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Soredemo boku no shinpuru na
Omoi wo tsutaetai dakenano
Fuki nukeru
Kusunda ano hi no kaze wa

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Wow, this show sucks--and I say this as someone who generally loves SoL comedies.

>one-dimensional characters even by anime standards
>said characters have no natural chemistry
>the characters don't even look good, girls aren't moe at all
>humor is the same half-dozen gags repeating
>constant fucking screaming
>basically a harem
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What the...
How is it not?
It is a fast paced slapstick/gag comedy.

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i miss these threads
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Scans when
OVA when

I love Ojamajos!
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Should I watch Dokkan or Naisho first?
Release order, except you watch Sharp Movie after ep36 of Sharp.

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Is this the only western collab that made it big in Japan?
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i would literally kill for torrents of the whole thing.

finnish/jap audio is fine since i'll never get the English dub complete

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I'm enjoying this so far.

What's /a/ 's opinion on this?
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I thought it was pretty cool but not all it was hyped up to be
kind of overrated t.b.h
Not perfect but still a must read imo, its short enough either way

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Do you like anime dogs, /a/?
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I love them.
Their animals are weird and fucked up. Anime mascots are full blown annoying and have no necessity in the shows they are featured in. Just adds to the faggotry that already permeates this medium and further reinforces why it has no place in society except for its dingy little corner in a ghetto of self-inflicted celibacy.

Well, that sucked.
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No u.
wtf i hate penguindrum now
I fully agree with you, OP. The show seems to have a fanbase that absolutely loves it, so I expected something at least somewhat decent. I couldn't believe how crap it was.

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It's so random I can't stop laughing. Please someone stop this carousel of laughter
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Don't worry. Azumanga looks like a turd in comparison.
Ahahahahaha so funnie not to mention cute.
Weebs force laughter when they know that the anime they're watching isn't funny. The Japanese are notoriously bad at humor and are prone to laugh at math equations rather than toilet humor like Americans who are the only normal people on Earth. You, faggots of /a/, need to drop the farce and quit with the pretentious notion of thinking anime cultures you in any way. The fucking garbage is purposefully designed to lure in nerds and fuel their disgisting escapism. The only life to live is in reality. Go join the masses and embrace conformity or die alone in your delusions. You're not indoviduals. You're not unique. You will obey societal norms!!

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I get that Trunks coming back to warn Goku about the Androids is necessary, but why bring Frieza back? Totally shits on the entire storyline and buildup of the Namek/Frieza saga, and on what Goku achieved.
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They had to show how strong Trunks was by killing the person who wrecked everyone until the end of the previous arc, and how threatening the Androids were that he constantly got BTFO by them.

Read: to job.
to show how stronk Trunks is in order to make the shock of the androids blowing him the fuck out so easily seem even more impressive.
To show goku he means business.

THIS is the face of a loser.
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Came for Takasaki, stayed for Ririna
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The government did nothing wrong.
Well, fuck you too.

>"My Stand can explode things with a single touch!"
>"Also, it can detach a small tank from its hand that will follow you anywhere, and will also blow you up!"
>"Also, it can rewind time if anyone ever asks my wife's son about my true identity!"
>"Actually, they don't even NEED to find my true identity! I can literally take a random person on the street and blow them up, and that'll ALSO send me back in time, somehow!"
>"Also, it has a storage compartment in its abs, just in case I find a plant-sized Stand user who will do what I say whose Stand complements mine!"
>"Also- oh fuck, I lost"

How do you bullshit THIS hard and still get your ass kicked?
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Kira was stupid. Unbelievably stupid.
To be honest I thought he was a fine villain until the whole time rewind bullshit came into play.
>"My Stand just works!"
A lot of JoJo villains have bullshit powers.

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It got a trilogy of films which were some of the most expensive Japanese productions to date.

Why did it never get an anime?
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whats this manga about again? i tried reading it a long time ago but it was so boring
>Why did it never get an anime?
Does it matter? The manga would've been better anyways.
should i read this?

Who are your favorite nekos?
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eris bikini.jpg
1MB, 2085x2263px

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Would you?
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NO, he's too much of a bro
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While he's a girl? Pic related
that's gay

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