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He's the typical self righterous Chad thinking his mere presence makes people around him better
Go away dumb bitch, you already have ANOTHER.

You're not the real cuntposter

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>Character is alone
>Instead of thinking talks out loud about their thoughts

What's the point of this? Can't manga have thought bubbles and anime have their mouths shout?
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Loners tend to talk to themselves. I suspect it's because it's comforting to hear a human's voice, even if it's your own.
Anyway, anime is made by and for loners, so none of them would find it weird.
No one actually does it out loud though. That's why we have internal monologue.
I do
t. loner

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>filler is always ba-
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>shows for little girls are always ba-
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Did they make Meilin canon in the new manga or no?

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It is the rare best girl chapter so dump.
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>characters can only have one type of power out of two.
>MC can use both powers.
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>MC walks in on a girl changing
>instead of asking "Why didn't you lock the door?", he just gets flustered and sits there so the girl has time to freak out and slap him
>mc has to fight an enemy that uses sound based hypnotism
>destroys his eardrums
>MC didn't do his homework

ITT: Animes that deserved a sequel
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Pushing on ahead just like you, yeah yeah

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How is he able to speak to his motorrad again?
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is this a bait?
some japanese teenager was hit by a truck and reincarnated into a motorcycle
Severe case of schitzophrenia

Have you started watching Maruko yet, /a/?
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Why? From that screenshot alone it looks like a children's show made by the hack(s) Miyazaki/Toei. Why would any self-respecting adult watch it?
looks like dated family comedy. haven't cracked into sazae san or shin chan yet either and don't plan to.
>dated family comedy.
It's definitely showa nostalgia, but purposely so.

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What emotion is this face meant to convey?
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Why couldn't he have been the main character instead of Sieg

Fucking Nasuverse and it's hardon for artificially created humans
Flat have a major role in Case Files and he might also become one of the MCs of Strange Fake.

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Enma Ai, is a cute girl.
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I love Enma Ai.
Her voice is gorgeous.
Too bad 99% of /a/ doesn't even know her.

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I want to protect those eyebrows.
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They were very bushy.
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I want to be a gentleman
Bushy eyebrows are NOT a moe feature!

This attractive anime girl is delivered to you in a box.

What is the first thing you do with her?
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Send her back and order a girl (male).
Contact authorities. Human trafficking is no joke.
complement her excellent taste in legwear

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Mugi. I'm black by the way.

This side say it is not gay because they are attracted to the feminine features.

That side says it is gay because you are attracted to a boy, even if it looks like girl is still a boy.

which is it?
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Astolfo is a girl until we see dick
its a boy so its gay
Reminder that they gave this faglord a bikini.

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Black Clover TV anime additional chara designs!! A digital card game has also been announced
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Sigh no one cares we are doomed become black clover fan
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And no body posting what if anime not have affect at all

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