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Complete this sentence:

Nyanko is ____.
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Will we see Momoshiki in this form in the fight with Naruto and Sasuke in the Boruto anime?
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I imagine it'll be more difficult to animate with all the floating hair and lines, but then again Sekibeing did fucking amazing work with the Nue's fur.
Maybe, but I think the will just reuse movie material.
That'd be fucking cool. He looks way better. Maybe they'll retcon the movie entirely considering how much things have changed since.

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ITT: Overrated shit
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Shinsekai Yori
Psycho Pass
Ergo Proxy
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dragon maid
Tokyo ghoul

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Put on your headphones and record yourself singing Butter-Fly. Let's aim for at least 10 submissions by September.

Song download: https://mega.nz/#F!J2wHXATA!bIDGrx4yoonkHspJ8SYNBQ
Lyrics: https://pastebin.com/C6pErMNP
Email: [email protected]
Deadline: September 1 (flexible)
Submission count: 3

Motivation: https://youtu.be/IBCUuUr7UC4?t=2m40s
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I'd rather sing Love Serenade, but this is good too
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Oh yeah, thank you to the two who submitted theirs already.

For those of you still practicing or have yet to start, I look forward to hearing what you got. If you're low on confidence, please don't listen to your recordings too much. Don't want to talk yourself out of submitting it when it's probably fine.

Great song, but I don't think I'd have the patience to mix it. If you ever want to tackle it though, I'd participate.
>full version

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Did they fucked in the end?
How would the sex between these two looks like?
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I never understood why some readers praised this series so much. Aside from the bizarre imagery, everything else is pretty weak. Lots of plot conveniences and asspulls. It is as if the author had many nice ideas but didn't know how to tie them coherently.
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It was fun, though the utter lack of understanding of evolution manged to get under my skin, but that's just me bieng a big old nerd.

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why are these 14 year olds so sexy
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To get you to buy the merch
Still don't get the appeal of this anime.
Shinji is not for lust

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Did it survive the test of time?
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Clannad will always be excellent
yes it do
It's still great and will continue to be great.

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I just finished this.

What thefuck? It was absolute garbage, it served no purpose at all, I seriously regret watching this anime as I lost hours of my life.
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>it served no purpose at all
Yeah, you shouldn't watch anime
It's past your bedtime
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thats my supplements.jpg
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Kimi to natsu no owari...

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what do you like about anime girls?
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They're pretty and represent what I want the future human race to look like.
Booby Lolies.
they're not mean to me like real girls

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What are the chances of ochako getting one for alled?
Is she even into deku?
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All I see is Charles' face from that one ep of R2.
Wait.. if Deku were to cum inside of a girl does that mean she would inherit OFA?
no, OfA has to be given

What are the chances it's a 2cours instead of 1cours? I can't think of any way they do the story properly in only 13 episodes (even Fate/stay DEEN needed a full 24) but these days getting more than 1 cours is an exception, plus the animation looks like low budget crowdfunded crap.

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Reminder that you're probably unfit for this masterpiece

That's because it is crowdfunded.
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Visual novel adaptations suck 80% of the time. I don't have high hopes for the anime, especially since it will only adapt marie's route.

Name an anime that you believe has an artstyle that hinders it from being taken seriously by the masses.
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All of them.
Tatami galaxy

question is this idiot just an idiot or is she gf material?
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Animals can't be girlfriends.
anon you haven't learnt a thing
ive fucked a dog.

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Is there anyone here who watched votoms?
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I did. I finished Mellowink yesterday. I've seen all the ovas except Vein. It was an overall good show with great characters and development.
I love VOTOMS. Japs usually can't do anime endings right, but this show has one of the GOATs.
Watched the TV series, Pailsen Files, Roots of Ambition and the Last Red Shoulder.

The TV series and Roots were fantastic. Pailsen Files was good and The Last Red Shoulder was decent.
I don't like how the prequels and OVAs make Chirico almost godlike (yeah I know, but still).

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We all agree that this is AOTS, right?
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Underrated opinion
Yame is girl of the season.
This show is complete garbage. I'm only watching for yame-san yet she seems to have the least screentime.

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