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Can you name one better and more historically accurate anime about post-WWI Europe? Because pretty sure you can't.
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Any World Masterpiece Theatre show.
Little Women 2?
Trapp Family Singers
They aren't made by Kyoani

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Is he brainwashed or just dead inside?
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It's strange that Alice didn't warn anybody about this guy.
Tired of Hiroe's/Aoki's horseshit

Charon was betrayed by his best friend who most likely killed another good friend of his. Experiencing that would fuck up anybody. Syo would probably agree.

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Hajime is suffering daily whenever she's undressing /showering since she has Katze in her and he won't give her any privacy.
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I want to be inside her too, if you know what I mean.
Best Girl of all time.
I noticed Hajime never wore this shirt in the first season. Who helped her pick it up?

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Why do fake Macross fans love 7 so much?
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ask in /m/
both male and female mcs are cute as fuck
what else would you want from aidoru?

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What did she mean by this?
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That star has five points
Holy fuck that show was avg
Holy fuck that show was comfy

Serious question, /a/.
What the point of watching Code Geass (or something else with 'magic' or 'superpowers') when Chuunibyou showed everyone how stupid, silly and cringeworthy this shit is?
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He wasn't the REAL Dark Flame Master, the Dark Flame Master was in another show where he protected the world from the Priestess' minions.
it showed its cringy irl
your point?
>Chuunibyou showed everyone how stupid, silly and cringeworthy this shit is
Did it?
Didn't it just show the trials of a boy who desperately wanted to be a man and thought he had to leave everything behind that he deemed childish? Later he recognized this and allowed for "childishness" to return to his life.

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All I want is an anime focused on Sora. I'm a boy.
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>I'm a boy.
Uh... okay?
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There don't have to be any girls in it.
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How do we stop Goro and tea?

Last time Kemono Friends, now Fate Grand Order, sorry, I mean Faith Grand Orgasm.

Warning: NSFW link:
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I don't care about 3DPD.
At least doujinshi sometimes look good.
I honestly can't understand the demographic this caters too. Otaku perfer 2D mostly unless it's Idol stuff but who buys a porn with cheap cosplay and wigs.
Cosplay sex is a fetish. To name another example, scat. Disgusting for most, but a few are aroused by it.

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What is Ayayanokoji's endgame?
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nothing short of a normal, peaceful life.
a tiger can't live a rabbit life
Destroying the remainings of The White Room at school.

Why don't anime girls have aggressively spiked hair anymore?
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Because Queens Blade Unlimited didn't air yet.
Why is it called Queen's Blade if she has a mace?
It was a 90s thing.

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You didn't forget Lisha, did you?

What makes her so fine for anal?
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Krul is the better girl.
Her perfect proportions.
Lisha is waifu lads

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Cute girls doing medieval things.
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Can you really call it medieval when it's not European?
Do you think she will ever bad wounded like getting stabbed or slashed?
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Guns are proxy europe.

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How can people like this trash when the characters are a copy paste from an average SoL CGDCT anime. Why does anyone care if they die when they're just walking archetypes. Sure the MC at least has an interesting gimmick, but that's about it.
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If you don't like walking stereotypes, why do you watch anime?
>CGDCT is inherently bad

Found the wannabe elitist newfag who watched 200 shows and thinks his taste is superior because he watched Lain and Texhnolyze.
>Gakkou Gurashi! - 58
I miss the time when everyone was talking about it, now it's just another deceased manga.

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>mfw the most wonderful horse race ever will never be animated

It's long, full with horses and Stone Ocean will flop hard because Japan shit taste, so DavidPro will have less money for SBR adaptation.
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Here's hoping they skip part 5 and 6 to get to the actually good part.
Why would they skip better parts?
DavidPro would fuck it up anyway, give it to KyoAni.

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Friendly reminder that Goku canonically invented this trick
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>Friendly reminder
It was Vegeta (in the manga)
why did he need SSG to conserve stamina when it was literally never an issue until this moment?

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