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5 grils, 6, 8, 30, 10000? What do you think
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Depend on your money.

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What are your thoughts on Tohsaka getting raped by Shinji?
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Sounds something what people into cuck porn would like.
Please don't post /h/ on /a/.
But this isn't h. She's still wearing panties.

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>isekai MC is an overpowered demigod
>but is deathly afraid anyone will find out so he pretends to be an ordinary weak adventurer, to the point of letting others steal credit for his accomplishments
Why the fuck do they always do this? How the fuck does this make any sense?
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>isekai MC is a hikki neet
>it's just a parody bro
Would you rather be sniped by an anxious demi-God who thinks you are a threat or live in the comfortable knowledge that you could protect your harem if you happen to run into something larger than expected?
People find out you're a bad motherfucker then you'll have no end of bullshit to deal with.

Better to let people think you're nothing special and let others deal with the big stuff.
And only take credit when a big pay off is involved or something good will happen for them.

Most times however? It's probably because the author doesn't have it in them to write that kind of story and falls back on that old chestnut, even when it makes no fucking sense, to keep the story scaled down.

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Guesses: Next round will be 5 Vs

Eishi Vs Issiki
Rindou Vs Erina
Momo Vs Soma
Somei Vs Takumi
Eizan Vs Megumi
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maybe 1 vs 1 souma vs eishi
whos kuga??
How do you feel about tournament arcs?

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Anne Happy.jpg
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This is Anne. She is very happy.
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I've got something in my pants that'll make her happy.
Best 10's Kirara show.
Tsubaki OVA when?

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Cast announced.

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Why isn't Shiro a shota and why is Sayaka's father prime minister?
I don't like that Koji one bit.
Sayaka is perfect.

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Did you ever wish your favorite manga got an anime, but felt absolute regret when it happened?
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I think Terraformars fits that criteria for me. Even though I liked the second season.
I regret every time a manga I like gets an anime, the scanlations stop like 80% of the time after it airs.
When I really like a manga, I usually don't even check out the anime adaptation anymore.

She's short, sexy and a badass she is best girl. We all know it's true.
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>she is best girl
Yes she most certainly is, has that "doujin" form the guy who worked on several anime, including DxD, been scanned yet?
If only she had big tits.

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Will he be a good guy after Tournament of Power? Would you want it?
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I think that Freeza should be on the side of the Z-fighters after the ToP, but don't want him completely redeemed.
Characters like Freeza and 17 would be more strong non Saiyan characters on the "good" side.
I hope that this helps Super to stop being the Goku & his sidekick anime.
He can be an early DBZ Piccolo. Not entirely evil, but only working with the rest of the gang because it's helpful to his cause

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Can we just appreciate the greatest mangaka of all time?

>True artist
>Worked with Gucci
>Some of his works was exposed at the Louvre
>Handsome and eternally young
>Good musical taste
>People like Marty Friedman was involved in some JoJo's stuff
>Good fashion taste
>Put lots of interesting stuff inside his work, and he's capable of making great, unique and original use of his characters' powers
>JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a masterpiece and despite going on since 1987(and not like Berserk, JoJo has proper chapter releases) is still a very good manga, Jojolion one of the best going on nowadays

How can fat, ugly, not talented, stupid mangakas even compete with him?
Why he's not the most popular manga artist of our time?
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Rohan > Araki
Rohan is basically Araki.
Just more asshole.
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Why Araki is the only beautiful AND talented mangaka?
Look at Miura, I mean, Berserk is good but he is ugly af.

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What's the point in watching seasonal anime?
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What's the point in posting ant-sized images?
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I'm mostly just watching it for a short laugh, also it's nice having something you can look forward too every week, I'd probably kill myself if I actually had to wait for new seasons of the animes I watch without being able to atleast kind of distract myself
what's the point in watching anime at all?

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Lemillion vs OH.jpg
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Chapter is out.

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He's gonna lose his quirk, isn't he?
>chapter 150 is the big fight for this arc
>50 glorious pages
You better make it happen, Horikoshi.
so im thinking about that final page. I don't think Overhaul would try to kill mirio? Remember he wanted to distance himself from the other bullets fighting and wanted them to say that they acted on their own so he wouldn't get involved.

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It's been a while, isn't it?
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The MC is a beautiful girl who is incredibly uncomfortable around other people. The show follows her daily life and is often accompanied by her internal monologue, such as her thinking up complex scenarios where she plans how to avoid others. The show includes such things as her at school where she tries to act as best she can, but can't remember her fellow students names, and is constantly trying to avoid speaking. Her when she's gone shopping as she avoids the staff of stores even when she needs help. However half of the show is just her spending time on her computer doing such things as playing video games, where she continues to avoid communicating with others, but is constantly in settings where she would be expected to.
An ordinary japanese schoolboy in Okinawa gets mistaken for disappeared member of american navy (who was born to two japs in USA so he is pretty much japanese), almost gets jailed for deserting but gets bailed out, and through a ton of misunderstanding ends up on an aircraft carrier. Even when he's found out, he stays on the ship because they won't turn around the massive thing just because of one boy. Otherwise, it's just a SoL of a sailor, with cute fighter jet pilot serving as love intrest.
Bonus points for 60s-70s.
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Gundam Versus 1st Cover.png
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>Mobile Suit Gundam White Wolf

500 years ago near the end of the Sol Age where the various human factions united after years of constant wars, humanity managed for the first time go beyond the boundaries of the Solar System and discover new worlds. The Celestial Age began and the Terran Federation came into being, resulting in a new era of peace, prosperity and progress.

However, with time, the Federation grew more and more corrupt. This resulted in heavy taxation and oppression of the colonies furthest on the edges of Federation space. Thus 500 years since humans traveled beyond their home system, war has come back and the War of Stars begun. The colonies tried to fight the Federation and their Mobile Suits, yet they could barely fight them...that was until an unexpected turn of events occurred.

The Death’s Head Legion, the most brutal and battle-lusting soldiers of a independent faction known to humanity, fought on behalf of the colonies after witnessing how rotten and atrocious the Federation became. The Death’s Head soldiers cut bloody swathes of Federation forces, yet ultimately perished due to attrition and traitors in their midst. Their sacrifice however, gave the colonies the time to develop their own weapons and win their independence, forming thus a unified front and dividing the Terran Federation into the Inner Sphere Federation and Outer Sphere Alliance.

30 years passed since the end of the war. Ragnarr Radulf is a simple hydrophonics farmer living with his adopted son Rand and daughter Alf on the colony of Silf. The three simply want to live a quiet life, yet their peace is shattered when the colony is attacked by an unknown force. Little did anyone know that Ragnarr is in fact not human, but an android who is a extension of a machine that was one of the Death’s Head Legion’s Honor Guard. The legendary Gundam White Wolf. And this sentient Mobile Suit will fight so that he and his family can live peacefully.

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Describe this picture in one letter
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Simon (2).png
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Tell me what you like most and least about this anime.
Try pointing at specific things, like certain scenes, bits of animation or songs.
Then post an anime yourself so other people can tell your their most and least favourite thing about that one.
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Like: the final battle

Dislike: the Rossiu bullshit
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when the nips said MCs name it sounded like semen, did like kamina he was pre lit
I hear it like "Sea-moan" or "She-moan"

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