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The axe-wielding idle returns
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Rate my roller.
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This was better than Tatami Galaxy and almost as good as Mind Game.
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I'm dying to see this. When is the BD out?
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Fucking hell i wanna watch this
what is this?

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Just watched Akira for the first time and it was pretty fucking dope. Should I read the manga?
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The manga is 10x better so, yeah.
Still the sexiest fucking bike I've ever seen in my life.
The manga somehow manages to one-up the movie so yeah, it's worth

Why are there so few shows that happen in a rural japanese setting? Do Japanese people hate their own culture this much? Hyouge Mono and House of the Five Leaves are two of the best show to come out in the past decade. Tsuiokuhen Kenshin is one of the most acclaimed OVAs in existence (at least in the west). Katangatari and Miribito are fantasy version but essentially make use of a comparable setting. I guess Mushishi also somewhat fits this, but all these shows spread over the course of more than 17 years. How come we have two dozen high school harem shows a year but very often are left without a single, worthwhile rural Japan one? I mean I get that its harder to market and all, but still. This annoys me to no end. Is there simply no source material available or?
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dumb weeb
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>Why are there so few shows that happen in a rural japanese setting?
Watch more anime you fucking retard.

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Why did they never mention that she looked half-European? You can always tell when a kid is looks half Asian. Also why is it always the father that's Japanese in animu? It's almost always the opposite in real life.
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That was surprisingly good English.
>Why is it always the father that's Japanese?

Because neurotic otaku don't want WAITU PIGGU alpha males banging their women.
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Why is the final arc of Yu Yu Hakusho so... weird? It's not even BAD, it's just feels like a totally different anime.
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No Kuwabara
Basically Togashi was planning Games of Thrones with demons but he got stressed out so he cancelled the manga and improvised an ending
Really? It sure feels like it, out of the blue everyone is like YEAH, A TOURNAMENT IS A GREAT IDEA for no fucking reason.

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This nigger loved his blue eyes white dragon so much that he probably banged escorts wearing a blue eyes white dragon outfit
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BEWD is pretty cool desu. specially when drawn by Kazuki
He probably travel back to the dead world just to pick up Kisara and resurrect her to be his waifu.
and there's nothing wrong with doing that.

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bored sakura.png
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Why does Sakura have the best reaction images?
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everyone was fucking gay, not sure if it is related
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worry sakura.jpg
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the overall homosexuality of every single character may explain the smugness of their expressions or at least give way to the situations in wich this expressions are used

>[CCM] Kakegurui - Episode 07 - English Subbed [720p-x264-AAC]

It's out...
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What a terrible episode.
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Do WcDonalds actually exist in japan?
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They exist in Australia.
Don't you mean Nekkudo Hanbaagaa?

But how?
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who fucking cares that scene made the movie
Was this movie a parody of itself?

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endoh the cocksucker.jpg
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Jesus fucking Christ, will Kaiji ever get a fucking break?
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But this was the point he could take a fucking break and have a normalfag live.
No because the fucker consistently makes bad decisions and operates on his emotions rather than long term logic. I feel bad for him but how did that fucker not have the foresight to pay off his debt first BEFORE trying to duel with the man who put him in debt? Most of the problem Kaiji faces could be avoided if Kaiji wasn't a retard.
See >>161340842
It's actually not that bad for him. Kaiji is terrible with money. Of course, he's also terrible without money, so he was fucked no matter what.

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Anyone else a fan of this???
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I like the manga panels
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Her smile and mother gone.jpg
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I enjoy it a lot, yes. Anime was pretty alright, though they cut out a lot of the Kotori - Kouhei relationship stuff.
Adorable, but dead in the fucking water thanks to licensing.

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shark teeth.jpg
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Does anime need more sharks?
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Where's best shark in that picture?
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I'm certainly not complaining.

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sad 2.jpg
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It has been 9 years since Joshiraku last aired.
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S2 when you finish your backlog.
I watched it 5 year ago. Where has the time gone?
SZS was better.

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