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Anime made by Madhouse when
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When Shueisha realizes that they're wasting their fucking time shilling Black Clover.
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Maybe if Natsume Shingo was the director but otherwise i wouldn't want it.
As much as i would want Bones to give KnY the Mob100 treatment do it they suck so much dick at long running series, as seen with BNHA.

To be honest i kinda want som obscure no name studio to do just because KnY art style is really odd sometimes, it would be fun if they could just run with it like that.
Holy shit all those typos.
Don't shitpost while jerking off kids, it takes focus.

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Who's your pick for surprise heavy hitters in the tournament?

>too over designed to be wasted as a mere jobber. I get the feeling he was designed to sell action figures
>I expect him to take out a fan favorite like Android 18 at the very least

>the two U6 namekians
>have not seen them doing anything at all, which means they've been saved up for a big reveal and not just Frieza's canon fodder punching bag
>U7 saiayans > U6 namekians
>U6 namekians > U7 namekians
>I expect them to have some sort of transformation U7 namekians were never aware of, possibly teaching it to Piccolo to give him a power boost and make him semi relevant again
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>Who's your pick for surprise heavy hitters in the tournament?

>Literally jobbed hard to jobhan
>recruitment arc dedicates an episode to each fighter
>think they might have finally changed their ways with the massive power gap between Goku and everyone else
>maybe they'll actually do something cool in the tournament
Lol nope just stand in a circle fagets

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Chapter 39 is out.
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So, what the fuck? Why Chise's friend? Is that a requirement for the spell? She's definitely not going to like this.
Did they fuck already

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New chapter

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Should Koyasu voice Giorno?
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Sorry OP but generals aren't allowed anymore.
i don't think he should
if memory serves, giorno is like 17 or 18, and while dio was the same age in part 1 at some point, he was also a lot more matured and sinister than giorno
i think giorno should sound younger than his dad
I don't think he's even 15.

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Is it lesbian fruit cheering day today?
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Yes, but I'm not sure how long until subs.
i'm hungry. hungry for fruit
Big thanks to the anon that recommended this to me in a locodol thread last week! You were spot on, I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

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really mean dumb and who are you quoting?

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Guys, don't you think that Toppo's ass got bigger in the last two episodes? I'm kinda worried about him!
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The THICCer the better.
I love Toppo and his justice BRAP
Don't be worried anon!

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Do you think isekai is here to stay or do you think Japan eventually will get tired of it?
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Isekai has been here at least since the 80s as I remember since that time of animes about protagonists living normal lives and waking up in fantasy worlds, so yeah it's here to stay, might decrease in popularity in some time with the recent flood of Isekai but will alway be there.
Well see next season
there's no more re:zero seasons tho

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Kumiko is in the house tonight.
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someone explain to me this despacito meme and what it has to do with Kumiko

is it some shitty youtube video meme or something

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Murata is streaming.
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Fuck off

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Can we get a QUALITY thread going?
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Oh come on, he's obviously supposed to be far away.
Why would you invest time in making everything perfectly detailed when you're on a budget?
slender man was their inspiration
I understand, but that's stick-figure tier.

SSG = SS Red = SSG1
SSB = SS Blue = SSG2
LSS = SS Green = SSG3
SS4 = SS Black = SSG4

It makes perfect sense.
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GT is not canon
I really want Super to get to a point where they just go over GT's time keeping most or all of the good aspects of the series and just remove/ change the crap stuff

There is only one word to describe this week's episode: revolutionary.
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60 fps in a tv broadcast anime
I wonder who are all the people credited.
>2 voice actors
>goat photographer
>genius screen writer
>genius editor

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Lately have been noticing most characters look like pic related in anime
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I miss the old tough man look MCs had
>draw Kirito
>call it a girl
Japan can't keep getting away with this.
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Who does he look like

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