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This was so much better than Your Name

Why wasn't it more well received?
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Worse pacing, uninventive animation and unsurprising plotline (except for the conclusion).

Overall, it was a fun, albeit melodramatic film. But if i were to compare them, it's clear Shinkai has more experience directing and learning from past mistakes.
all that development with the main girl then he just chooses the other girl cause he has a past with her, which we don't know almost anything of and seems completely out of place. Stupid ass end but was a fun ride
First half duration about family problem is interesting. Then it slowly become awful later.

No fun.

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I love champa fanservice this episode
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>a god fell for the vuvuzela meme
I like how Beerus didn't even get mad that Goku helped Hit.

I think that given the situation if his brother survives the tournament Beerus would die happy even at the cost of his erasure.
How are there vuvuzelas in universe 6 if Earth existed for all of 6 months

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I love recycled animation, but at least Pepino's introduction was cool.

Do you guys still think the arc can be redeemed?
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Who the fuck is Pepino?
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He was revealed as one of the two conspicuously absent U6 fighters ages ago, man.
Oh, you're just shitposting. Okay then

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who's best monogatari girl and why's it literally no one else except kaiki?
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Came here to post Kaiki, but I see you already did. God-tier taste OP.
god-tier taste to you too anon

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I want a third season
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Only if there's plenty of screentime of Espada and Aki.
It will never happen. He dropped the manga according to /a/.
>He dropped the manga according to /a/

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Why is taiga so shit?
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Nobody cares about this show anymore, grandpa
That's a funny way of saying best girl.
She's a cunt.

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Full Leaks soon
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Reposting this in new thread:

Are there any episodes/scenes/moments where you feel the Faulconer dub does a better job than the Kai dub? If so, what parts?

I'm rewatching the old dub after watching Kai a few times, and honestly it doesn't hold up, despite my nostalgia for watching it all first via Faulconer dub
>#72 in manga sales in first half of 2017
How Dragon Ball has fallen

SA! sa! sa! sa! sa! sa! SA!

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Post lewds, I want to fapt to her.
If she's so smart and likes uncertainty so much, she should have realized author put 7 layers of plot armor on her, so she literally can't lose the matches that matter.
Why is gambling illegal in Japan if Asians love it so much? Americans made booze illegal but then repealed that stupid shit like 10 years later when we realized it fucking sucked....

Isn't this a better "Effort pays off, Never give up" anime than BNHA?
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No, because Akko works with her friends to accomplish her goals, nobody likes that shit in practice, they want to be able to do that shit themselves while calling it friendship. Akko is mine, don't post her so casually you scum
Maybe but that's really not saying much.

Either way they both suck.
But I actually like Deku

ITT : >Scenes that made you drop on the spot.
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What's wrong OP, felt insecure?
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>See interesting show being posted
>Looked up Wikipedia page
>X is a 4 panel
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4 panel are comfy read
How about you read it you nigger
I'll read it when the Japanese learn to be funny.

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I wanted to buy a figure of illya to jerk off to for a long time but my roommate is a normie faggit.
What's he gonna do? Call the police on you for owning some plastic?
No that's a good thing about Germanistan at least I will not get in jail for that but I am going to move out soon anyway and I don't want other people too now about it except my lolicon frendos.

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Which biyori would you?
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Excuse me?
the autistic one
SEX with Hotarun

what currently airing objectively bad anime do you enjoy?

for me its knights and magic where the main character is a gary stu
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Is there a Isekai where the MC stays a loser? Or at least is forced to learn the things from the very beginning?
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Vatican, Although I'm not sure how I'd be able to call it bad after the Hitler thing
This season I'm not watching anything bad. I stuck with Nana Maru but it was just too bad. The cute amateur sounding seiyuu wasn't enough.

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Time paradog
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