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Did the ending of Death Parade make everybody else melancholic? It closed out all of its plot lines nicely, but, that being the case, it was true to its message about the ephemeral nature of life and humanity.
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>It closed out all of its plot lines nicely

No all, what about the whole shit going backstage with the ones controling the afterlife?
I think the ending was okay, can't see why it makes so many people ''mad''.

That's true. But given that we were sort of dropped into the middle of Nona's machinations at the start of the show, it ended the way it began. As an ongoing process--which is fitting for death, after all.


DId it? That's surprising to me.

Unless people were just upset that Chiyuki is gone, which I can understand.

How many manga did you read until now?
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Different titles or vollumes?
titles of course
I have never bothered to count.

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Would you take advantage of a drunken Daisy?
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I'd let a drunken Dorothy take advantage of me.
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I will kiill anyone that tries to take advantage of my wife.
Do you think Ange cries inside everytime she kills someone

Will HF make Sakura as popular as she deserves to be? I'm getting tired of Saber and Rin domination when Sakura is the most complex heroine as well as the best romantic partner for Shirou.
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but anon, she's already as popular as she deserves to be
Sakura is already very popular with thousands of men.
Sakura a shit. One of the worst parts of HF. Ilya & Kotomine are the good parts of HF.

my penis is this big
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>get on his smart phone
>make his dick bigger
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Why wouldn't he just attach his smart phone to his crotch? Chicks love vibrating phalli.
this dude can just make his dick the size of a horse's if he wanted with his magic.

was tomoe better than kaoru
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Tomoe was better for Kenshin
It's all that matter
That's actually not true.
Kaoru heals Kenshin's soul

However, you are only mildly wrong, so I won't call you a fag, you fag.

Tomoe was hotter though and wasn't tsundere. She only tried to kill him.
>Kaoru heals Kenshin's soul
Fixed first time by Tomoe you fag
Kenshin himself said to her

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She's next.
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No it's Sale-Sale
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>he thought the last panel was symbolic

no, it's just an artist error. everyone makes them. togashi has in the past.


Will it be an anime or live action movie?
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I remember reading it years ago to the point where the protagonist little girl was implied to be the big bad. Were there many chapters after that and should I read it?
>live action
nice meme there m8
An anime hopefully. Considering the style and facial expressions of many of the characters, it would look really weird if they made a live action. It would probably look like one of those shitty live action Scooby-Doo movies.

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The three most important aspects of an anime:
>mecha designs
>female character designs
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So ZZ is the best anime ever?

Dragon ball super thread, what do you guys think of the new character?
I really like their design and reminds me of classic Toriyama.
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Why's he got a big dick?
Nice dick bro no homo
Can i leave el gran padre to him?

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ITT characters from different shows that would make OTP
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>Ship an autistic sperglord with an autistic sperglord
Like pottery
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Why did Toriyama allow Goku to marry Chichi? He was supposed to be with Bulma forever. Fuck Vegeta.
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People that ship Goku with Bulma are like Narusaku shippers

literally no chemistry besides them being the first male and female on screen
>Because he'd rather do retarded crackships other than ones that make sense. Look at them. Krillin and 18 is crazy and it's the most sane pairing he's ever done.
How would goku cuck vegeta then?

So it's been confirmed that Aoba's an unironic psychopath, right?
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Her game is a freaky skinwalker concept but made to look super cute
She's been known to pretend to torture inanimate objects
She's seen molesting her friends at the first sign of weakness
So when the FUCK are the new characters coming
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>but made to look super cute

That's what makes it even worse though. The guy who makes a game about a psychopath who flays people gory, disgusting, and horrifying reflects this guy's view that psychopathy is, indeed, frightening when not contained. Aoba, however, paints it in a completely positive light and brushes it off as "just a cute girl maiming creatures alive in their own land." The signs are there. Aoba is not who she pretends to be.

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Wherein Eleanor isn't completely useless.
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Another one and half minute recap. Is this show aimed at americans or something?
You are aware that anime also does this, right?
No I-guy and minimum X-on this week means the episode was unable to reach it's full potential.

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Who would win in a deathbattle, All Might Man or One Punch Man?
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stop making these pointless threads, please
Welcome to /a/! Please post this here instead.
>meme overpowered character vs flawed character that needs to be flawed because of the plot

seems like one of these guys is held back by anime tropes and the other is a parody of anime tropes and is held back by nothing

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