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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest urara of them all?
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My wife Kon who is very cute.
Unironically Nono

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Reminder that Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakova is the best girl.
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Why doesn't she look like a potato?
Because the potato wishes to look like her
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Of course she's the best girl. Our protagonist is a man.

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what the FUCK was his problem?
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Absolutely nothing.
The crazy losers were his problem.
Good MC in a bait and switch universe. The LN turns into a train wreck as soon as cowtits appear.

Seems to be a good anime but a little strange because there is a kawaii neko girl, what do you think about that?
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It's extremely boring.
On second thought, a kawaii neko girl is nothing strange
Thank you, I will not see it then.

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Cum goes IN the pussy!?
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She's a farmer's daughter.
>so short!
is more appropriate
I want to have sex with her face.
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why is chitanda so intense all the time

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>let's design the genkiest of girls
>who tries harder than ANYONE
>who is training in EVERY single scene one way or another
>literally never gives up, never stops
>lets take this girl and absolutely and utterly destroy her hopes and dreams forever with a happy ending
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That's my fetish.
At least this never actually happens in the other routes and sequels. She probably reaches her dream in every single timeline except her own. Incredible.
Wrong. In many other routes Momoyo hints that she's going to get a reality check sooner or later.

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Describe your life with a single panel or screencap.
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I meet up with other gay Jojo fans and we take turns being stands. Stands are guys that stick dicks into their masters. It's fun!
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free candy van.jpg
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It's rude, onii-chan. Your little sister just want to have fun! (jap. tanoshii)
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Even fucking Boruto is better than this tripe. What went so wrong?
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Fuck off, jojofag
Hori is busy wasting chapters on introducing irrelevant characters instead of developing the main characters.
Also, the latest arcs are fucking trash.
Battle shounens are repetitive.

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Would you like to come to our pool party?
We have root beer.
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Me on the left.
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>root beer and lolis
I heard lolis can't into modern prog, but last year some loli offered me to hop in some sound deaden van to listen to Steven Wilson plus offered me ice cold beer, O-Of course I declined her and the little driver who definitely didn't left me half dead from headpats but it still surprised me.

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Snek is ____
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13 years old

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I want to protect her smile
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This series has really grown on me.

I like that even though the MC is a Gary Stu, he's still got vulnerabilities that make him human.

The villain is also really interesting too.
Too late, she's dead.
This series would've been so much better if it was one cour. I legitimately want to just comb through it with Adobe Premiere and just make it shorter.

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>finish watching a series
>miss one episode
Has anything happened to you that just completely ruins your experience of a show?
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>finish watching a series
>miss one episode
How did you finish the series if you missed an episode?
Because I think I've finished it and feel like I have
Yes. Missed an important episode because it was corrupted when I copied it. The next episode was out of place

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>Apocrypha are works, usually written, of unknown authorship or of doubtful origin
>People call Astolfo male
>unknown or doubtful origin
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1999 mother fuckers.
Also, I know you niggers are reading this thread.
Astolfo dies

Holy shit, Tensho has founded a new studio. First project is "Grisaia: Phantom Trigger"
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Okay but is it yuri
Grisaia or these girls?

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