing they're on 4chan for- to stop people from making threads about yuri and requesting things respectively on /a/.
Boku no Pico

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Just finished the last episode of Gintama.
>feels bad
I really love this series.
When are they making more? Are they making more?
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i think some new stuff is coming out in october
they will adapt the skipped small comedy arcs and chapters in october and once the manga ends they will adapt the final arc too
I haven't actually read any of the manga at all.
Is it advisable to just pick it up from where the anime left off?

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When you are 80 years old, wrapped in a blanket and comfy in your rocking chair by an open fire, surrounded by your great-grandchildren; you can tell the spellbound youngsters about the time you saw Gohan transform into Super Saiyan 2 for the first time, and then save the universe from Cell.

The fire crackles as the children gasp in awe. Snow begins to fall outside the window and your tale comes to end, but the youngsters are thirsty for more 'Tell us about the time he was even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku Grandpapa!' one child begs. 'No, no! The time he fought evenly with Super Saiyan Blue Goku!" implores another. The oldest boy pipes up 'Be quiet you two. Grandad tells those ones all the time. Go on, tell us the one you promised us last time - the tournament of power...Grandad...G-Grandad?'.

The rocking chair creaks to a halt. A serene expression on your face and the final fight between Gohan and Jiren flash before your eyes in your final moments as the children embraces you. The transformation into Mystic God. The final Kamehameha that saved U7 from erasure. They know what is happening. They are scared, but calm.

The last thing you hear as you slide into the black warmth of death is the youngest boy - old beyond his years, a Gohan fanatic. 'Don't be sad. He lived a hell of a life. In the age of Gohan.'
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New idea /a/ friends. Spam DBS threads with O MY RUBBER NEN


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Pic very related, it should've ended after Yamada finally found all 7 witches and did the ritual, they even had a nice pseudo wrap-up but suddenly out of nowhere HERE'S SEVEN MORE GO FIND THEM ALL, at which point I couldn't handle it anymore and dropped it.

just found out it ended not long after that, thank fuck, I guess the author realized no one wants to read all that again when the entire plot from the start revolved around 7 witches instead of 14. Still though, it got an anime and live action adaptation so that's pretty good.

Any other series have or had the same problem?
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HxH should've ended that hunter exam, everything post that was a mistake
In my personal opinion, Fist of the North Star.
Raoh's defeat was a good point to end the series, and still they dragged it with that land of Asura nonsense and all the retcons it brought.
That's the worst part of the series.

I liked that it kept going but it got to long winded. The memory stuff was annoying so I dropped it.

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How about you put your own thoughts into the thread so it sounds less like a request or other banned thread type.
How about no
It was great, the butcher seems to excel the most when exploring new mediums.

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Final volume guys
Kaori will win cap this
Pls no loner ending, even if it is the most suitable one, it will make me want to kill myself for following this LN for so long.

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Lets be honest, girls with eye patches are always best girl.
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>girls with eyepatches are always best girl
you probably thing traps arent gay too with that flawed logic

You mean "think", get educated. And traps are faggot cancer.
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kill me.gif
2MB, 480x480px

Who's the biggest faggot of all?

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You know, every time I see a Kinnikuman thread, it's always the same image and same one line post that's either "does anybody even know this" or "i don't want to form my own opinion, should i read this". It gets fucking tiring to see people talk so little about Kinnikuman and even when they do, they barely even talk about it and just go off spouting whatever wrestlers are best. They're all best, okay? (Except Nisei, they can all go fuck themselves)

I barely see anyone talking about the new series which is getting a translation, or the old series which is already translated. There's tons to talk about, like how the characters so much more fleshed out than others in most shounen shit, how their designs are more unique thanks to Yude stealing designs or how the art in the later series pretty much beats out other shonen since it conveys actual impact without putting up a million speedlines or sound effects.

Stepping away from brief threads having nothing to talk about, I keep hearing faggots talk about how Kinnikuman needs a reboot like Jojo or something. Aside from the fact that people want the same AIDs-riddled lepers that infest Jojo to infest Kinnikuman, I really don't see the need for a reboot. If Kinnikuman does ever get an anime, then it can use a few of the gag side stories before going full into wrestling with the Choujin OIympics. Keeping at least the gag stories that get referenced later on would be a nice boon to the hypothetical anime. But on the other hand, a hypothetical manga reboot would be fucking stupid.
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Series today need an anime for people to care here.
Something like Tiger Mask W can bring a new fanbase and good threads.

So I hope they consider doing something and a new Captain Tsubasa series too
If Tiger Mask W's what could happen to Kinnikuman, then I'd rather hire someone to kill Yudetamago so that'd never happen.

Tiger Mask W fucking sucks. It's Diet Coke's Diet Coke, shit wrestling with small moments of actual action covered in heaping layers of unimportant, boring shit and bland characters. Besides, Kinnikuman already has an anime of sorts, Ultimate Muscle. That ought to wet anyone's appetite for wrestling.
So don't you want an anime then?
They can redo the original one first arcs on a relatively short anime.

I'm a big fan of the franchise,but you need something to talk about you outside your loyal and probably old fanbase at this point.

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Can we discuss "Kino"'s character? A lot of /a/ seems to like her despite the fact she's a hypocritical, self serving individual that makes claims in the name of justice that she can't back up. I would have liked her better if she remained stoic and operated from behind the scenes despite being a main character.
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I want to fuck Kino.
Classic or new Kino?
All the Kino.

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Goddamn why does it give me such hard feels?
You know the one I'm talking about.

Literally the best anime music ever.
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>hey, what if in the last episode we invalidate everything that happened in the season and the whole growth Tomoya went through?
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Everlasting song.

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