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1999 vs 2011.png
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Which version do you prefer?

I just caught up to this series, (watched all of '99 then switched to '11 where it picked up), I'm enjoying it a lot so far. The fights feel really fresh, plus it's been a while since I've watched a battle shounen.

Personally I feel like they're about equal, though I haven't watched '11 from the beginning so I can't form a complete opinion. Fights feel a lot more dynamic in '99 and the palette is really nostalgic. At the same time, the production values and music of '11 seem a lot better. Gon vs Pitou was the most hype thing I've seen in a long time, even if the Chimera Ant Arc seemed to drag on way too long.

Thoughts? How's the manga?
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1999 > 2011
manga > both
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manga>2011>not watching at all>99

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Will you sing me a lullaby, /a/?
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lain iwakura just needs a hug


I'm so tired.
Everyone is already asleep

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Sagiri after the finish.jpg
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Fuck your fucking weeb shit
Fuck off retard
Jump off a bridge.

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I wonder how tings would have turned out if he didn't die
Not as good.
His death was unavoidable.
Simon was the one getting shit done, anyways.
All Kamina did was inspire people to stop being fags.

What are /a/'s thoughts on this
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complete train wreck of a show

File: Dragon_Ball_Super_Key_visual.jpg (60KB, 230x325px)Image search: [Google]
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Why does this show shit over Vegeta so much? Fucking hell, in episode 104, it gave goku vegetas god-blue technique from the manga. Why do the writers keep sucking gokus dick so much?
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Because Vegeta is a manlet and her deserves nothing.
Fuck off, faggot. Gokuu best boi. He's MC, not manleta
Vegeta has spent most of Super getting shat on, except his beatdown/teardown of Frieza and Black were top notch, and the throwaway filler episode ranked base Veggie as stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks. He also had the amazing exchange with the fat girl in the ToP, and has yet to have his actual turn in the spotlight. It's been like 8 episodes and we've only seen about 13 minutes of the tournament, it's not even half over yet.

Will Toga pull this later on?
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So is this it for Toga and Twice for this arc? It's been fun, but what will they do now?
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toga is sexy
>another two weeks until chapter

Not even snk was this bad

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Since this Roselia single will be the ED for Vanguard, how long until a Bang Dream with other Bushiroad series like Love Live or Kemono Friends?
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When they make Roselia only anime with different studio and staff.
How do we get rid of Xebec?
The anime looked good, fuck off.

File: Screenshot_20170817-132855.png (1MB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1080x1920px
ARIA The Animation to get a US dub, blueray release via Kickstarter. Thoughts?

Don't really care about the dub but would be nice to see a decent upscale for US market.
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Why must everything be tarnished with phone posting?
I don't care fuck off. The JP BD is already ripped, and it's not so good.
Sounds like a terrible idea, why not fund more anime instead?
Nobody cares about shitty voice actors

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Kanna dragon form.jpg
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>Blue Eyes
>White Dragon
Will Seto Kaiba get along well with Kanna or maybe adopt her as his daughteru?
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dont know what the fuck you're talking about but man i want to pound that thicc kanna butt so bad

he will use her as a weapon
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Keep in mind that if he can't have her he will destroy her, like a true otaku.

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Are you excited for more Albedo?
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Not as much as for Cocytus.
If Albedo where not edited to love momonga would she be getting pounded everyday by demiurge?
I want Albedo to sit on my face

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Just a quick translation.
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What's the gayest anime that you are willing to publicly admit to enjoying? Pic very related.
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Love Stage
the vatican anime currently airing
the first part of samumenco

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We have to go back
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First and third are not romance
I can guarantee you that all of these are better than you're favorite anime.
enjoying all of them except the first.

File: DGcMQhAVoAAuuEb.jpg (112KB, 1000x694px)Image search: [Google]
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Can we talk about this beautiful show? I think this is an underrated gem no one talks about
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You're fucked up. It was one of the most popular shows when it was airing and there's still some autistic fucks who make a "Miuna Monday" thread every week.
File: good morning.jpg (62KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
good morning.jpg
62KB, 1280x720px
Namaka you woke up a day early, tomorrow is Miunday
It's the second best PA works show.
Said that the second cour was weaker that the first, and it never managed to reach again the climax of the end of the first cour, kinda like Wixoss so I guess it's an Okada thing.

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